DoJ Seeks Removal of Protection for Journalists in Riots Due to Presence of Imposters

Officials from the Department of Justice have officially filed a request with the courts asking for the removal of special protection for journalists in the ongoing riots in Portland, due to rioters often disguising themselves as journalists in order to commit violence, according to Politico.

In a filing submitted to U.S. District Court Judge Michael Simon, the Department of Justice asks Simon to consider overturning his previous temporary restraining order (TRO) issuing special protections for journalists, which, among other privileges, allowed journalists to remain in place even if the police force rioters back or attempt to disperse the crowds.

In the filings, lawyers with the Justice Department revealed that “individuals are abusing the TRO to masquerade as members of the press and evade lawful orders, or actively participate in protest activities and even illegal acts while holding themselves out to be members of the press under the protection of the TRO.” The Department of Justice included at least seven recorded instances of rioters abusing this protection, disguising themselves as members of the press in order to carry out acts of violence.

The ongoing riots, which have lasted for over 60 consecutive days in the city, are focusing on a federal courthouse in Portland that far-left domestic terrorists, affiliated with Antifa and Black Lives Matter, have come to view as a symbol of an “oppressive” federal government. The courthouse has been defaced with graffiti and had explosives thrown at it, ranging from fireworks to actual homemade explosive devices. Metal fencing and concrete barriers have been erected around the courthouse, with the city of Portland attempting to fine the federal government for building these barricades.

Although recent reports indicate that a deal has been reached between the federal government and Oregon Governor Kate Brown (D-Ore.), federal officials have said that the federal forces will remain in the city as long as they need to, until they have reason to believe that the courthouse will no longer be attacked by terrorists.

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Rep. Jerry Nadler Calls Antifa Violence in Portland a ‘Myth’

In a viral video posted on Twitter, writer-producer Austen Fletcher caught up with New York Democrat Rep. Jerry Nadler on his way to his vehicle. Fletcher asked the democrat to disavow the Antifa violence/rioting in Portland, Nadler replied “That’s a myth”, The New York Post reported.

“I ran into Jerry Nadler in DC and asked him to disavow the Antifa violence/rioting in Portland. His response? ‘THAT’S A MYTH,’” Fletcher said in a tweet along with the short video.

Before getting into his car, Nadler tells Fletcher that it’s a “myth that’s being spread only in Washington DC.”

The House Judiciary Committee Chairman was attacked for his comments on social media. Eric Trump blasted Nadler in a tweet.

“This is the Democratic Party in 2020,” Eric Trump said in a tweet.



Jerry Nadler Falsely Describes Antifa Violence as ‘A Myth’

Congressman Jerry Nadler (D-N.Y.), Chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, recently and falsely described the violence from the far-left terrorist group Antifa as “a myth” in a contentious exchange outside Capitol Hill, as reported by The Daily Caller.

While walking outside the Capitol, Nadler was approached by YouTuber Austen “Fleccas” Fletcher, who specializes in interviews in the informal style of “man-on-the-street” videos. When Fletcher asked Nadler if he would “disavow the violence from Antifa that’s happening in Portland now,” Nadler responded with “that’s, that’s, that’s a myth that’s being spread only in Washington, D.C.”

Nadler’s comments are objectively false, as Antifa has been rioting nonstop for almost 60 days in the notoriously liberal city of Portland. Rioters have been targeting a federal courthouse that has since come under the protection of federal agents. Rioters frequently throw objects, including glass bottles and fireworks, at the agents, and have also been recorded shining lasers into their eyes to try to blind them.

Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler (D-Ore.) appeared at a riot to express his support for the rioters and to denounce the federal agents, but was eventually mobbed by the rioters after they determined he was not far-left enough, and he was chased back into a secure building by his security detail.

Although much of the nationwide violence caused by Antifa, Black Lives Matter, and other terror groups has slowed down in comparison to its peak over a month ago, violence is still ongoing in a handful of cities such as Portland, New York, and Chicago.


Seven Antifa Agitators Face Federal Charges After Portland Riots

Seven antifa agitators are facing federal charges after rioting outside of a U.S. Courthouse in Portland, Oregon, over the 4th of July weekend.

