America First

No Blood for Peace

We honor those who died in foreign lands, we honor those who died in Iraq, we honor honor itself by showing the world why we fight.

What Is Turkey To Us?

The best course for the United States and Russia is to recognize that their common interest in peace in the Mediterranean requires parallel measures to restrain Erdoğan.

Reasons to Be Wary of War Rhetoric

It’s imperative that the president knows his leash is short. The neoconservatives that have compounded the mess in the Middle East have torched their credibility and their usefulness. We won’t be fooled again.

‘MOP’ Up the Mullahs

We have ordnance that can kill enemies 200 feet underground. But the important part is to limit civilian casualties while causing the Iranian economy and regime to implode.

An Antidote to the Iran Hysterics

Trump has always shown that he prefers diplomacy to military action. At the same time, he understands, as did Ronald Reagan, that diplomacy only works when it is backed up by military strength and a willingness to exercise it.