Report: State Department Helps Fund the ‘Black Lives Matter’ Narrative

ESPN commentator Max Kellerman on Tuesday claimed “93 percent” of this summer’s Black Lives Matter protests have been peaceful. The blame for “a big percentage” of the rare bouts of violence, Kellerman said, belongs to “extremist right-wing agitators posing as protestors.”

As it turns out, Kellerman was repeating a talking point funded by the U.S. State Department.

Kellerman cited a report published earlier this month by the U.S. Crisis Monitor project, a joint effort by the Armed Conflict Location and Event Data Project (ACLED) and the Bridging Divides Initiative at Princeton University. ACLED receives funding from the Bureau of Conflict and Stabilization Operations, a State Department office. 

The report claims many “demonstrations” did not turn violent, “though at least one ended in tragedy—as when an armed teenager allegedly fired on protesters in Kenosha, Wisconsin, killing two people and leaving one seriously injured.” The report’s authors also contend that federal authorities deployed to keep the peace around Portland’s federal courthouse in July and August actually “re-escalated tensions.” (Portland has experienced more than 100 consecutive nights of unrest as of early September, interrupted by smoke from the wildfires around the state.) 

Along with ESPN’s Kellerman, the ACLED report has been cited favorably by the New York Times, the Washington Post, Time, and dozens of TV and newspaper outlets around the United States.

The study has not gone uncriticized, however.

“The report, generally speaking, classifies demonstrations as either peaceful or as riots,” wrote Seattle radio talk show host Jason Rantz at Newsweek earlier this month. “This simplistic view is troublesome because in many big cities where these violent demonstrations have unfolded, police departments have purposefully stood down and not declared a riot—and, in some cases, haven’t even been involved in quelling them for fear it would exacerbate the problem.”

Given the relative infrequency of violence that the ACLED study purports to show, Rantz argued, could be used to “justify . . . less coverage of the violence. After all, it’s only 7 percent of what’s going on. Some media outlets will happily use that logic here.”


In Tough Times, Joe Biden Would Rather Blame Trump Than Offer Solutions

The Democrat’s refusal to stand up to the looters, agitators, and anarchists is in keeping with his refusal to stand up to the leaders in his own party.

After the assassination attempt of two police officers in Compton, California, many on the Left either remained quiet or offered only the weakest of condemnations.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.), who has been quick to blame Republicans and police officers for recent events, remained silent until Thursday, when she offered up a boilerplate statement. “We support peaceful demonstrations, we participate in them, they are part of the essence of our democracy,” she said. “That does not include looting, starting fires, or rioting. They should be prosecuted. That is lawlessness.”

Presidential candidate Joe Biden condemned the attack as “unconscionable,” yet immediately turned his attention to gun laws and the environment. 

As the violence continues throughout the nation, and police officers and innocent Americans continue to be attacked, the Democratic presidential candidate has yet to come forward with any specific plans to stop the violence.

In reality, Biden has no plan, and it is likely that he has no interest in formulating one. 

Nevertheless, after the recent events in Kenosha, Wisconsin, Biden’s deputy campaign manager Kate Bedingfield accused President Trump of “inciting violence.” Indeed, Biden recently said,The simple truth is Donald Trump failed to protect America. So now he’s trying to scare America.”

We are facing multiple crises—crises that, under Donald Trump, keep multiplying. COVID, economic devastation, unwarranted police violence, emboldened white nationalists, a reckoning on race, declining faith in a bright American future. The common thread? An incumbent president who makes things worse, not better. An incumbent president who sows chaos rather than providing order.

In other words, rather than showing leadership, courage, and an ability to solve problems in difficult times, Biden’s “solution” to the nation’s most difficult problems is to blame Trump. The crises are, in the view of Biden’s campaign, the result of a president who allegedly sows chaos rather than providing order. What? Like magic? To Biden, it’s really that simple. 

In typical Biden fashion, however, his comments amount to empty and unoriginal rhetoric. 

What’s even worse than Biden’s instinct to blame the president, however, is his failure to provide a comprehensive plan for dealing with and stopping  the violence. It’s almost like he doesn’t want to. This should concern all Americans.

Biden’s failure to present a plan for dealing with the looting, violence, and anarchy can mean one of just a few things. 

It could be that Biden assumes that the looting and violence will entirely cease if he wins the election. But this is highly unlikely. Why would it stop if they think it is working? 

It could also be that Biden doesn’t want to stop the looting and the violence because he feels like it provides him with an advantage as the November elections approach. If that is the case, Biden in essence is telling the American people that the violence against innocent Americans and police officers is tolerable so long as it potentially benefits him. 

Finally, it could be that Biden knows he can’t stop the violence. That seems likely. But in that case, is he really worthy of being president? If he is either too weak to deal with the violence or too afraid of disappointing his far-left base, what kind of president is he going to be for the rest of America?

Biden’s response to the latest officer-involved shooting in Compton gives us some clues about what’s really going on with his campaign Biden called the shooting “unconscionable” less than 24 hours after it happened and called for anyone who commits acts of violence to be punished. He then immediately proceeded to push for gun-control, tweeting “Weapons of war have no place in our communities. We need to ban assault weapons and high-capacity magazines.”

Notice, though, he didn’t offer to visit the officers—indeed he didn’t offer to help the officers in any way. His focus was not on calling for an end to the riots and looting, but to deflect attention away from them.

The Democratic nominee for president offered nothing but a seemingly insincere apology that was immediately followed by an untimely, insensitive, and illogical attack on certain types of firearms. It is unclear how his message had anything to do with what happened to the two officers, who were simply sitting in their vehicle. 

President Trump, on the other hand, has called for very strong measures against those who kill police officers, including the death penalty, and has consistently taken tough positions against the looting, violence, and anarchy in American cities while encouraging governors to act, even offering them the use of the National Guard.

Biden’s refusal to stand up to the looters, agitators, and anarchists is in keeping with his refusal to stand up to the leaders in his own party. While cities burn and officers and innocent Americans are attacked, Biden refuses to step up and specifically to offer any concrete solution to the violence. As President Trump has noted, “He’s not strong for law and order and everybody knows that.”


Far-Left Riot Breaks out in Pennsylvania After Police Shooting of Man With Knife

The far-left terror groups Black Lives Matter and Antifa have found their latest target in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, following another police-involved shooting of a man who was being uncooperative with officers, which sparked more riots in the small town in southeastern Pennsylvania, as reported by Breitbart.

The riots broke following protests late at night against the police shooting of Ricardo Munoz, who was filmed by officers’ body cameras being uncooperative with police, ignoring their orders to comply and charging at an officer with a knife, which forced the officer to shoot him, killing him.

Despite the clear evidence that the shooting was justified, over 100 protesters gathered in the streets to protest the killing as another example of alleged “systemic racism” of America’s police. After police declared it an unlawful assembly, they attempted to disperse the protesters with tear gas. The rioters responded by damaging a police vehicle and throwing numerous objects, including bricks and glass bottles, at officers, eventually moving forward to smash several windows on the police precinct building.

The riots are the latest in a long line of violence since May, with several radical groups finding multiple excuses to cause destruction across America every time a minority is killed by police, even though such events are extremely rare and often justified. The riots first started after the drug-induced overdose death of George Floyd, a black man, in Minneapolis while in police custody; further riots flared up again after the police shot another black man, Jacob Blake, in Kenosha, Wisconsin as he was reaching for a knife hidden in his car to attack the officers, who were attempting to arrest him for an outstanding warrant on sexual assault charges.

The Lancaster riots, like the Kenosha riots, are further indication that the riots which originated in America’s biggest cities, from Minneapolis to Portland, have begun migrating to smaller towns in what is colloquially referred to as “Middle America,” such as Wisconsin and Pennsylvania, both of which are key swing states in the upcoming presidential election.

Great America

Defunding the Defunders Who Facilitate Riots, Violence, and Anarchy

Will “defund/dismantle the police” jurisdictions file suits to demand that the federal dollars continue flowing unabated? Probably.

President Trump recently issued a memorandum addressed to the attorney general and the director of the Office of Management and Budget, ordering them to review the federal tax dollars being sent to jurisdictions that have permitted flagrant lawlessness and rioting to prevail in their streets for weeks—some, for months now—or which have taken steps to limit and/or defund their police forces.

Some pundits are prognosticating that the president’s order cannot be implemented. That remains to be seen.

It has been interesting, if deeply disturbing, to watch the “defund the police” movement play out in some of the country’s most progressive jurisdictions, even as they burn for lack of adequate enforcement and prosecutorial responses to rioting and looting. These are jurisdictions which, by and large, also proudly declared themselves sanctuaries for illegal aliens. When decoded, this simply means that they were, and are, willing to let aliens who commit serious crimes walk away from their booking stations and jails rather than turn them over to federal Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agents. 

ICE stepped up its activities in response, often taking custody of these aliens right in the hallways of state and county courthouses, which in turn led to many of the officials in these cities and counties (and, appallingly, sometimes even their congressional representatives) to advocate the defunding or dismantling of ICE. 

What did the police and sheriffs’ departments do when faced with standing by their federal law enforcement colleagues? All too often, they abandoned them and parrotted the “make our communities feel safe for migrants” nonsense even though many of the victims of the alien criminals they released were themselves members of those migrant communities. 

