In Memoriam

Bob Saget’s Comedy Will Be Missed

In a time when many entertainers are being canceled and replaced by humorless, talentless individuals who check off all the correct woke Left boxes, all Saget wanted to do was make people laugh. 

Our Indispensable Man

Angelo Codevilla, who died Monday at the age of 78, was a singular intellect who leaves behind a rich body of work. Let’s not waste it.

Angelo Privilege

Angelo Codevilla may well have been, as he believed, the world’s most privileged man. But it was our privilege to know him, to learn from him, to fight alongside him, and to enjoy his friendship.

Jon Westling, R.I.P.

Among his favorite sayings was the Latin tag, An nescis, mi fili, quantilla prudentia mundus regatur? (“Do you not know, my son, with how little wisdom the world is governed?”)

The Gratitude of a Lover of Wisdom

To properly do philosophy, one does not need to spend eight years getting a Ph.D., figure out exactly what Plato or Aristotle thought, or win a debate. Scruton knew this truth intimately, having been expelled from the academy some years ago. He understood that at its heart, philosophy is an act of love.

Roger Scruton, Seeker of Truth and Beauty

The philosopher, who died Sunday at 75, was often criticized by the leftist intellectual establishment for nothing more than making much-needed observations they termed value judgments, which involved a defense of Western Civilization and the order of things.