According to a release from the United States Department of Justice, “the Hatfield Federal Courthouse has been a repeated target of vandalism, sustaining extensive damage.”

Rowan Olsen, 19, of Portland, is charged with disorderly conduct, creating a hazard on federal property, and failing to obey a lawful order; Shant Singh Ahuja, 28, of Oceanside, California, is charged with destruction of federal property; and Andrew Steven Faulkner, 24, of Beaverton, Oregon; Gretchen Margaret Blank, 29, of Seattle, Washington; Christopher Fellini, 31, of Portland; Cody Porter, 28, of Portland; and Taimane Jame Teo, 24, of Eugene, Oregon, are charged with assaulting federal officers.

Since May 26, protests in downtown Portland, Oregon, have been allowed to devolve into riots by nightfall. The nightly criminal activity has included “assaults on law enforcement officers, destruction of property, looting, arson, and vandalism,” according to court documents.

Federal law enforcement officers were deployed over the holiday weekend to restore order.

“U.S. Marshals Service deputies and officers from the Federal Protective Service, Homeland Security Investigations, and U.S. Customs and Border Protection working to protect the courthouse have been subjected to threats,” the DOJ release states.

The antifa militants have thrown “aerial fireworks including mortars; high intensity lasers targeting officers’ eyes; thrown rocks, bottles, and balloons filled with paint” at officers while they were performing their duties, according to the release.

The defendants are accused of attacking the courthouse with mortars and assaulting federal officers, among other crimes.

On July 2-3, 2020, Olsen is accused of using his body to push on and hold a glass door at the Hatfield Courthouse closed, preventing officers from exiting the building and causing the door to shatter. With the door broken, a mortar firework entered the courthouse, detonating near the officers. The officers used shields and their bodies to block the open doorway for approximately six hours until demonstrators dispersed.

On July 4, 2020, Ahuja is accused of willfully destroying a closed-circuit video camera mounted on the exterior of the Hatfield Courthouse.

On July 5, 2020, Blank is accused of assaulting a federal officer with a shield while the officer was attempting to arrest another protestor.

On July 5-6, 2020, Faulkner, Fellini, Porter, and Teo are accused of assaulting federal officers with high intensity lasers. At the time of his arrest, Faulkner also possessed a sheathed machete.

All of the cases are being “investigated jointly by the U.S. Marshals Service; FBI; U.S. Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives; Federal Protective Service; U.S. Customs and Border Protection; and Homeland Security Investigations,” the DOJ said.

The seven antifa agitators made their first appearances in federal court on Monday and were released pending trial.




After Over a Month of Violent Rioting in Portland, Border Patrol Called In to Restore Order

After violent antifa riots were allowed to rock downtown Portland, Oregon, for over a month, Border Patrol agents over the holiday weekend were finally deployed to restore order.

Acting Customs and Border Protection (CBP) Commissioner Mark Morgan expressed frustration over the situation on Fox News Sunday: “Where are the local political leaders?” he asked. “These are not protesters, these are criminals.”

Saturday night, about a thousand agitators threw bricks and shot fireworks at the police, injuring several officers and damaging property. There were more than a dozen arrests.

Independent journalist Andy Ngo shared images and video from the riot on Twitter.


Antifa militants also set an Oregon Trail statue on fire, and not for the first time, according to Ngo. A sign saying “STOLEN LAND” was put on the statue.

Last week, antifa goons also completely destroyed a statue of an elk for no apparent reason.

“What we saw in Portland last night was criminal and we stood strong with our federal partners to resist that,” Morgan told “Fox & Friends Weekend.”

Police in Portland declared a riot around 11 p.m. local time Saturday as Independence Day marked the 38th consecutive day of civil unrest in the city.

Videos showed graffiti painted on downtown buildings and showed a fire burning as a crowd gathered.

“These are not protesters, these are criminals who got together and organized and planned and actually brought weapons, they brought shields, they brought frozen water bottles, rocks, lasers, weapons with the intent to destroy a federal building and harm law enforcement officers,” CBP Commissioner Morgan said on Fox and Friends.

He added, “I don’t care what your ideological beliefs are, your political affiliation, violence, we should all be united, is wrong.”