How many veteran police leaders really believed this mantra? And how many were simply currying favor with their political bosses, presumably to ensure that their organization continued in the good graces of the hands that feed them?

But no matter because now it’s coming back to bite those “woke” state and local enforcement organizations where it hurts. You can never be woke enough, and when you unleash the demons of chaos, they cannot be harnessed to go in any particular direction. They’re just as likely to come after you.

Another similarity to the immigration sanctuary issue is now manifest. Toward the beginning of his term, President Trump ordered withholding of federal monies for sanctuary jurisdictions. Admittedly the record of success is mixed. 

Jurisdictions that proudly declared they would resist federal immigration enforcement nonetheless kept their hands out for as much grant money as they could garner, and sued to have the president’s orders enjoined. In many instances the jury is still out because of stays and injunctions issued by judges at the district court level—and litigation moves slowly through the federal court system—but in some significant instances, the federal courts have upheld the withholding of funds for certain grants.

So whether or not the president’s recent “defund the defunders” order can be implemented will depend in large measure on exactly how carefully targeted the attorney general and OMB director are in their calculations. The devil assuredly will be in the details: what is the grant’s purpose, and to what specific conditions did state and local governments agree to adhere when accepting the money?

Certainly it makes sense that federal funding should not be used to fill the gaps and shortfalls created when governments divert police monies toward pet projects that don’t seem likely in the long run to ensure the safety and wellbeing of their communities. For the federal government to allow this to happen would only encourage more states and localities to default on their fiscal responsibilities toward their own enforcement agencies and expect the federal government to make good on the deficits—even as they demand that federal agents not be allowed within city limits for such purposes as safeguarding federal courthouses and bringing an end to chaos, arson, looting, and violence.

Here’s the $ 1 million question: Will those “defund/dismantle the police” jurisdictions file suits to demand that the federal dollars continue flowing unabated? If they are true to their beliefs, then they should welcome the withdrawal of federal monies so as to hasten the end of those bastions of hobnail-booted thugs with badges whose job is to risk their lives daily on behalf of the citizenry. 

Chances are, though, they’ll engage in the usual lawfare, spending significant amounts of state and local monies (that instead could have gone to police and sheriff departments) in order to fight Trump’s effort to hold them accountable, sublimely oblivious to the fact this shows them to be brazen hypocrites.

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Rochester Proves ‘Black Lives’ Don’t Matter to BLM

Over the July 4 weekend, 13 people were shot in this city of just 200,000 people. But has BLM organized marches on the homes of notorious domestic abusers or drug dens? Of course not.

For almost a week, Black Lives Matter and like-minded activists have been marching in the streets of Rochester, New York, protesting the death of Daniel Prude at the hands of police. BLM zealots even harassed diners and overturned tables at two restaurants located next to the apartment building in which I live, creating a social media firestorm. Events in Rochester have even attracted the notice of none other than President Donald Trump.

We Rochesterians are not used to playing a starring role in the national news cycle. Well, now we are, like it or not.

The curious thing? Daniel Prude died months ago, and under circumstances that hardly suggest racial animus played a role in his demise. He was a mentally deranged man on drugs—someone the police had to restrain as best they could. And restrain him they did, based on well-established policies and procedures. Unfortunately, based on a variety of circumstancessome of them completely outside the control of the police officers who detained him—Prude later died. This makes Tuesday’s announcement by the police chief that he and his entire command staff would resign at once baffling and unfortunate. The move only reinforces the (false) perception that the police were culpable in Prude’s death.

The facts be damned, however—the media and the anti-police outrage industry can turn almost any questionable incident caught on camera into an instant scandal. In fact, as we see in this case, a police “killing” need not even be recent to excite “anti-racist” fervor. Nor must it be demonstrably racist, as events this summer have proved beyond a shadow of a doubt.

The unfortunate truth, however, is that it is not just left-wing crazies who are being sucked into this maelstrom of anti-police rage and racial fear-mongering. There are also many well-meaning, compassionate Americans who are laboring under the misconception that there is a sudden rash of police slayings of innocent black men in America.

What is abundantly clear is that the loss of blacks lives, per se, is not what is driving public attitudes and media coverage. For one thing, there is zero evidence that the summer of 2020 has seen any more police-involved killings of black men than would be normal in a country of 330 million people—and neither have police killings of white suspects (which are always more numerous) increased, not that anyone is even bothering to ask that question.

In fact, what we know for certain is that police departments, especially in big cities, have undertaken unprecedented efforts to improve training, reduce the potential for violent confrontations with suspects and with the public, and recruit new officers from historically disadvantaged communities. As a result, police forces, including the RPD, are more restrained in the use of force, and more representative of and respectful towards communities of color, than they ever have been.

What’s more, BLM’s, and the media’s, raging obsession with police “slayings” of black men is an absurdity, if one’s concern is the preservation of black lives. BLM shows no inclination to protest or draw attention to other scourges that routinely claim far more of them. In terms of violence, domestic disputes and drug gangs are vastly more likely to take black lives than the excessive use of force by the police. Statistically, this is beyond questioning.

Rochester, New York has a murder rate three times higher than the national average. In Rochester, just this year, dozens of people have been murdered, most in circumstances related to family violence or gang activity. Over the July 4 weekend, no less than 13 people were shot in this city of just 200,000 people. But has BLM organized marches on the homes of notorious domestic abusers or drug dens? Of course not. 

We must also keep in mind that far more black lives are taken by natural causes, including heart disease, cancer, and the coronavirus, than by police violence. Most of these health threats affect communities of color and poor neighborhoods disproportionately. Do these dangers—statistically, far more menacing than the police—excite BLM’s fury or even merit their concern? Not in the least.

Moreover, the problems that people of color encounter are by no means restricted to mortal danger. Poverty, underperforming schools, shuttered factories and businesses, drug and alcohol abuse, and broken homes, to name just a few blights on many communities of color, are every bit as serious in terms of their ability to erode quality of life.

These are all phenomena, I hasten to add, that are fostered, to one degree or another, by misguided public policies supported by the same kind of left-wing radicals and neo-Marxists who find a happy home in the BLM movement. They are also problems that find the most fertile ground of all in deep blue, Democratic-led urban centers like Rochester.

The only conclusion we are left with is that BLM, and those who march with it and lend it their support, no matter how well-meaning, are not motivated first and foremost by the preservation of life, black or otherwise. Instead, they are obsessed with the exploitation of death—in this case, the deaths of black men at the hands of the police.

Theirs, in other words, is a cause propelled not by caring, but by animus—animus towards law enforcement, certainly, and often animus towards white people, who are seen as the root cause of America’s “original sin”: racism.

What is ultimately notable about Black Lives Matter, then, is how little black lives matter to those who wave its banners and shout its slogans.


When Wish Replaces Thought

Here is the indigestible truth for the Democrats. Donald Trump has had the most successful first term of any president in memory, maybe ever.

Don’t you just love Paul Krugman? One of loudest of the many anti-Trump hysterics employed by the New York Times, the former economist has been a reliable source of comedy at least since election night 2016. Once the worst was certain and the world learned that Donald Trump had indeed been elected president of the United States, Krugman pondered the markets, which had plunged overnight. “When might we expect them to recover?” he asked. “A first-pass answer is never . . . So we are very probably looking at a global recession, with no end in sight.”

What a card! I think we all deserve a Nobel Prize in economics. If Krugman can snag one, why not Stanley down at the bar? He says a lot of stupid things, too. 

Krugman never disappoints. On Thursday, September 3, he published an opinion piece in the Times called “Trump and the Attack of the Invisible Anarchists.” The burden of the piece was twofold. On the one hand, having picked up that week’s propaganda memo from Democratic National Committee headquarters, he parroted the new talking point about the riots ripping (Democratic) cites apart. 

Earlier this summer, the gospel was that there were no riots, only justly aggrieved citizens exercising their First Amendment rights to protest the heinous, cold-blooded murder of the violent career criminal and fentanyl abuser George Floyd. (Oops, that was from the teacher’s version of the manual: scrap “violent career criminal and fentanyl abuser.”) 

At some point, that narrative was canceled. The new narrative admits that there are riots, but insists that they are all Donald Trump’s fault because . . . 

Excuse me, we’re having trouble with reception. Forget that last bit: scratch “because” and just listen to the great Nobel laureate explain what’s really going on.  

Enjoy a sleight of hand show? How’s this? The “anarchists” that Donald Trump and other knuckle-dragging neanderthals are trying to scare mama with don’t really exist, not really. Look again, those people rampaging on the streets of Portland, St. Louis, Seattle, Chicago, Oakland, Washington, D.C., Kenosha, New York: they’re invisible. Paul Krugman can’t see them. He walked across Central Park to his doctor and encountered no mayhem, none. “It was a beautiful day,” he noted, “and the city looked cheerful . . . Central Park was full of joggers and cyclists.” An aspiring if wayward disciple of Bishop Berkeley, Krugman seems to have adopted a variety of the central Berkelean principle of esse est percipi. If Krugman doesn’t perceive something, it doesn’t exist. 

Poor Paul. He knows that people are alternately frightened and contemptuous of the media’s preposterous efforts to downplay the violence erupting in cities across the country, all those “fiery but mostly peaceful,” “intensifying into violence,” “not generally speaking unruly” jamborees that seem intended to calm the public’s nerves but actually heightened the sense of alarm. 

