Gathered for the Feast at the Hotel California

The ideal underlying inclusive zoning is overtly Communist. It suggests that everyone has a right to live anywhere they want, and that private property rights are a manifestation of privilege and oppression as much as of hard work. What great irony that this seductive siren call is a useful tool in the hands of political cronies and profiteers.

California Dreaming

The promise of California is not in becoming a hypertech Silicon Valley fantasy, but rather a place that offers a high quality of life for ordinary people. That old California dream is what was taken from us. It is what we must fight to take back.

A Vision for California’s Visionless Republican Party

An effective message wouldn’t just spew carefully curated sound bites, pretending to dislike Nancy Pelosi and Adam Schiff. It would offer a specific policy agenda, and not only propose candidates but also offer citizen initiatives sponsored directly by the party to fulfill that agenda.

Liberalism’s Winners and Losers in California

Four groups comprising a supermajority of Californians are exempt from the consequences of liberalism. But only one of these four groups has to be peeled away to change the political landscape in the Golden State.