Book Review

Was the Revolution About Reason?

What Thompson evidently wants to do is substitute his Enlightenment natural right epistemology for that of Tocqueville, and withal his own Enlightenment rationality for the theological-political unity Tocqueville struggled with.

The End of the End of History

In the end, the most fervent believers in the god that failed were anti-Communists. They failed to anticipate the end of Soviet Communism.

A Class War for Our Time

The alternative to engaging in the fight Michael Lind describes is that conservatives will remain caught somewhere between the libertarianism of Republican elites and the neoliberalism of the Democratic Party.

A ‘Farm Kid’ Thwarts the Coup

“That’s why the establishment, the press, the permanent bureaucracy, the tech oligarchs, the urban aristocrats, the Deep State and all the rest of the ugly beautiful people, will never forgive Devin Nunes,” Lee Smith writes in his dynamite new book. “It belittled them that he didn’t care he wasn’t their sort but was proud to be a farm kid.”

Silicon Age Theatre

It’s important to tread carefully lest one gets “worked” one way or another by this vaudevillian. What The Pervert presents is the idea that better people will make a better system. The mindset is that we must become worthy to transcend what’s prescribed.

Suicide in the West

The still-warm, cadaverous Michel Houellebecq is a modern soothsayer. His latest book, Serotonin, is the novel for our globalized, demoralized times. 

Camille Paglia, Now More than Ever

More than anything, Camille Paglia’s style and élan vital invites readers to think further about culture and ideas and, in a society dominated by ideology, this is something we need now more than ever.