Joe Biden

The 1861 Project

Biden has the power to turn the lyricism of a dream into a long national nightmare of violence and hate, thereby reducing the words of America’s only King to a footnote in the pages of history.

Biden’s Shot at Success

Joe Biden has one great chance to emancipate himself from the extremists in his own party and work with moderate Trump supporters and NeverTrumpers among the Republicans.

The World Is China’s if Biden Wins

If America, the only country with the economic and military strength to confront China, is imploded from within by a compromised Biden, the results for the rest of the world are pretty staggering.

Revoking the Rust Belt

A ban on fracking would kill 6 million jobs across seven states by 2025—600,000 Pennsylvanians would join the welfare rolls, and the blue-collar renaissance would disappear with them.

Shirking Class Joe

If the Democratic nominee’s long political career is anything to go by, his presidency will end the brief ceasefire of the elite’s 30-year civil war on the American middle class.