Forgotten Americans

There Are Deep Roots in These Mountains

Appalachia is complicated. On one hand, God, country, family, and work are the ethos of the people. On the other, the very locality of the land they love contributes to the disease of despair.

Reviving the American Dream

The American Dream is a myth.  You’ve no doubt heard this before. Books (The Myth of the American Dream by D.L. Mayfield), TV shows (“Why […]

The Lone Wanderers of the Revolution

Less than one-half of 1 percent of Americans serve in our armed forces, making them nearly invisible to most of us in our lives despite their call to serve all of us every waking hour of their lives.

Why Are So Many Young People Unhappy?

Though people have more money, better health care, better health, better housing, and more education, and live longer than at any time in history, they—especially young people—are unhappier than at any time since data collection began.

A Deplorable Strategy
Beyond 2020

In 2016 and since, we have learned that our ruling class has amassed the power and developed the taste to revel in making us miserable. We have also learned that to avoid this, we must undo or separate ourselves from them, their structures, and priorities.

Imagining Chelsea Clinton’s America

By 2024, progressive control of all branches of the federal government ensure Warren’s reelection. By now the electorate is firmly convinced that whatever inequalities exist in the nation are the product of racism and sexism, requiring sweeping remedies. At the same time, a supermajority of voters now believe that no cost is too great to prevent “climate change.”

Democrats Have Given Up on the Common Good

To an increasing degree, the Democratic party represents a detached elite. Their party line has shifted so far to the left that it no longer touches the common good, and as such, they must gaslight the public about their actual policies.