So Krugman tries to have it both ways. The violence is monstrously overstated by the evil orange man and his minions. “[T]he property damage,” quoth Krugman, “has been minor compared with urban riots of the past,” “Portland is not ‘ablaze all the time‘” (not quite all of the time). 

I think all of that was meant to soften us up, lull us into a state of dull acquiescence. Ready? Close your eyes, grab hold of Paul Krugman’s outstretched hand, and prepare for the big leap: la, la, la, ommmmm: “Much of the violence,” he says, “is coming not from the left but from right-wing extremists.”

Ah, our old friends, the “right-wing extremists”! I’ve missed them these last few months, haven’t you? You know them. They’re like that fellow walking down the street in Portland wearing a Trump hat last week. He was wearing a Trump hat. So, naturally, a “100 percent Antifa” member had to shoot him in the head in “self-defense.”

The media did not exactly condone that act. It was more akin to what happened following the assassination of President Kennedy. Question: Who killed John F. Kennedy? Answer: Lee Harvey Oswald, a Castro-loving communist. Almost instantly, however, a new narrative gelled and enveloped that stark but unpalatable truth. The man who pulled the trigger might have been a commie, but really, deep down, Kennedy was killed by (as James Reston put it) “extremists from the Right.” (If you want to know how that leap works—he is killed by a communist, but “extremists from the Right” get the blame—read James Piereson’s Camelot and the Cultural Revolution: How the Assassination of John F. Kennedy Shattered American Liberalism.) 

Once you can accept that leap of faith, the next part is easy. “[T]here isn’t a wave of anarchy and violence,” Krugman wrote, really, “other than that unleashed by Trump himself.”

I’m sure you’ve seen the president or his minions at those Black Lives Matter and Antifa planning sessions, deciding which courthouses to target, what police stations to incinerate, what blocks of which cities to smash up, loot, and burn. It’s Donald Trump who has “unleashed” all the violence, all the mayhem, all the arson and murder, the far-Left Marxist foot soldiers of Antifa and BLM are just his puppets.

Breathtaking, isn’t it, not to say contemptibly incredible? But it is no less incredible than the obiter dicta about economics that Krugman lets drop as he makes his way through the political landscape. It is axiomatic with Krugman that Trump is a disaster for the country, not least for our economy. So, writing on Thursday, he predicted that while “Friday’s employment report is likely to show an economy still adding jobs” it would be “nothing like the ‘super V’ recovery Trump is still claiming.” Unemployment is “still very high,” he moaned, and the astonishing (my word) recovery that began in late April has “leveled off.” 

Alas, Friday brought the news that we’d added 1.7 million jobs, against an expected 1.3 million, and that unemployment—still artificially high because the Democrats won’t let many Americans go back to work—edged down to 8.4 percent. In June, a canny pal noted that if the market held steady at around 25,000 and unemployment got down to 9 percent by Election Day, Trump would likely be reelected. Here we are two months out and the market is well north of 28,000 (it went well above 29,000 last week) and unemployment is falling.

No, here is the indigestible truth for the Democrats. Donald Trump has had the most successful first term of any president in memory, maybe ever. 

His policies brought unemployment down to the lowest rate in decades, Among black and other minority populations, it was the lowest ever—ever. Wages, especially wages at the lower end, were rising, prescription drug prices were falling, and manufacturing was flooding back to the United States, a direct result of Trump’s America First trade policies. He came to office promising to lose two regulations for every new one enacted, but has managed to lose nearly 20 regulations for every new one. His exploitation of America’s energy resources have not only made the country energy independent, they have made us a net exporter of energy. 

Trump has made extraordinary progress on other fronts as well, from his hundreds of judicial appointments to reducing the flow of illegal immigration by 90 percent. On the cultural front, he has defanged the tyranny of Title IX despotism in colleges and universities and, just a day or two ago, he issued an executive order instructing the Office of Management and Budget to “identify and eliminate any trace of ‘critical race theory’ in the federal government.” 

It would be difficult to overstate the significance of this order. Critical race theory is the pseudo-academic version of identity politics, lending a suitable polysyllabic veneer of obfuscation to the brutish Marxoid and America-hating ideologies of Antifa, Black Lives Matter, and kindred sites of festering discontent. 

But what about the Chinese flu, the dreaded coronavirus, the plague that has otherwise normal people covering their faces and cowering in place? Well, what about it? Krugman adverts to it only in passing. “A few months ago the Trump campaign clearly hoped that it could put the coronavirus behind it. But the virus declined to cooperate.”

Oh, gee, “the virus declined to cooperate.” But you know what? It did cooperate—or to speak more frankly, it acted exactly as one would expect a virus to act. 

Who is the politician whose decisions about dealing with the new flu led to the most deaths? Andrew Cuomo, somehow still the governor of New York. What politician saved the most lives by his preemptive action and mobilization of federal resources? President Donald J. Trump. You might not like it. Paul Krugman abominates it. But there you have it. That’s the way things are Labor Day weekend 2020.

Great America

Kyle Goes to Kenosha: A Folk Hero Is Born

Tired of waiting on a neutered, coopted, infiltrated and compromised police to come to the rescue? Let law-abiding taxpayers hire private protection of Kyle Rittenhouse’s caliber.

Having done an about face against rioting, CNN’s sanctimonious Don Lemon giggled and smirked his way through a segment about “racist” white suburbanites who had the gall to imagine any self-respecting rioter would bother with their ugly abodes. Hey, racists, there is no Gucci merchandise where you bunk down, taunted CNN’s silly man.

Desperate, suddenly, to appear on the side of normies, the Fourth Estate is currently yearning for a Sister Souljah moment. Sister Souljah had expressed sympathy for the 1992 Los Angeles rioters. If only black people would turn to killing whites instead of one another, lamented that eponymous rapper.

Back then, Bill Clinton—a master politician, and a conservative by the standards of Democrats today—diffused her weasel words. Candidate Clinton called the rapper a racist as bad as David Duke. As a master of triangulation, he managed at once to appease whites (who mattered back then) without alienating black Americans. 

And, unlike Anderson Cooper, Bill Clinton felt your pain.

Behold the puzzled look on Cooper’s bewildered face, as he is told by an ordinary, working American what it means to lose your life’s work to louts and looters. The silver-haired Cooper, also a CNN celebrity anchor, is the son of heiress Gloria Vanderbilt. He was born with a silver spoon in his mouth. Perhaps he cannot comprehend the concept of private property owners defending their modest residences and meager businesses given the fact that he grew up in a castle.

A Teen Rose to the Challenge

Not so Kyle Rittenhouse. Young Kyle went to Kenosha, Wisconsin, because he was never confused. He attempted to do the job politicians and police have refused to do. As the city’s mayor and the state’s governor watched Kenosha burn, Kyle confronted the enemies of the commonweal. Unlike the flaccid men of the media and in corridors of power, the 17-year-old rose to the challenge, firing only when he was prone and was being pounded by the feral fiends.

Intent on doing a Nick Sandmann on Rittenhouse, the media hounds have been pounding the airwaves with the “right-wing vigilante” pejorative, also calling Kyle a “17-year-old man.” This is a subliminal message for “charge him as an adult.” 

Consequently, GoFundMe, a crowd-funding portal, removed efforts on Kyle’s behalf, directing visitors, instead, to the campaigns of the men he killed in self-defense. The one had a history of domestic violence; the other was a registered sex offender. For his part, Jacob Blake, whose shooting unleashed the Kenosha peace parade, had sexually assaulted a woman and was being intercepted for violating a restraining order against his victim. 

Even the New York Times’ visual investigations unit provided a blow-by-blow account of young Rittenhouse being hunted down by fellows who were foaming and fulminating about the need to “cranium” Kyle. “This is 100 percent self-defense,” seconds Rittenhouse’s attorney.    

Kyle’s recent history? Working as a community lifeguard—boy, can he swim in polluted waters—cleaning “defaced storefronts,” extinguishing dumpster fires lit by Democratic detritus, and standing sentinel in front of storefronts in downtown Kenosha, actions the local police first lauded then instructed him to cease. Well, of course: the police force, in 2020, is a spent force; missing in action, flouting their constitutional obligation to protect innocents and their property.

Who Stands With Rittenhouse?

But President Trump is still a fierce brawler. He knows that the only time you reach across the aisle to the current crop of pyromania-enabling Democrats is to grab them by the proverbial throat. With the president in the lead, I hazard that 50 percent of the country is behind this remarkably composed young man. (“NeverTrumpers” are with the “new and radicalized Democratic coalition.”)

Currently, energetic attempts are underway by the media—a fifth column really—to frame murder, mayhem, and riots across American cities as Trump’s doing. Not even Democratic voters—vested in law-and-order like everyone else—believe that Trump’s tweets and patriotic convoys of his flag-waving supporters are destroying Seattle, Portland, Kenosha, Oakland, Minneapolis, Chicago, Albuquerque, Denver, Berkeley, Harrisburg, on and on. 

In particular, a malevolently dissembling media accuse Trump supporters of causing the conflagration in anarcho-Portland, which, with mayoral imprimatur, has adopted permanent rioting status. Why so? Because “Patriot Prayer,” a “dangerous” pro-God group, dared venture into sin city.

