The Faith of Nations 

The faith that we once knew has failed us. No longer a young nation, we have to find our way back to the faith of our youth in order to thrive.

Equality Explained

Defending the founders’ republican principles—all of them—is the best and most effective way to fight our emerging woke tyranny, which categorically rejects those principles—all of them.

Did Nathan Chen Just Sink Harvard?

To escape the historical prison of our times may not require performing a triple axel, but even that physical transformation of the laws of nature is a lot easier than a political one.


If I thought the paleoconservative appeal to tradition alone were sufficient to support all the policies sketched near the beginning of this article, I would submit to it cheerfully.

Reflections on Memorial Day 2021

The soldiers who have died in America’s wars joined the service for many reasons. But all were motivated at least to a certain degree by a sense of duty and honor arising from patriotism.

The Lessons of Memorial Day

Whether we know their names or not, we owe it to those who died to devote some of our time on Memorial Day to remembering the sacrifices they made.

A Forgotten Piety

We should honor our forebears for what they bequeathed to us, and squirm a little, because we would be hard put to say what we are leaving for our children, supposing that we have any.