America First

What America Should Learn from a Mexico in Retreat

Our elites’ failure to pay particular attention to Mexico stems from their failure to grapple with the decline of the state more generally. They’re the leadership class of a declining, unresponsive system that increasingly fails to deliver on its promises of prosperity and security.

‘Orange Man Bad’ Becomes Foreign Policy

This is not how a professional military and intelligence community, charged with defending a constitutional republic, is supposed to act. This is how a two-bit, Third World junta behaves. Such behavior should worry every American, regardless of their political preference.

Finishing Honorably, Finishing Safely

As Plato shows, doing good to those who have done you good and harming those who have harmed you is far from all there is to justice. But to do the opposite is obviously stupid, as well as unjust and dishonorable.

Turkey Plays Chicken

One bullet can start a war, but no rifle has enough bullets to end a war.  To know this truth is to see our troops […]

How to Trump Iran

The mullahs are calculating the odds against a conventional war, which they believe would send the West’s economy into a tailspin. Trouble is, they are up against an unconventional U.S. administration with more than enough power to crush them at a game of “little green men."

Trump’s Taliban Gambit

President Trump made the correct decision in canceling the peace talks with the Taliban. These were never really peace talks in the first place. They were surrender talks.