Didn’t the flag-waving faithful know that those with God and law-and-order on their minds were not welcome; that Mayor Ted Wheeler had consecrated the city for criminals alone? Wheeler has turned Portland into a sanctuary city for the kind of rabble that is reducing cities across America to rubble. 

Enabler of the Portland riots, you have to know that Wheeler has allowed criminals to homestead his city. As Scott Jones, sheriff in Sacramento County, California, put it: These rioters are idiots. They have no coherent platform. Other than to destroy, they don’t know what they want. They must be met with force. Unlike Wheeler, Sheriff Jones will not be letting rioters gain a foothold on his turf.

Lo and behold, Portland’s Wheeler is now calling for the violence to cease and for unity to prevail, after a member of “Patriot Prayer” was murdered by one of Wheeler’s protégés. If not for the decisive actions of the U.S. Marshalls trying to apprehend him, it seemed the mayor and his police force intended to succor the man who allegedly executed Patriot Prayer’s Aaron “Jay” Danielson. The suspected killer, clearly visible on closed-circuit television, was shot and killed in Washington Thursday night after he opened fire on federal and local officers coming to arrest him.

One fractious group, Black Lives Matter and their white hangers-on, is the beneficiary of “light-touch policing.” The other group, for Trump and law-and-order, gets “heavy-handed policing” for daring to safeguard American civilizational markers: statues and store fronts, both symbolic of a history and a work ethic once shared.

Law Enforcement Double Standards

Indeed, where are the charges against these bands of roving violent outlaws, for ongoing aggravated assault, arson, and for crossing state lines in furtherance of their criminal enterprise? Only 300 arrests have been made nationwide. A mere 75 have been charged federally. By Chad Wolf’s telling (he is acting secretary of homeland security), 100 of these are in Portland. Given the magnitude of the destruction—this is not law enforcement.Amid the chaos, some pettifoggers have found the wherewithal to throw the book at Kyle Rittenhouse and Steve Baca, of Albuquerque, New Mexico. He, too, was chased down by a wilding pack; ran until he could no longer, and only then stood his ground. Why is Baca being prosecuted and destroyed, rather than given the key to the city?

T. Jefferson—hush, don’t say a Founding Father’s name out loud—passed the 1807 Insurrection Act. If it was good enough for him, it’s good enough for me. Bring It. Some skulls need cracking.

Still better: Tired of waiting on a neutered, coopted, infiltrated and compromised police to come to the rescue? Let law-abiding taxpayers hire private protection of Kyle Rittenhouse’s caliber.

Great America

Antifa Aren’t Revolutionaries—They Serve The Powers That Be

It’s important to properly understand Antifa and what it means.

Antifa rules the streets of Portland and sows chaos in many other American cities. Millions of Americans don’t like Antifa, but many struggle to figure out who these black-masked radicals really are.

Conservatives like to call Antifa “fascist” or the modern-day successor to the Ku Klux Klan. Liberals will insist either that Antifa is a nonexistent, right-wing fantasy or that they’re secret white supremacists out to discredit the “peaceful” protesters. 

Conservatives and liberals both throw out terrible historical comparisons when discussing Antifa. Cable news talkers compare them to the American soldiers storming Omaha Beach on D-Day while conservatives view them as more like the Nazis fighting our boys.

It’s worth our time to explain what exactly Antifa is. 

Antifa and Its Enemies

Antifa, short for “anti-fascist,” is a far-left movement dedicated to fighting whatever its adherents think is fascism. It’s a loose organization without a clear structure or public leaders. Its name comes from a Communist-organized group in Weimar Germany. Unlike their ancestors, most American Antifa would better be described as anarchists rather than Communists. But it’s a mistake to think of Antifa as particularly ideological. Yes, they are extreme leftists, but what primarily defines them is who they target and the goals advanced by their violence. And it’s not exactly Communism.

Antifa may describe themselves as anti-capitalists, but they don’t target capital. They’re not intimidating corporate CEOs or rioting over jobs being shipped overseas. They don’t try to shut down banks or financial institutions. They focus exclusively on enemies they share with mainstream liberals—Trump supporters, the police, ICE, the “alt-Right,” conservatives, etc. 

They never seem to go after targets that would draw condemnation from liberal elites. With the exception of the police and some politicians, they go after powerless people. It’s easy for them to sucker punch a random Trump supporter in the street. That person’s story will never be told in the media and reporters will believe whatever lies Antifa spread about their victims.

Commentators love to give their historic examples for Antifa. If the commentators see Antifa as Communists, they offer Communist examples. If they see Antifa as Nazis, they compare them to the stormtroopers. If they see Antifa as racist Democrats, they say Antifa is the new Ku Klux Klan. Most of these examples are peddled haphazardly and make little sense. 

Antifa’s members are not fascists or “racist Democrats” in disguise. They are on the far-Left, which makes the Communist comparisons more apt. (Some conservatives will retort: “But the fascists are on the far-Left!” Nearly all scholars, including conservatives like Stanley Payne and Paul Gottfried, strongly disagree that fascism is a left-wing phenomenon. In any case, the only thing shared between fascists and Antifa is a love of violence.)

Antifa isn’t like state-run Communist bodies such as the Stasi. They are (fortunately) not picking up people and taking them to the gulags on the orders of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.). 

Antifa also doesn’t resemble left-wing terror groups like the Weathermen or the Red Army Faction. Those groups operated as cells with obvious leaders and clear ideological goals. Their actions weren’t directing mindless mob violence. The RAF and the Weathermen planned and carried out bombings, kidnappings, and hijackings. While both of those groups receive some posthumous adoration from idiotic leftists, neither was tolerated by the authorities. Both groups were zealously pursued by the authorities and few dared to defend their terrorism publicly. Antifa, on the other hand, is ignored by the authorities and regularly defended in the public square.

Sanctioned By the Elite

Maoist Red Guards are the best historical analogy. The Red Guards were mobs of students endorsed by the highest authority in Chinese Communism and given free rein to attack dissidents. Their main purpose was to shore up the regime’s power and ensure the public toed the Communist Party line. The Red Guards weren’t necessarily controlled by the state, but they were sanctioned by the regime and advanced the interests of the nation’s elites. 

Antifa does the same for our liberal elites.

Individual Antifa may be anarchists or Communists, but their actions ultimately benefit liberals. The black-masked radicals can scream “liberals get the bullet, too!” all they want, but their activity helps squishy liberals the most. 

Antifa doesn’t harm big business or the military-industrial complex—they only ensure that it’s difficult for the Right to organize and speak freely in America. In fact, big business and the military-industrial complex essentially endorsed the riots and promised to donate more to left-wing causes. Most of the businesses they burn down are local shops that can’t recoup the costs of destruction, allowing giant corporations to gobble up even more of the market. The riots ensure only chains can survive. 

Several mainstream media outlets run puff pieces on the black-masked anarchists and celebrate them as American heroes, further indicating the elite’s comfort with Antifa. If they were a real threat to the current order, we wouldn’t see CNN lying for them. These anchors would demand their prosecution and denounce their violence. But the mainstream media doesn’t care about torched small businesses in flyover country, beaten Trump supporters, or injured cops. Those are all bad, expendable Americans in the eyes of liberal journalists.

Reinforcing the Power Structure

For all their bluster about the revolution, Antifa ultimately is a tool for liberal elites. That’s why the Democratic Party, corporate execs, and major media outlets sanction their violence. The only leader who wants to put a stop to their marauding is Donald Trump. His critics love to mock him for allowing this violence, but it’s hard for him to stop it when all the other powers in government and society side with Antifa.

Antifa fully exploits the anarcho-tyranny that rules this land. They don’t have to worry about prosecution, but anyone who stands up to their violence can expect the full brunt of the law. See Kyle Rittenhouse and Steven Baca for what happens when you dare defend yourself against Antifa. Elites know they must protect their attack dogs from any consequences. 

Antifa is a dangerous group, but it isn’t a truly revolutionary group. It operates more like a mob than an army. They’re not fascists or klansmen—they’re leftists. And their most distinguishing characteristic is that they don’t challenge the power structure; they reinforce it. 

The people who challenge the power structure the most exist on the political Right. That’s why liberal elites tolerate Antifa violence. The black-masked thugs do their dirty work for them. 

Great America

Do Young Lives Matter?

Take a knee or walk off the court if you like, but if you truly want to save poor lives, demand educational freedom and demand it now.

Do young lives matter? Especially poor ones?

LeBron James and many other professional athletes are taking a stand against racism and what they consider unjust actions by police across the country. One can argue about the wisdom of these actions and even the basis of the complaints but one can’t argue that a leading cause of dysfunction in our society is crappy public K-12 schools and the damage they do to young, innocent lives. The poorer you are, the worse are the schools you’re forced to attend. 

And far too many of the children forced by our society to attend these factories of failure have black and brown skin. How many of the adults shot by police in recent times can trace the root cause back to a child’s failed education?

If one wants to talk about systemic racism, there is no more obvious example than the schools poor kids have no choice but to attend.

A Narrow Window

It is well-accepted in education circles that at some point in a child’s life, if he isn’t participating at grade-level, the odds thathe never will catch up become overwhelming. Most believe it is somewhere around 3rd to 5th grade. 

That’s around 10 years old. So if a 10-year-old isn’t operating at grade level, his or her life opportunities are going to be damaged severely.