Morgan went on to say that he’s glad that President Trump “understands the importance of law and order and that it’s a cornerstone of American society.”

He added that “one of the criminals” tried to assault one of the CBP officers while he was being arrested overnight and pointed out that “a pipe bomb, a fused incendiary device and machete was actually discovered” during a search.

“Think about the deadly consequences from the criminal actions,” he added.

Acting Deputy Sec. of Homeland Security Ken Cuccinelli posted a picture of the pipe bomb materials onto Twitter.


“It’s a game to them. It’s a deadly game,” Morgan said. “It’s serious. This is about law and order. We must be united,” he continued. “Where are the local political leaders, standing up, saying this is unconscionable, this is wrong, and these individuals should cease and desist and be arrested? Where are they?”

Morgan went on to say that United States Marshals, U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, Homeland Security Investigations and the FBI has “committed a lot of resources to making sure that these individuals are arrested and prosecuted to the full extent of the law for the criminals that they are.”

“We are doing a disservice to peaceful, lawful protesters when we call these individuals protesters,” Morgan said. “They’re not. They’re criminal thugs with an agenda.”

“We’re going to escalate to the use of force that’s needed to repel these criminals and apprehend them and prosecute them,” Morgan added.

The CBP chief said federal agents would remain in place and take care of the problem. “We’re not walking away from our federal facilities like police departments have in some communities. We’re staying,” he said.

Forced to face no-nonsense federal officers Sunday night, the antifa mob was much less rambunctious than they’ve been with Democrat-controlled local police, according to Ngo.


Dem Leaders in Seattle Surrender to the Mob, Allow Antifa Goons to Take Over Part of the City

The weak Democrat leaders of Seattle have surrendered to the antifa mob, boarding up a police facility, allowing unruly radicals to flood a city council building, and even take over a large section of the city.

Hundreds of far-left agitators and at least one City Council member stormed Seattle’s City Hall Tuesday night to demand the mayor’s resignation if she refuses to defund the city’s police department.

Councilwoman Kshama Sawant reportedly helped the agitators get inside the building.

Antifa extremists in the city recently seized a six-block area in the Capitol Hill section of downtown Seattle that now includes an abandoned police precinct, calling the commune the “Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone” or “CHAZ.”

“When antifa can’t achieve a full revolution, they take over a small area in leftist cities to carry out their utopian commune experiment,” independent journalist Andy Ngo explained on Twitter. “It ends in neighborhoods being destroyed & occupiers forcibly dispersed because of health hazards. They leave the filth behind for others.”

Below are some of the demented figures inhabiting Seattle’s “autonomous zone.”

The above antifa account put out a request on Twitter for more food , including vegan meat substitutes, fruits, oats and soy after the homeless people they invited to their commune stole their supplies.

A seattle-based antifa group put out a request on Twitter for “more people with guns” to patrol “CHAZ.”

Like many other cities, Seattle saw violent riots following the death of George Floyd, the unarmed career criminal who died at the hands of Minneapolis police.

For nearly two weeks, antifa-fueled mobs in Seattle clashed with the police, throwing glass bottled, rocks and other projectiles at officers. The police responded with pepper spray and tear gas to break up violent rioters.

The riots and looting destroyed many businesses in downtown Seattle, including those owned by minorities in the Chinatown/International District, according to the Post Millennial.

Even though Mayor Jenny Durkan handicapped the city’s police force on Friday by banning the use of tear gas against the violent mob, the agitators were not satisfied.

On Tuesday, they released a long list of demands that included abolishing the police and “youth jails,” as well as “reparations for victims of police brutality,” and “a retrial of all People in Color currently serving a prison sentence for violent crime, by a jury of their peers in their community,” and assorted free stuff. The entire list can be seen here.

According to Fox News, Seattle Police responded to the radicals by rolling back “aggressive policing tactics,” saying they will only enter antifa’s “autonomous zone” if there is a 911 call for an emergency.

In an effort to “de-escalate,” police on Monday removed the barricade that protected the East Precinct facility from violent demonstrators.

