Civic Culture

Keeping Christmas Great

This season the White House Christmas decor leaves us with much to be thankful for as we remember all of those who have gone before us. The patriotic theme reminds is that the blessings of this country were not the result of human effort alone.

Thank the Pilgrims

One great and obvious gift the Pilgrims gave us was the lesson in gratitude, with this national holiday of Thanksgiving, that unites the entire country.

Dr. Laura’s Lasting Truths

People need to have a purpose in their lives in order to build a life more meaningful than just accumulating goodies. Our culture today doesn’t agree.

The Politicization of Everything

Couldn’t we have one major media outlet that will take the Charles Kuralt sleepy Sunday morning arts-and-culture theme and run with it for those who are tired of the drumbeat of nonstop politics?

Of NeverChumps and Magaphobes

If he’s a younger voter, though, it’s likely the NeverChumper has never been a “chump” at all. He’s grown up in an educational environment openly hostile to him, and doesn’t remember a Left any milder or more civil than today’s.

Living in a Post-Truth World

The post-truth era promises to be a wild ride. In a post-truth world, a promise is meaningless . . .  A post-truth person is free to swear on a Bible to uphold the Constitution and then set right to work subverting it.

Politics is Crowding Out Culture and Childhood

The realm of practical politics is eminently a realm of conflict, if not hatred. It crowds out culture. It relegates the human things to the last remaining cubicles of privacy, but even these are invaded by social media.

Forgetting Our Story

The decades-long leftist project to undermine the story we Americans tell about ourselves literally destroys and replaces our culture with something vastly more dangerous.