Think of the implication of this fact for every child in the land, especially poor ones. Far too many of these schools don’t act as institutions of learning but rather just as one step along a pipeline that leads to prison or the cemetery.

And this fate is forced upon the most vulnerable population in the country; a population whose need for its children to get a shot at a decent education exceeds all others. If Lebron and others want to take a stand and truly make a difference, they should save a little energy for focusing on saving children; not solely shedding tears on damaged adults. 

Frederick Douglass, who knew a thing or two about racism and disempowerment, noted “It is easier to build strong children than to repair broken men.” Let us focus on that.

And we have so very little time to fix these schools. Every moment is precious for both the child, the school, and society at large. 

Bureaucratic Intransigence

The public schools are massive organizations that are quite resistant to change. It is simply the nature of large organizations, even if they all wanted to change—and many don’t— to resist it. It is an impossibility for them to self-reorganize. It can’t be done. And I have years of experience as an expert in driving organizational change so I know what I’m talking about.

If we can’t fix these schools in one year, then the 9-year-olds are screwed. Can’t fix them in two? Then the 8-year-olds are screwed.

Can’t fix them in five years? Then all 5-year-olds are out of luck. 

Can’t fix them in 10 years? Then every poor child whose heart beats today, even those still in the womb, are screwed. This cannot be allowed.

Think of that, every single poor child in the entire country faces a bleak future since the odds of these schools significantly improving, even in 10 years, is close to zero.

Again, speaking as an expert in organizational change, there is only one force on the face of the planet that can potentially save these innocent children and that is freedom. Only freedom has the power to transform these schools in the shortest period of time.

Give all of the money used to educate their children to the parents—in some sort of state-regulated environment of course—and watch the world change. On average, in the United States this would put over $15,000 per child per year under parentental control. In many of the inner-cities across the country, that number is often closer to $25,000 per child!

Only this process and the forces it would unleash have the power to save these children.

So take a knee or walk off the court if you like, but if you truly want to save poor lives, demand educational freedom, and demand it now. Or accept the fact that the assembly line of school-to-prison-to-cemetery will continue to provide an almost unlimited supply of damaged people just waiting for their next encounter with the police.

Raise your voice for every poor child in the land or please just go back to your mansions and STFU.


The New Normal Ain’t So Grand

A great nation doesn’t get used to looting and mayhem on behalf of dubious social causes. It shuts them down.

New turmoil greets America every week in 2020. COVID-19 has killed tens of thousands of Americans and the ensuing lockdown wiped out large swaths of our economy. The police-involved death of a convicted armed robber in Minneapolis launched a violent social revolution. Media lies test the limits of human credulity and gaslight half the nation into believing we live in a racist hellhole. “Mostly peaceful” is our real-life equivalent of “War is Peace.” Liberal elites have created a new normal that is abhorrent to any American with common sense.

This new normal shined in all its “glory” last week. A normal that refuses to believe in truth and tolerates all kinds of violence as long as it’s for a “good cause.” If you dare challenge this new normal, you’re evil and deserve the full wrath of the law and that of your employers.

It all started when a black man with a long rap sheet decided to violently resist arrest in Kenosha, Wisconsin. The story of Jacob Blake was first broadcast to the nation via a context-less video that showed the man walking away from police. Police shot Blake seven times in the back as he reached into his vehicle. He survived the shooting but is now paralyzed from the waist down. 

The story was spread as another example of police shooting an innocent and unarmed black man. Most mainstream media reports ignored Blake fighting with police and how a Taser had no effect on him. Journalists overlooked Blake telling police he had a knife and cops finding a knife in the area of his car where he was reaching. Mainstream reporters also barely drew attention to Blake’s outstanding warrant for sexual assault or how the cops were called on him for threatening his ex-girlfriend. 

It’s part of the new normal to turn violent criminals into innocent martyrs. Of course, there had to be riots for what happened to this morally pure individual. Several Kenosha businesses went up in flames and many innocent people were hurt because of the anger our new normal encourages. If you’re upset over racial injustice, you are right to torch an auto dealership and loot to your heart’s content. That’s called seeking justice, according to our elites. 

They don’t even need to riot over an actual police shooting either. Minneapolis once again saw looting and chaos this week after a black murder suspect committed suicide in front of police. A false story that police shot the man spread quickly and prompted immediate looting of city stores. 

Minneapolis Police released graphic video of the suspect shooting himself to dissuade protesters from their delusions. It didn’t work. Rioting continued unabated after the video was released. 

Rioters attacked police to the joy of internet leftists. One cop was struck with a metal trash can lid flung by a rioter. That assault was celebrated on social media as the work of a real-life Captain America. It’s right to attack police under the new normal. Some states even want to reduce this serious crime to a misdemeanor. No respect is shown to those who protect and serve our communities. 

While you can now attack officers under the new normal, you cannot do anything to the “mostly peaceful” rioters—even if they threaten your life. 

Seventeen-year-old Kyle Rittenhouse learned that hard lesson this week. Rittenhouse showed up to the Kenosha riots with an AR-15 to help protect local businesses from left-wing marauders. He became separated from his group and was attacked by rioters. He killed two and wounded another in the melee. He’s now charged with first-degree murder. 

Very few rioters in America have faced charges for their assaults, murders, and destruction. But if you dare resist them beating you to a pulp, you better expect the long arm of the law to crush you. That’s just how the new normal works.

You should also expect the media and Democratic politicians to condemn you as a “white supremacist murderer” long before your trial starts. GoFundMe will raise money for the “hero” felons who attacked you. Journalists will even transform your white attackers into black men to further cast you as an evil person.

That the media would lie about a young citizen acting in self-defense shouldn’t surprise us at this point. Reporters will literally stand in front of burning buildings and shamelessly tell us these riots are “mostly peaceful.” Someone besides Black Lives Matter and Antifa is causing these fires and looting. We just don’t know who they are—the real demonstrators are “peaceful”! The media will cry foul if you accurately point out BLM and Antifa’s connection to the violence. 

The new normal requires us to nod our heads and believe the lies our very eyes repudiate.

Last week also showed us how far the sports world will go in the embrace of these lies. The WNBA and Major League Soccer canceled their seasons over the Blake shooting. Several NBA and Major League Baseball teams went on “strike” to protest the police shooting a sex offender resisting arrest. Multiple NFL teams postponed practice and issued statements calling America a racist country. 

You can’t escape the new normal through sports—sports remind you of it every time you turn on the ball game. 

Americans have a choice this election: they can either enshrine this new normal with Joe Biden, or they can reject it with Donald Trump. America can no longer call itself a great country if it allows this new normal to reign. A great nation doesn’t get used to looting and mayhem on behalf of dubious social causes. It shuts them down. 

Great America

Cultural Suicide Is Painless

The story of all Dark Ages is that when civilizations finally prefer suicide, they do it easily, and the remnants flock to the countryside to preserve what they can—allowing the cities go on with their ritual self-destruction.

In February, New York was the world’s most dynamic metropolis. By August, the city was more like the ruins of Ephesus. It is not all that hard to blow up a culture. You can do it in a summer if you haven’t much worry about others.

When you loot and burn a Target in an hour, it takes months to realize there are no more neighborhood Target-stocked groceries, toilet paper, and Advil to buy this winter.

You can in a night assault the police, spit at them, hope to infect them with the coronavirus, and even burn them alive. But when you call 911 in a few weeks after your car is vandalized, your wallet is stolen, and your spouse is violent, and no one comes, only then do you sense that you earlier were voting for a pre-civilized wilderness.

You can burn down a Burger King in half an hour. But it will take years to find anyone at Burger King, Inc., who would ever be dumb enough to rebuild atop the charred ruins—to prepare for the next round of arson in 2021 or 2023.

Today’s looter carrying off sneakers and smartphones in 10 years will be tomorrow’s urban activist, understandably but in vain demanding stores return to a charred no man’s land, to do their fair share, and to help restore the downtown, neighborhood, inner-city, or the “community.”

Old Liberal Ideas Are Being Destroyed

We are living in the most racially polarized climate since the 1960s. America’s past, present, and future are in the process of being recalibrated entirely through the lens of one’s skin color. Columbus is reduced to nothing more than another racist white Italian sailor of a half-millennium past. Grant might as well have fought for slavery in the mind of today’s campus ignoramus. Apparently, the Antifa thug thinks he could just as easily have written the Gettysburg Address or sculpted a statue of Frederick Douglass.

The old liberal ideas of assimilation, integration, and intermarriage are being destroyed by the Left under the specious doctrines of cultural appropriation, or “acting white” or “how we look is who we are.” 

A new fuzzy Jim Crow returns with racially segregated campus safe spaces and theme houses or the race-based reeducation and training sessions in the workplace—all predicated to stop racism! Somehow selecting strangers on the basis of their race to bully in a restaurant, or targeting old anonymous men and women to beat up in the street by their race, or singling out suburbanites by their race for racial taunts and profanity is redefined as reparatory justice or overdue payback—on the assumption that no one would dare say that the arson, looting, and rhetoric are descending into ever more hate-filled nihilism.

Our collective future of nationalized tribalism will become what always results when citizens identify by superficial appearance or shared religion. Just go to Lebanon, the Balkans, or Iraq to see what is in store first hand. 