During a press briefing, Police Chief Carmen Best said Seattle Police explained that demonstrators would now be able to walk freely around Capitol Hill. “We’re not going to evacuate or abandon the East Precinct,” she said. “We will be hardening the East Precinct facility by boarding up the exterior windows, and applying fire retardant to the building exterior and installing fencing.”

In June of 2018, an anti-ICE Autonomous zone in Portland Oregon was allowed stand for five weeks, becoming a biohazard with intravaneous drug abusers and masked agitators terrorizing local residents and businesses. Tax payers ended up footing the bill for the extensive clean-up after they were finally driven out.


In response to the demonstrations Tuesday night, Durkan’s office said in a statement that she remains committed to making “actual steps on policing” and other measures of reform.

“As the person who originally investigated the Seattle Police Department for the unconstitutional use of force, Mayor Durkan believes that SPD can lead the nation on continued reforms and accountability, but knows this week has eroded trust at a time when trust is most crucial,” the statement said.


Heroic St. Louis Captain’s Shooting Death Filmed Live on Facebook

A retired St. Louis police captain and municipal chief was shot to death by looters in front of a pawn shop early Tuesday, and his death was broadcast live on Facebook.

David Dorn, 77, was shot in the torso while trying to defend the pawn shop from looters during a night of antifa and Black Lives Matter-fueled violence and destruction in St. Louis.

Dorn retired from the St. Louis Police Department in 2007 after 38 years on the job, according to the St. Louis Dispatch.

He rose from rookie patrol officer in 1969 to captain. He was the deputy commander of the Bureau of Patrol Support, which oversees traffic and mounted patrols, commercial vehicles and the tactical unit.

When he retired, Dorn then became police chief in Moline Acres.

Police have not made any arrests and said they have no suspects thus far. Authorities are offering a $10,000 reward for information leading to an arrest in the case.

The Facebook video shows a livestreamer walking toward Dorn as he lay motionless and bleeding on the sidewalk, still clutching his cell phone.

“O.G. stay with me, stay with me O.G.!” the man cried. “Come on O.G., come on O.G.,” he cried over and over again. “Stay with me!”

“What y’all tryin’ to do? the livestreamer exclaimed as a masked man scrambled into a black pick-up truck. “F-ck you Tom … over some TVs cuz? Over some TVs cuz?!”

“Damn, over some TVs cuz? Over some TVs?! For real? That’s somebody’s granddaddy, cuz! Over some TVs!” the livestreamer ranted.

A woman can be heard saying something, to which the livestreamer responds angrily, “man, f-ck you n-gger!”

A couple of cars can be seen in the video speeding away.

“We better than this cuz!” the livestreamer hollered. “He’s gone bro, he’s gone bro—over some TVs, cuz!” he lamented.

“O.G. man, Rest in peace, bro. Just relax, bro,” the man added tearfully as Dorn breathed his last breaths. “Ain’t nothing but love bro. You good bro, just relax bro.”

The livestreamer can be heard telling a bystander that he thought the man worked at the pawn shop and lost his life over some TVs.

“Over some TVs! N-ggers is stupid, cuz! N-ggers is dumb, cuz!”

The full video from the scene can be viewed here.

President Trump offered condolences to Dorn’s family on Twitter Tuesday night.

Joe Biden has thus far remained silent about Dorn’s murder, and about the numerous assaults on police officers throughout the nationwide riots.

The Ethical Society of Police, which represents black officers in St. Louis, called Dorn “the type of brother that would’ve given his life to save them if he had to.”

Flowers and a teddy bear sat outside the shop next to a handwritten sign that read, “Y’all killed a black man because ‘they’ killed a black man??? Rest in peace.”

Diane Davis knew Dorn and brought the flowers Tuesday. She said he was like a father to many.

“He was a kind man, he was a great man, he is a missed man,” she said.

Dorn’s wife, Ann Marie Dorn, said her husband was a friend of the pawn shop’s owner and worked for him. He would show up at the shop when burglar alarms sounded to check on the building and make sure it was secure, she said. She is a sergeant with the St. Louis Police Department.

“The fact that he was protecting and serving, this is the way, I feel in my heart of hearts that he would have liked to leave this earth,” said Dorn’s son, Brian Powell.

A memorial fund for Dorns family that was set up by OANN reporter Jack Posobiec Tuesday night raised almost $190,000 by noon Wednesday.

