Our Fight for More Water

Choosing abundance by investing in providing the basics of life, starting with water, is the only way California can set an example to the rest of the world.

The Lords of Scarcity

Corporations and financial special interests have long since realized that environmentalism is a means to control markets and capital.

The Desalination Option

The Abundance Choice: If Californians are serious about solving the water crisis, and achieving a diversity of water sources as a hedge against disaster, they must include desalination.

Time to Stop Wasting Wastewater

Even if political paralysis may prevent implementation of other solutions to water scarcity, California’s state legislature should massively fund the efforts of water agencies to reuse wastewater.

The Courage to Find Common Ground

Debate over these questions, waged by politicians already alienated from one another on unrelated issues, has paralyzed America’s ability to upgrade its infrastructure.