Tribalism Rising

To survive, all groups will self-identify, at first quietly, but eventually unapologetically. Some will form alliances of self-preservation, others will war with each other. Tribal gangs, as they already do now in our streets of fire and looting, will assume they are exempt from consequences; and so will their antitheses of vigilantes who band together to guard their stores in the absence of a defunded police.

Liberal elite whites themselves are now uneasy, since the abstract doctrines they so nihilistically advocated, from defunding the police to recalibrating looting as “redistribution,” are now becoming reified and closer to home. They see that when BLM protestors jam a restaurant to demand fealty or lecture on “white privilege” or march into a suburb to wake up the commuter to apprise him of his immorality, the racialists will not qualify their agendas with “except for woke whites.”

When tribalism is distilled to its innate and terrifying essence, there are never exemptions for individuals: you are reduced to what you appear superficially as to strangers. The white felon is no different than the white Harvard president, the black shoplifter is the same as the black physicist. We are all condensed to a sort of collective nothingness, or rather a racial “allness.”

The Self-Immolation of Pro Sports

Professional sports, once an integral part of American life, appears to be nearly in ruins. Professional baseball, basketball, and football might have survived the virus, the lockdown, and the recession—and then maybe they might not have. After all, millions of the bored more quickly than expected got acculturated to the idea of soon not listening to a boring rant from LeBron James or the sad confessionals of Drew Brees.

But what the NBA and NFL, and perhaps MLB won’t survive is cultural suicide as players fragment into causes. The NBA existed on the premise that billionaires were willing to pay multimillionaires to lose billions as a prestige lark—as a franchise became a sort of a huge, showy Louis Vuitton bag. But even billionaires have limits. Snobbery and appearing cool do not always trump losing the equivalent of a Ferrari every hour or a Gulfstream each week.

The NBA, we are told, is a woke industry.

But it’s also the strangest, most nondiverse, right-wing, money-obsessed woke institution in America. More than three-quarters of the multimillionaire players are African-American. Over 90 percent of the billionaire team owners are white.

Yet the entire industry—players, coaches, owners, staff—lecture Americans ad nauseam about their supposed sins. The monotonous sermons have become transparent medieval redemptions—given the mortal sin that the NBA sold its very soul to a racist, genocidal, and totalitarian China—to recover billions abroad for the billions lost in viewership and attendance at home.

Nondiverse multimillionaires, working for even less diverse billionaires, finger-pointing at middle-class Americans on the evils of privilege, in the pay of the Chinese Communist Party, is not a way to win back fans.

Institutional Crack-Ups

Universities are in for hard times. The federal government eventually will get out of the $1.5 trillion student loan subsidy business, and force spendthrift colleges to accept their own self-created moral hazards. Charging $30,000-40,000 for tuition over Zoom is a bad business model in a recession. And the alphabet soups after the names of professors and deans will not make a bit of difference. 

Thousands of college-educated protesters and rioters are not especially good advertisements for the building of lifelong character on woke university campuses. Once undergraduate institutions decided to make students socially conscious rather than educated, and once their graduates seem to be neither, then who really finds their mentors essential?

Our major cities, emerging from lockdown, and on the edge of nightly violence, remind us of what Procopius, the Byzantine historian, saw of Rome in AD 538, once the cultural and political megalopolis of the world: a mostly deserted shell of weeds, deserted streets, collapsed stone, choked fountains, and fortified villas where lawlessness reigned and feuding tribes were what was left of a government that once had enshrined habeas corpus. 

No city gets a pass from history, not Athens, not Rome, not Alexandria—not Detroit, Baltimore, or Chicago.

After all, there is no rule that just because Bill Gates and Amazon headquartered in Seattle that its mayor, city council, and state governor will not abandon its signature downtown. What once made Portland great can be undone in a few weeks. 

Wall Street may run the world, but it certainly does not run the New York City government. Electronic capital really does still have human legs and when the proverbial suited investor thinks he will be infected, short of toilet paper, or assaulted on the street, he leaves, taking his laptop with him. Bill de Blasio is left to govern, like a horned and bearded Visigoth, over an increasing shell of former grandeur.

To venture into San Francisco is to return in a time machine to 1855, a boomtown based on silicon chips, not gold dust, but one likewise lawless, fetid, and safe only for those with private security guards. To the casual visitor, it appears a lunatic place now recalibrated for the homeless, the looter, the assaulter—and the very rich. Crimes like public defecation and drug use, or shattering the windows of a parked car window to steal its contents are not crimes unless the targets are the well-connected.

The story of all Dark Ages is that when civilizations finally prefer suicide, they do it easily, and the remnants flock to the countryside to preserve what they can—allowing the cities to go on with their ritual self-destruction. 

So it has begun to seem this endless summer.  

Great America

Where Kyle Rittenhouse Went Wrong

We should not lift a finger on behalf of our opponents who pine to enslave us and wish to recreate the worst tyrannies mankind has ever known on our shores.

Patriots are forged during times of strife, and 17-year-old Kyle Rittenhouse heeded the call in Kenosha, Wisconsin on Tuesday night. He stood to defend freedom while others were cowering. He did exactly what the Founding Fathers would have done.

And for that, he is being charged with murder.

Rittenhouse has been charged with first-degree murder for firing his way out of a mob attack by left-wing terrorists. He showed up from Illinois to stand for the property owners who were being besieged after sustained rioting turned humble Kenosha into a third-world nightmare. He wanted to be a Good Samaritan and was willing to put himself in harm’s way to do what was just. The video evidence makes it clear he was acting in self-defense.

The so-called victims of Rittenhouse’s gunfire are a great cross-section of Antifa’s social justice frontliners. Joseph Rosenbaum, 36, who Rittenhouse shot dead, was a convicted pedophile. Anthony Huber, 26, also shot dead by Rittenhouse, was a serial domestic abuser. The mensch of the group, 26-year-old Gaige Grosskreutz, had intoxication and gun charges on his record. 

For doing what a patriotic American should do in these circumstances, the media spin machine is painting Rittenhouse as a “white supremacist” without any evidence. Just the fact that he is white, was carrying an AR-15, supports the police, and is willing to exercise his God-given freedoms makes him guilty in their eyes. They want to crucify this young man for defending himself against a mob.

“The #1 terrorist threat in the USA is the right wing & white supremacist groups. Their #1 enabler & funding source is the white establishment,” Black Lives Matter activist Bree Newsome Bass tweeted.

“A 17-year-old white supremacist drove from another state with the intent to kill multiple people. Please stop justifying terrorists,” Massachusetts reporter Shakala Alvaranga wrote in a tweet.

New Yorker writer Lane Moore declared her support for white children to be stripped of their First and Second Amendment rights in another tweet: “normalize viewing white teenage boys with guns who post misogynist and white supremacist shit on social media as terrorists.”

It does not matter to the left-wing jackals that Rittenhouse made it clear in interviews before he was attacked that he was in Kenosha to help keep the peace. He looks a certain way and his skin is a certain color so he must be eviscerated. His arrest report indicated he is actually Hispanic, but that fact is no obstacle to a smear, as “white Hispanic” George Zimmerman discovered after shooting Trayvon Martin in 2012. This is how law and order works in a diverse society.

“People are getting injured. Our job is to protect this business and part of my job is to also help people,” Rittenhouse said of his volunteer group that showed up to defend law and order.

“If there’s somebody hurt, I’m running into harm’s way. That’s why I have my rifle because I can protect myself, obviously. I also have my medkit,” he added.

From everything that is known about the kid, Rittenhouse was a model citizen. He was formerly a member of the youth police cadet program, so the leftist corporate press maligned as a young man “fixated on supporting police”—as if that’s a bad thing. Open carrying a rifle is not a crime, protesting with a firearm is not a crime, and bringing a legally-owned firearm across state lines is not a crime. 

Facts notwithstanding—many more of which will come out at trial, should the case get that far—Rittenhouse is still getting thrown in the ringer with left-wing jackals cheering on his railroading.

Let this be a lesson to those misguided libertarians and conservatives who sympathize with Black Lives Matter’s grievances with police. These people hate you. They want to strip you of your rights. They want you subjugated or dead. The nuance behind your opinion doesn’t matter to them. They might pat you on the head as you are doing their bidding, but the alliance ends there.

Rittenhouse had the best of intentions. In his youthful naiveté, he thought that the “peaceful protestors” could have their rights protected while business owners could be kept safe from the “few bad apples” causing the violence. He did not realize that the peaceful protestors are running cover for the terrorists causing destruction. This is an immutable characteristic of the movement. It’s how it was designed.

The BLM and Antifa terrorists are causing destruction and making innocent people pay because they are following the ISIS blueprint. They want the people to become so broken and so hopeless that they bow to their captors. This is why Democrats look the other way. This is not about George Floyd, Jacob Blake, or whomever the felon of the week may be. This is about domination and control—and, incidentally, stopping President Trump.

Where Rittenhouse went wrong was in having compassion for his soulless enemies. He did not have the wisdom to understand his circumstances. He still thought he was a free man in this country. 

Rittenhouse felt a common unity with his fellow Americans. He did not realize he is a subject in a globalist technocracy that has already dehumanized him and marked him for replacement. He will now learn the hard lesson of where he stands in a 6-foot-by-8-foot prison cell.

We should all of course be standing in Rittenhouse’s corner as he goes through this cruel and merciless system. We should pray that he is vindicated and found not guilty. He has already retained attorney L. Lin Wood, who helped Covington high school student Nicholas Sandmann vindicate himself. 

