America First

Chinese Takeout

In 2018, China declared war on the United States. Few Americans are aware of this, and most who are don’t take it seriously. Donald Trump does—and Beijing knows it.

Globalism Delenda Est

The fall election is President Trump’s to win or lose. If he puts America and Americans first while calling for the destruction of globalism with the same repetitive fervor that Marcus Porcius Cato called for the destruction of Carthage, he will most likely win.

WHO: Another Deadly Failure of Globalism

Bloated international bureaucracies such as the World Health Organization have demonstrated their inability to fulfill their enormous mandates—and other countries around the world should follow our president’s lead and find a better use for their taxpayers’ resources.

Smart Sanctions for China

China needs to be held to higher standards in environmental protection, labor conditions, and human rights. Here are five immediate action items for the Trump Administration and Congress.

Don’t Fear a New Cold War

A new Cold War-style approach to China, Russia, and Iran is a call for America reconstituting the strong allied bloc it once led and rejecting the free-for-all globalist movement that turns a blind eye to enemies allegedly for the sake of cheap products.