Civic Culture

Yea, Though I Walk Through The Uncanny Valley

You are being gaslit, but not by a sociopathic manipulator. Instead, the growing psychic pressure is the constricting consensus of an increasingly popular fabricated reality. You are on the business end of a casual conspiracy of complicity.

Is Half of the Country Crazy?

When the only seemingly possible solution is using the power of the government to crush those who disagree, it is time to rethink the entire paradigm.

A New American Civics Portal

While the Real Clear Foundation’s project will not shy away from the injustices that have taken place throughout our nation’s history—including slavery and racism—those will be depicted rightly as departures from America’s founding principles.

What Is Really Fueling Wuhan Virus Hysteria?

The Wuhan virus has taught people that spiritual maladies can translate into physical maladies. A society comprised of so many individuals lacking community, faith, and reason will succumb all too easily to hysteria and nihilism.

Toward a New (Old) Architecture

Architects should celebrate the beauty and the betterment of the human condition through the built environment, and not condemn it with cynical theory and progressive buzzwords that they think will win a commission.

The Real Choice We Face

Do you see America as a nation that, despite its flaws, is the greatest nation on earth or do you see it as nothing but flaws made manifest? Pick one.

Why Are So Many Young People Still Unhappy?

The reason so many young people are depressed, unhappy, and angry is the Left has told them that God and Judeo-Christian religions are nonsense; their country is largely evil; their past is deplorable; and their future is hopeless.