Rittenhouse deserves to be supported as a hero, but we should be careful not to repeat his mistakes. We should not lift a finger on behalf of our opponents, who pine to enslave us and wish to recreate the worst tyrannies mankind has ever known on our shores. We should never sympathize with these folks—to do so is to develop Stockholm Syndrome.

We should not make it easy for our enemies to target us. There are many ways for patriots to defend liberty at this moment. Hold a “Back the Blue” rally, rally to defend statues, and knock on doors for the cause. Always make sure to be surrounded by like-minded people while engaging in these endeavors. There is strength in numbers, and the left-wing mob loves an easy target. This is a protracted, intergenerational war, and patriots need to remain on the battlefield for when the fight truly escalates.


Muriel Bowser, D.C.’s Demonstrably Incompetent Mayor

Is it any wonder that after granting the District of Columbia “Home Rule” in 1973, Congress took parts of it back in 1995 and again in 1997?

Muriel Bowser, Washington, D.C.’s tetchy leftist sock puppet and demonstrably incompetent mayor, needs to be removed. She is living proof that the concept of “Home Rule” for the District of Columbia is and has always been a blunder.Until Thursday night, Bowser’s greatest achievement had been painting “BLACK LIVES MATTER” in huge yellow letters with city funds, on the pavement of 16th Street, dead center in front of the White House. She had managed to create the world’s biggest taxpayer-funded bumper sticker, now known as Malicious Muriel’s Mural.

But on Thursday night, Malicious Muriel topped herself by turning a blind eye or two to the growing mob of Black Lives Matter and Antifa agents provocateurs massing around the White House on the final night of the Republican National Convention.

The resulting made-for-TV riot showed, among other dystopian scenes, four D.C. cops armed with bicycles desperately trying to keep the blimmers off Senator Rand Paul and his wife . . . one block from the White House!

This was no accident: Bowser is either a vertiginous dolt, a useful idiot of BLM Marxists, or she is the kind of deliberately vindictive, venomous usurper not seen since the days of Duchessa Lucrezia Borgia.

Is it any wonder that after granting D.C. “Home Rule” in 1973, Congress took parts of it back in 1995 with the District of Columbia Financial Control Board? And again in 1997 with the National Capital Revitalization and Self Government Act, which stripped authority from all locally elected representatives and transferred three-quarters of District agencies to the Control Board? 

In 2001, locally elected officials regained authority over certain aspects of local affairs granted in the Home Rule Charter, but they still do not have comprehensive fiscal, judicial, or legislative autonomy.

Against the backdrop of Thursday’s carefully crafted lawlessness under La Duchessa Bowser, perhaps the Control Board may wish to consider more control. (Ah, Muriel, how much did the city pay for that giant BLM bumper sticker, anyway?).

Better still, maybe the new Congress will revisit the Self Government Act altogether. Thursday’s disaster was a demonstration of a complete lack and utter incapability of self-governance. (Note that this is the same D.C. that is crying for statehood.)

It will be interesting to see whether Bowser will be “encouraged” to leave her government job. Surely, one would think the petroleum business would be happy to provide her with eponymous employment. 

Great America

Stay Out of Kenosha

Young patriot, don’t go to Kenosha, or Seattle, or Portland. Blue state governors, blue county prosecutors, and blue city mayors don’t want your “help” against the mobs they have made possible.

Late Tuesday night in Kenosha, Wisconsin, Kyle Rittenhouse, a 17-year-old boy from Antioch, Illinois, shot and killed two Antifa thugs and wounded a third. Even if, as the video circulating seems to show, Rittenhouse was acting in the heat of the moment in lawful self-defense, and even if he is successful in making that defense in the courts, that does not change a basic fact: Rittenhouse should not have been in Kenosha.

A “good guy with a gun” is useful in self-defense—yet Rittenhouse wasn’t engaged in self-defense, he went from Illinois to Wisconsin as an armed counterprotester to the Antifa and Black Lives Matter rioters.

A good guy with a gun can be useful in the militia, yet the militia serves at the call of and is subordinate to the relevant authorities. The Wisconsin authorities did not call for Rittenhouse’s assistance, nor did the Illinois state government send him to Wisconsin—at 17, Rittenhouse is a year too young to serve by the statutory definition of the Illinois militia

As elsewhere, the riots in Kenosha happened in part because Tony Evers, the Democratic governor of Wisconsin, took the side of the rioters against the police in the shooting of Jacob Blake, a convicted criminal shot seven times in the back by police while fleeing arrest and possibly armed. Evers at first refused federal assistance in restoring law and order to Kenosha, but has now backtracked and agreed to welcome the help he should never have refused. 

But Evers did not call for assistance from Rittenhouse, and the sheriff in Kenosha refused the offer of the armed counterprotesters to serve as his deputies.

Finally, a good guy with a gun can be useful as a rebel. Seventeen was old enough to fight and die at Bunker Hill or Camden. Where Democratic governors, mayors, and prosecutors turn a blind eye to riots and looting, government has failed to secure citizens in their natural and civil rights. A prolonged train of such wilful failure might very well justify another American “revolution in favor of government.” Such a revolution, like the revolution of 1776, will attract the young, the committed, and the bored.

Yet Rittenhouse didn’t go to Wisconsin to fight the Wisconsin authorities, he went there to demonstrate his support for them—support they neither asked for nor welcomed.

So young patriot, don’t go to Kenosha. Don’t go to Seattle, or Portland, or New York City. Those blue state governors, blue county sheriffs and prosecutors, and blue city mayors don’t want your “help” against the mobs they have cheered on and facilitated. When government wants to govern, and needs your help to govern, the government will let you know. 

If, as heaven forfend, your older and presumably wiser neighbors decide that they have had enough failed government and decide that order must be refounded through arms, you will hear the call.

Until then, keep your powder dry, your sights aligned, and read Johnny Tremain. In the more spirited year of 1944, that novel of the American Revolution in Boston won a Newbery Medal for “the most distinguished contribution to American literature for children,” for the teachers, fathers, and mothers of that greater generation understood that political violence was the proper and practical study of the young. 

Civil war, Johnny Tremain will show you, is a complicated and ugly enough business that you can wait to be asked to fight—the call will come in good time, and always too soon for your mother.

Great America

The Left Doesn’t Really Believe All Lives Matter

For the Left, the idea that America suffers from “systemic racism” seems to justify the view that white people can never be victims, only perpetrators, of crimes.

In Portland last weekend, a white man was dragged out of his car and beaten within an inch of his life by a Black Lives Matter mob. The man had crashed his vehicle after being chased by the mob from a 7-Eleven, where he had gotten between them and another person they were terrorizing. As the man tried to flee, they surrounded his car and attacked him and his girlfriend, who was tackled to the ground.

Finally, the man was knocked unconscious when one “protester” kicked him in the head. The video is gruesome. As the man lies bleeding in the street, another “protester” idly circles in a scooter. It’s clear: this is a game to them.

“Get your bitch ass up, n—a!” they taunt. “Black Lives Matter, n—a!” Of course, he can’t hear them. That’s the point. 

 Barbaric acts of violence like this are happening in our cities, in our neighborhoods, on our streets. But as far as the Left and their friends in the media are concerned, it might as well be happening in Kabul. 

Former First Lady Michelle Obama summarized the blissful ignorance of the Left when she said that Joe Biden wants all of our kids, no matter what they look like to be able to walk out the door without worrying about being harassed or arrested or killed.” 

 But it turns out that Obama’s concern has very clear and circumscribed boundaries. All across America, people are being harassed, assaulted, intimidated, and sometimes killed, but Michelle Obama isn’t talking about them.

 In Minnesota, a black man seeking elected office, John Thompson, stood outside the home of Minneapolis police union chief Bob Kroll and terrorized his family. Thompson was seen beating effigies of Kroll, who is white, and his wife. “I’m being terrorized by this f—king Klansman right here,” he shouted through a megaphone. “Don’t run now, racist white people.” He also threatened to “[burn] Hugo down.”

 In addition to self-control, self-awareness does not seem to be among Thompson’s virtues. But he has no need of them, it turns out, because he will not be facing charges

In Seattle, protesters demanded that white “gentrifiers” give up their homes to black people. “Do you know that before your white ass came here, this was all black people?” one protester said. “Give us our shit back.” 

 Two Americas, Double Standards

All Americans hear about these days is how racist and awful the country is. America, our betters never stop reminding us, is an oppressive society in which only whites are represented. But for such a “racist” country, America has been awfully forbearing towards violence and intimidation carried out in the name of “anti-racism,” especially when white people are the target.

 The Left’s outrage over the phrase “all lives matter” stems from the idea that it’s a cynical way to dismiss “black lives matter,” which supposedly already assumes that “all lives matter.” But for the Left, the idea that America suffers from “systemic racism” seems to justify the view that white people can never be victims, only perpetrators, of crimes. 

Citizens are divided into two groups: whites, the oppressors, and everyone else, who suffer on account of whites. This is why when black children are gunned down in Chicago, the Left has nothing in particular to say. Any crime that can’t be blamed on white people doesn’t matter. Needless to say, it’s difficult to argue or have a civil chat with people who think in such uncompromising, categorical terms. Call it what you want, but this isn’t an egalitarian worldview.