Missouri Gov. Mike Parson angrily commented on Dorn’s slaying on Tuesday, saying: “The people that shot him should be accountable. And, no, they’re not protesters. They’re criminals and they’re thugs … and hopefully they get hunt down.”

Those who witnessed Dorn’s death on Facebook Live said they were shaken by what they saw.

Rep. Rasheen Aldridge, D-St. Louis told the Post-Dispatch that he was traumatized by it.

“Very traumatized right now,” he said in a message to a reporter.

“It’s one thing to be a victim of a robbery/assault but to lie in you own blood pleading for help and no help comes other than people standing around on FB Live recording his death,” Marquaello Futrell wrote on Facebook. “All over social media. I’m upset and can’t sleep!”

The 13-minute video was taken down by Facebook after it was viewed more than 94,000 times.

“We’re saddened by what took place in St. Louis yesterday,” a Facebook spokesperson told the St. Louis Post-Dispatch. “Under our policies, the video has been covered with a warning screen but remains on the platform so that people can raise awareness or condemn this event.”

White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany on Wednesday memorialized Dorn at the start of the daily press briefing.

After noting that Americans should remember the passing of George Floyd in Minneapolis at the hands of the police, she said that it was important to remember the deaths of police officers like Dorn.

“We must also remember the passing of Police Captain David Dorn yesterday who was shot and killed by looters in St. Louis,” she said. “It was an absolute tragedy. A retired officer, 77-years-old whose wife was also a police officer herself. Dorn was a hero and an unfortunate casualty in the riots we have seen. Our hearts are with his family.”

“We are all Americans. We must come together, we must unify and we must have law and order,” McEnany said.


NYPD Police Union Pres. Says Cops Are Being Used as ‘Pawns,’ Told to ‘Stand Down,’ Are ‘Losing the City’

In an incredible letter to rank and file officers Tuesday, the president of the NYPD Sergeants Benevolent Association lamented that law enforcement officers are “losing the city” because they are being “held back” and used as “pawns” by New York City’s leaders.

“I am being inundated with calls, text messages and emails pleading for help,” SBA President Ed Mullins wrote.

Please know that I am reading each and every correspondence I receive. I want each of you to know that I am very much aware of everything that is occurring in our city. I know we are losing the city. We have no leadership, no direction, and no plan. I know you are being held back and used as pawns.

Violent anarchists, opportunistic criminals and organized agitators have for the past week used the killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis as a pretext to to do massive economic damage to businesses in cities across the nation.

In recent days, the agitators have looted and rioted their way across New York City, leaving dozens of damaged restaurants, stores, and cafes in their wake, not to mention dozens of injured police officers.

An antifa group in NYC posted on Twitter Saturday that the purpose of the ongoing mayhem is to “push the rebellion as far as possible.”

NYC’s Marxist Mayor Bill de Blasio refused on Tuesday to allow the National Guard to come in and protect the city, saying they are not trained for “these tense situations.”

Even after a poll showed that an overwhelming majority of Americans support having the National Guard deployed to riot-torn cities, CNN’s Chris Cuomo continued gaslighting the American people about the “protests” tearing the communities apart. After attempting to blame the riots on “white supremacist infiltrators,” CNN appears to be back to trying to excuse the violence.

NYC cops were not feeling “polite of peaceful” themselves after De Blasio took the side of the rioters over an officer who had to draw his weapon Sunday night.

The Marxist mayor condemned the officer after seeing a partial video of the incident, calling it “absolutely unacceptable.”

Another video of the incident however shows a protester hitting a lieutenant on the back of his head with a brick before the officer unholstered his weapon. The SBA Twitter account tweeted out the video.

Shockingly, the mayor’s own daughter Chiara de Blasio was arrested over the weekend for allegedly blocking traffic and refusing to move. Her mugshot is below.

Tuesday night, the anarchy continued but was more subdued because of the earlier 8:00 curfew.

Oddly enough, one group of looters showed up at a store in the SoHo neighborhood in a $350,000 Rolls-Royce.


