America First

Graveyard of Narratives

Perhaps the only useful result of the Afghan enterprise’s clamorous collapse is the widespread recognition that we are not seeing the results of discrete choices about foreign policy.

Chaos and Confusion in Kabul

It’s hard to explain our ongoing failure to effectively secure the safety of American citizens in Afghanistan—unless the administration has refused to authorize it.

Lessons Never Learned

The establishment, having failed to win a counterinsurgency abroad and a culture war at home, opted to export the culture war and import the counterinsurgency.

‘A Pitiful, Helpless Giant’

The more serious and recurrent the failures and humiliations of the Biden Administration, the more China, Russia, Iran, and North Korea will push and provoke America and its allies.

America Needs a Grand Strategy  

Since the fall of the Soviet Union, we have traveled from George H. W. Bush’s New World Order to Trump’s America First to the Biden Adminstration’s rehash of Obama’s “Don’t do stupid stuff” policy. 

Biden Will Not Help the Cuban People

Washington cannot admit the source of the Cuban people’s disaffection because it would disappoint too many woke Americans and undermine the “progressive” politics they are required to support.

China vs. America

The longer the West placates China and pretends that it is not being aggressively challenged by China and is currently losing that challenge, the more the future of the West will be in doubt.