Deep State

The Military-Intelligence Complex

Many retired high-ranking military officers have gone beyond legitimately articulating why President Trump may be wrong on foreign policy, and now feel free to smear him personally or speak openly of removing their commander-in-chief from office. And the media and the bipartisan foreign-policy establishment are with them every step of the way.

Multitasking the Intelligence Community Roundup

I am not the only one to notice that Schiff and Nadler are more and more playing to suburban dinner theaters with tiny audiences while the names William Barr, John Durham, and Michael Horowitz are front-page news wherever there is news (as distinct from propaganda)

The Rise of the Western Spy Assclown

As with any sclerotic bureaucracy whose mission is lost to circumstances, America’s former Cold War espionage apparatus has grown sloppy. But using Western spies to fabricate political dirt crosses a big line.

Who the Hell Do They Think They Are?

With William McRaven’s call to oust President Trump—maybe through impeachment, maybe through a coup—the military officer class joins the establishment in claiming a right to rule, regardless of the outcome of elections.

Christopher Wray Has Some Explaining to Do

We are at crossroads in the history of our constitutional republic. We count on agencies like the FBI to protect Americans from China-style tyranny, not import it. Our government must not be allowed to scoff at our Constitution as the Communists do in China.

L’etat C’est Nous

A deeper knowledge of the players involved in leveling the charges of impropriety and, even, “treason” against President Trump, shows that most of them have something to hide and interests to protect that explain their outrage.