The SBA president reiterated what he said in his letter to the NYPD sergeants during an interview with Laura Ingraham on Fox News, Tuesday night. Mullins also pleaded with President Trump for help, while stressing that officers would be able to handle the situation without outside help if they weren’t being told to “stand down.”

“NYPD is losing the city of New York. And we have no leadership in the city of New York right now from City Hall to the brass of the NYPD,” he said.

Men and women are being pelted with rocks, bricks, cars lit on fire, and this is continuous. We have curfew that has been implemented tonight at 8:00 and everyone is still out rioting in the streets of New York.

If President Trump is watching this, I am asking the president to please, please immediately send federal personnel to NYC and monitor what is going on. If Gov. Cuomo does not implement the National Guard immediately, then the federal government is going to have to step in. The NYPD is more than capable of addressing what’s going on in the city of New York, but our hands are being tied.

The rank and file members of all ranks have sent me numerous emails, letters, text messages, photos of how NYC is being destroyed. We have no leadership coming from City Hall. We are being told to stand down.

President Trump showed empathy for the NYPD’s plight in a tweet Tuesday night.

“New York’s Finest are not being allowed to perform their MAGIC but regardless, and with the momentum that the Radical Left and others have been allowed to build, they will need additional help. NYC is totally out of control,” Trump tweeted. He called on de Blasio and Gov. Cuomo to “PUT DOWN THE RIOTING NOW!”

In his letter, Mullins called on fellow sergeants to “stay together and stay strong.”

“Hold the line and protect each other. Stand shoulder to shoulder and DO NOT give up,” he said. “NEVER GIVE UP! I hear you. I am aware and soon everyone is going to hear you. Help is coming and we will win this war on New York City. Remember, you work for a higher authority. It’s good against evil and good always wins.”



Who Is Funding and Organizing the Antifa Insurrection?

Someone is organizing criminals and vandals to loot and destroy cities but the corporate media don’t seem all that interested in getting to the bottom of it. In fact, Democrats and their allies in the press have been actively engaging in misdirection, lamely accusing white supremacists of being behind the mayhem plaguing “peaceful protests.”

A looter who was caught by the police in Santa Monica, California on Sunday was very candid with a local reporter when he was asked about his motive.

The man told FOX 11’s Bill Melugin that he wasn’t actually protesting police brutality but was “point blank” just doing it “to get some money.”

“That’s it, just trying to get some dough, that’s it,” he said.

A group of looters broke into the store and began to flee, and as they got into a car, one of them wasn’t fast enough and was left behind by his group. Police were able to catch him, and he was taken into custody.

When asked if his actions were related to what happened in Minnesota, the man said it might have a little bit to do with that, but “not really, I’m out here for “the dough.”

When asked if it was worth it, the man said “obviously not,” while turning to show the reporter his cuffed hands behind his back.

“If you’re going to get some money, do it right. Don’t do it the dumb way. Do it the smart way,” he added.

Melugin ended the interview without asking the looter any additional questions—like who organized this? Were you paid to come out here and loot?

“Thanks for your time. Best of luck to you,” the reporter said.

On Monday, a restaurant owner in Santa Monica told CBS LA that the looters who hit his business traveled in SUVs and were “very well organized.”

“They were very well organized, they came with duffel bags, SUVs,” Jeffrey Merrihue, the owner of Heroic Italian Restaurant, said.  “They went from shop to shop. They went in, cleared out with full duffel bags, another SUV would pull up. It was very impressive actually, to be honest.”

Merrihue, who opened his restaurant for business on Monday despite his losses and damages, said he had cell phone video  showing the looters in action.

“The vandals broke in, stole our cash machine, stole a few cases of wine,” he said.

Santa Monica Police said over 400 arrests were made last night on charges included looting, violation of curfew, burglary, and assault. According to police, the vast majority, 95%, were not residents.

“They would go to the Nike store, this store, they were just telling each other where to go,” said Sunnin Lebanese Cuisine owner Nicole Chammaa.

Chammaa said looters and vandals got into her Lebanese restaurant, damaged her furniture and decor, and got away with two cash registers full of cash.

A police chief in Bellevue Washington, which was also hit by looting and violence Sunday night, said he thinks the people responsible were organized, from out of town, and being paid.

