Book Review

What the Hell, and Worse

America contains multitudes. And even if we don’t have a truly common language, it pays to know how truly common our language can be.

Be Not Afraid! 

Man must existentially free himself from the clutches of oppressive systems, and choose love and responsibility, even (and especially!) in dark times.

What Our Universities Have Wrought

Abramson’s achievement is to show that trust in the neutral institutions that adjudicate knowledge has collapsed, and to adroitly locate our universities at the center of this calamity.

An American Soul

The central mission of Harry Jaffa’s life was the philosophical and rhetorical defense of classical natural right, the Western tradition, and the United States.

Catch Me If You Can

What drives Bastašić’s often tender exploration of the unreliability of memory and friendship, is a sense of loss. There is nothing saccharine about this journey.

The Celestial Empire Fights Back

Three Asian-American authors offer interesting perspectives on how America can, and ought to be, an example to the world   and how to stand up to their school boards.

Woke Church Woes

From start to finish, Fault Lines not only raises the alarm of a fast-approaching cultural catastrophe but makes a plea to the prodigal church to return to its biblical roots.

Free and Captive Minds

Freedom does not exist in a collectivist society, and the only way that it can exist is if we reject collectivism, and affirm the idea of community.

Courage Under Fire

Ryun’s book often reads like a spy novel or a thriller (which were also components to this fight), but what makes it truly palpable is emotion.