Cry, the Beloved California

California's elites feign concern over prejudice and the fate of the planet. In reality, their agenda evinces a misanthropy that would make an Afrikaner blush.

The Prosperity Economy

To change hearts, facts are useless without the power of optimism, the belief that abundance is possible, and the suggestion that ideology matters, but sometimes practical solutions matter more.

Restoring Quality Education 

Government unions, government contractors, powerful nonprofits, monopolistic corporations, and Big Tech companies rely on a thoroughly indoctrinated electorate to support their dysfunction.

Seeing the Forests for the Trees

The Golden State’s ruling elites may prove they care about the environment by sitting down with representatives from California’s timber, biomass energy, and cattle industries.

The Transportation Revolution  

Spending precious government funds on light rail that nobody wants to ride is a fool’s errand. Declaring war on the car is shortsighted cruelty. We can do so much more.

Achieving Water Abundance  

Environmental considerations should not preclude the state from launching new projects that increase the Golden State’s annual supply of water. Conservation is simply not enough.

The Electric Age

Affordable, abundant, sustainable energy is a realistic, moral choice. It is an example California can set that the aspiring nations of the world will emulate instead of resist.

Welcome to the Jungle Recall

With more than 1.8 million signatures in hand, a special election to recall California Governor Gavin Newsom is looking more likely. That presents opportunities for Republicans—and a nightmare.