“There are groups paying these looters money to come in and they’re getting paid by the broken window,” Bellevue’s Police Chief Steve Mylett told KIRO 7.

Chief Mylett said the looters were separate from the peaceful protesters who were demanding police accountability in the wake of George Floyd’s killing.

He thinks they’re exploiting the moment and connected to the other scenes of violence in the area.

Mylett said the looters appeared to be after high-end stuff that could be resold.

“This is something totally different we are dealing with that we have never seen as a profession before,” he said, adding that the group appeared to be trying to deplete police resources.

“We did have officers that were in different areas that were chasing these groups,” he explained. “When we make contact, they just disperse.”

Chief Mylett said his priority is the preservation of life. He said some of the looters are armed and he worries their crimes could escalate.

“It kept me up last night and it’s been keeping me up because my fear is that it may be coming,” Chief Mylett said.

Bellevue Police arrested 14 people on Sunday. He said the youngest was 13 years old.

Throughout last weekend, there were also reports of large pallets of bricks showing up in riot torn areas in multiple cities across America. Who paid for that? Who is funding this insurgency?

Former New York City mayor and Trump’s personal attorney Rudy Giuliani said Monday that he has personally seen enough evidence now to conclude that “there was a guiding hand in some of this.”

“Definitely there’s organization behind this,” he said on Sebastian Gorka’s “America First” podcast.

Giuliani told Gorka that one of the benefits of designating antifa a terrorist group is that the government now has the ability to investigate the group’s finances.

“It will help a lot in being able to tie together some of the loose ends that could tell you how well organized this is,” he said. It could answer the Soros question too because you get into their books. How much money does he donate and how closely associated is he with them?”


The FBI put out a statement Tuesday saying that the Bureau is seeking information and digital media depicting individuals inciting violence during the protest/riots.

The FBI respects the rights of individuals to peacefully exercise their First Amendment rights. Our mission of protecting the American people and upholding the Constitution is dual and simultaneous, not contradictory.

Accordingly, we are committed to apprehending and charging violent instigators who are exploiting legitimate, peaceful protests and engaging in violations of federal law. The continued violence, potential threat to life, and destruction of property across the United States interferes with the rights and safety of First Amendment-protected peaceful demonstrators, as well as all other citizens.

To help us identify actors who are actively instigating violence in the wake of Mr. George Floyd’s death, the FBI is accepting tips and digital media depicting violent encounters surrounding the civil unrest that is happening throughout the country.

An undercover Project Veritas investigation in January exposed an antifa plot to violently rebel if socialist Bernie Sanders lost the nomination, which he eventually did.

“You should expect a f-cking violent reaction,” Sanders field organizer Kyle Jurek said. “The cops are gonna be the ones that are getting f–king beaten in Milwaukee.”

The organizer stressed that cities across the country would pay if  his candidate did not get the nomination.

“We’re going to make 1978 [he means 1968] look like a f-cking girl scout f-cking cookout,” Jurek said.

Project Veritas spoke with other Sanders field organizers who all said there would be a violent revolution if Sanders lost.

Martin Weissgerger and Mason Baird, Sanders staffers in South Carolina, said that they would be taking “extreme actions” against capitalists.

“We would need a federal government and labor union movement that is working together to strip power away from capitalists and preferably directing violence toward property,” Baird told a Project Veritas undercover reporter.

The riots have cost retailers billions of dollars at a time when the U.S economy was already seriously damaged by coronavirus lockdown policies.

Antifa-supporting Bernie bros are openly celebrating the “revolution” on social media.

It’s abundantly clear that antifa is trying to topple the U.S. through a violent revolution. The only question is who is helping to fund and organize their efforts.


Bongino: Antifa and Street Criminals Have Turned George Floyd Protests into a Violent Insurrection

Legitimate protests over police brutality in Minneapolis have been hijacked by antifa radicals and street criminals, former Secret Service agent Dan Bongino said Monday. On Fox News, and his own podcast, Bongino argued that the ongoing riots in cities across the nation have devolved into a dangerous insurrection that needs to be shut down immediately.

Over the weekend, there were demonstrations in more than 75 U.S. cities and many of them turned unimaginably violent and deadly. The president of the United States Sunday night had to take shelter in the White House bunker as violent riots raged nearby.

In Rochester, New York, a woman was savagely beaten while trying to defend her business from a mob of looters.

The video, which has been shared online, shows the woman speaking to a group of at least six individuals — some of whom were holding large planks of wood — after one member threw a ladder at the door of a business.

The woman, who lives with her husband above the Rochester Fire Equipment Company, was reportedly taken away in an ambulance.

In city after city, the masked agitators strategically continued their campaign of property destruction, burning and looting small businesses that were already financially stressed by the economic lockdown. The antifa/BLM agitators assaulted or terrorized anyone who got in their way.

Despite the carnage, several high profile celebrities and 13 Biden Campaign staffers have announced that they are contributing to a bail fund for the Minnesota rioters.

“This is not about George Floyd anymore,” Bongino, now a Fox News contributor, said on Fox and Friends Monday morning. “We had a sincere moment of national unity—everyone agreed—even our police officers agreed that this [the killing of Floyd] was abhorrent. But who’s talking about that now? Nobody! We’re talking about an insurrection!”

Bongino stressed that it is imperative that the demonstrations get shut down immediately.

“This has to stop now. They’d better get a lid on this stat or this is not going to end well!” he told the Fox and Friends hosts.

“Bill Barr and the president need to legally decapitate antifa today,” Bongino added.

He told the hosts that the FBI needs to make some “high profile arrests” of antifa agitators and the National Guard needs to be “fully mobilized” in every state.

“I don’t care if you live in Wyoming or downtown Miami, we have to shut this down now. Get a lid on this right now!” Bongino exclaimed.

He argued that the violence should have been shut down in Minnesota “on day one.”

“I said on Tuesday, the minute you let this get out of control it turns from crowd control to riot control, and those are two completely different forms of policing. We are in a triage situation now, and we should have never been here,” he said.

Throughout the weekend, there were multiple reports nationwide that piles of bricks were appearing in riot-torn cities, apparently provided by antifa organizers.

NYPD released a photo of an officer who had been hit in the head with a brick.

There were several reports over the weekend of black protesters strongly objecting to the bricks, like the woman in the video below.

President Trump on Monday posted a clear warning to antifa on Twitter:


Bongino told the Fox and Friends hosts that the president understands what’s going on, but stressed that he needs to give a unifying address to the nation tonight from the Oval Office.

“Antifa and these criminals have declared war on civility and the constitutional Republic. This is not a joke, this is an insurrection. This is a coup. This is not a protest anymore,” he warned.

During a separate interview on Fox News Monday, Sen. Tom Cotton (R-Ark.) said that President Trump should use the Insurrection Act to deploy active-duty U.S. troops to cities impacted by protests and riots.

“If necessary the president should use the Insurrection Act to deploy active-duty military forces to these cities to support our local law enforcement and ensure that this violence ends tonight, not one more night,” Cotton said.

“What the president can do is say that justice will be done in accordance with law for George Floyd and we will always respect the right of peaceful protests … but the rioting, the anarchy and the looting ends tonight. If local law enforcement is overwhelmed … lets see how these anarchists respond when the 101st Airborne is on the other side of the street,” the senator added.

Over 17,000 national guardsmen have been deployed nationwide in response to violent riots, according to CBS News.

Including the approximately 45,000 national guardsmen who have been activated to help battle the coronavirus pandemic, there are now 66,7000 national guardsmen activated for domestic operations in support of U.S. governors, which the bureau described as a “historic” amount.

The White House on Monday indicated that the president has no immediate plans to address the nation from the Oval Office.

When asked if a presidential address was forthcoming, White House Press Secretary  McEnany responded: “A national Oval Office address is not going to stop Antifa.”

“What’s going to stop is action. And this president is committed to acting on this,” she said, adding that his focus “is acting and keeping our streets safe.”

In a phone call with the nation’s governor’s Monday, President Trump reportedly urged them to step up enforcement: “You have to dominate, if you don’t dominate you’re wasting your time. They’re going to run over you, you’re going to look like a bunch of jerks. You have to dominate.”

He also reportedly said: “Washington was under very good control, but we’re going to have it under much more control. We’re going to pull in thousands of people.”