Just how dehumanizing this philosophy is was made clear in the ghoulish response of the media to the cold-blooded execution of a five-year-old white boy. Cannon Hinnant was playing with his sisters in his front yard when their neighbor, a black man named Darius Sessoms, ran up to the boy and shot him dead at point-blank range. Anyone with a soul and a conscience was shocked by this case, as countless Americans were. 

The reaction from the Left, on the other hand, reeked of desperation and fear. The media provided the most perfunctory coverage possible. The BLM crowd was more troubled by the small amout of publicity the case had received than the depravity of the crime itself. Despite a media blackout, the story spread through social media like wildfire. This caused BLM to panic. It would simply be too damaging to acknowledge what had taken place, so they set about trivializing the boy’s murder, as the national media had already done with a campaign of organized silence. They came up with all kinds of elaborate deflections for why his death was unremarkable, claiming that it had in fact received its due measure of attention and that justice had already been served. They were clearly eager to make the story go away as quickly as possible.

 The killer was arrested, they insisted; he wasn’t in a position of authority; so there was no reason to be angry or protest. But we know that BLM wouldn’t be mollified by these arguments if Sessoms were white and Hinnant were black. It wouldn’t make any difference if the killer were a cop or a civilian or if he were promptly arrested. They would be outraged by the crime, as would all civilized human beings, doubly so if the media had turned a blind eye to evil, as they had done.

 This is becoming a pattern. When something happens that doesn’t fit the BLM narrative, the media will give the story minimal coverage, if any. For months, they’ve pretended that riots are “peaceful protests.” If they feel compelled to cover some politically inconvenient story, they’ll bury the lede and obscure the identities of perpetrator and victim. 

Consider this headline: “Portland police identify suspect connected to assault on erratic driver.” Get it? The driver was “erratic”! No need to identify the race of the victim. And the man who kicked him in the face was just “connected” to the case. Adam Haner, the poor man beaten in Portland, says he thinks he was targeted because he is white. But the media doesn’t find that angle interesting in the least. 

Pay No Mind to the Chaos

Most Americans don’t spend their days worrying about what’s happening in Syria, but they know that bombings and other terrible things happen there all the time. While they might be tragedies, they aren’t terribly relevant to what’s happening in America, so the average person doesn’t dwell on them. 

That’s how the media wants Americans to think of certain acts of violence that are happening in their own country, it seems: like prosaic evils happening in some faraway sandpit, peripheral to the nation’s concerns. 

 Everyone intuitively understands that if the races were reversed in any of these incidents, there would have been national, wall-to-wall coverage for a month at least, with riots to boot. The double standard is so obvious that only disingenuous activists have reason to deny it, and for the most part, even they aren’t bothering to do that anymore. 

Beneath all the desperate grasping at straws, BLM is simply begging the question: a double standard exists for a good reason, they’re saying, because of “systemic racism.” Any crime that cannot be explained through this lens isn’t a crime at all. Since Cannon Hinnant was white, he could never be a victim of racism as the Left understands it, so his killing was unremarkable, which is to say, his life didn’t matter. 

 Despite all this, we continue to watch powerful politicians conjure the specter of an America where klansmen are hiding in the bushes and George Wallace is alive and well. In a nation that has adjusted as rapidly as America has in three months to the sensibilities of a once-niche political organization, no one could argue in good faith that “black lives matter” is still a controversial or provocative claim. That all lives still matter suddenly is.


Can We Recover American Nobility, Piety, and Humanity?

In our time there is much virtue-signaling, but too little actual virtue.

There was a time when a kind of nobility still existed among our leaders. In Abraham Lincoln’s Second Inaugural Address, delivered March 4, 1865, while the nation was still riven by a bloody Civil War, he envisioned a future of national healing. In words now carved in the marble of the Lincoln Memorial, he pledged, “With malice toward none; with charity for all; with firmness in the right, as God gives us to see the right,” to go on “to bind up the nation’s wounds,” and to “do all which may achieve and cherish a just, and a lasting peace, among ourselves . . .”

A few weeks later, when the war actually came to a close, the victorious General Ulysses S. Grant, accepting the surrender of General Robert E. Lee, allowed Lee and his men to keep their horses and their swords, and to return to their homes. 

The victors, Lincoln and Grant, could understand that the Confederates still deserved some respect. As Lincoln earlier had noted, again in his Second Inaugural, the people of North and South “read the same Bible, and pray to the same God; and each invokes His aid against the other.” 

A little less than a century earlier, following the defeat of the British in the Revolutionary War, John Jay observed in Federalist 2

that Providence has been pleased to give this one connected country to one united people—a people descended from the same ancestors, speaking the same language, professing the same religion, attached to the same principles of government, very similar in their manners and customs, and who, by their joint counsels, arms, and efforts, fighting side by side throughout a long and bloody war, have nobly established general liberty and independence.

That sense of shared humanity, shared piety, and shared nobility has now all but evaporated.

Until the 1960s, there was something like a national consensus on the appropriate approach to politics, and Jay’s assessment of the country remained essentially accurate. 

With the civil rights movement and the response to the Vietnam War, however, the shared notion of this country as essentially noble and benign began to erode, as American campuses fell under the ideology of the Left, with its questioning of American traditions regarding race, religion, family, property, and social class. 

We are now reaping the bitter harvest of that change in the universities, which spread into our secondary schools, entertainment industry, and media, finally overtaking one of our great political parties, the Democratic Party. 

In 1800, in the first American transfer of political power between rival factions, the defeated Federalist president, John Adams, graciously stepped aside, and, after a decision by the House of Representatives following the most vitriolic election contest that had yet occurred, the Democratic-Republican Thomas Jefferson became president.

Two-hundred-and-sixteen years later, when Donald Trump won an Electoral College victory over Hillary Clinton, many Democrats declared him an “illegitimate president” because Trump failed to win the popular vote. This blatant and malicious refusal to accept the result dictated by our Constitution (and thus the rule of law) led to the relentless “resistance,” to Obama Administration holdovers’ clandestine plotting to oust Trump through the Russia collusion hoax, and then to a failed impeachment effort.

We are still a deeply divided country, and it is time for the leaders of both parties to affirm their faith in our shared traditions, and in the existing Electoral College system and the United States Constitution itself.  

In a way we are now experiencing a second Civil War, with the tearing down of monuments, the riots and looting in many of our cities, and many of our intellectuals telling us that ours is a society replete with systematic racism and injustice. The troops of Antifa and the activists of Black Lives Matter (BLM) are agitating for reparations for slavery, and some have justified looting as a kind of “do it yourself” reparations.

The blind rage that leads to such advocacy and conduct is in stark contrast to the words of Lincoln, the conduct of Adams, and the hopes of Jay.

The kind of social justice warrior exemplified by Antifa and BLM, and the kind of ideology and revolutionary fervor promoted by the socialists and anarchists who inspired those movements are antithetical to American tradition. 

If Antifa and the BLM are revolutionaries, they are more like French Jacobins or Russian Bolsheviks than they are like our American forebears, who sought simply to preserve the liberties guaranteed by the British common law.

Those now engaged in the tearing down of American monuments are also engaged in shredding the fabric of our Constitutional order. As Attorney General Bill Barr recently remarked, they are the heirs of one of the intellectual fathers of the French Revolution, Jean-Jacques Rousseau, with his belief in absolutism, and the perfectibility of humankind.

The Christian beliefs so important in American history were anchored in an understanding of the inherently imperfect nature of humanity, its cupidity, and its need to erect a constitutional structure that protected the American people from their governors, and, ultimately from themselves.

The statue-tumblers dwell on an imagined repressive past, but they have little perspective or understanding of human limits. Theirs is a revanchist enterprise, a romantic undertaking against perceived miscreants, but, like all authoritarian socialist undertakings, it is more likely to create a hell on earth than utopia. 

As only intellectuals, sadly, can remain oblivious to the obvious, it is necessary to point it out to them: in our time there is much virtue-signaling, but too little virtue.

Barton Swaim recently observed that the Democrats’ current push for racial justice requires “the constant expansion of state and federal welfare bureaucracies and programs.” It includes the belief “that government at all levels has a duty to monitor the business and social practices of citizens through an array of civil-rights divisions and commissions empowered to prevent any form of discrimination.” To oppose any of this, Swaim saw, “opens you to the charge, veiled or explicit, of racism.”

Racism, in our time, is the ultimate evil, and it is no surprise that our president and his supporters have been freely tarred as racists. That charge, and the “cancel culture” of political correctness that abets it, Swaim noted, results in a “variety of social punishments.”

The presidential election of 2020 offers an opportunity to reject these pernicious beliefs. In the face of 95 percent broadcast media hostility, it will take the most powerful outpouring of the traditional virtue of the American people to overcome them, but it should and must be done, if American greatness as we know it is not to vanish from the earth.

Great America

Against “Black Lives Matter”

Factual evidence, peaceful streets, and open discourse are the hallmarks of democratic governance. Because BLM flouts all of these values, it deserves our condemnation.

Although they operate under the banner of social justice, the Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement and its allies are a pernicious force. The false narratives, the toleration of lawlessness, and the punishment of dissenters have left our society in disarray. Americans of all races and political stripes should reject these tactics.

The problems with BLM start with its false claim that white police and civilians are systematically killing black people. Allied media have promoted cases that seem to fit this narrative, such as the deaths of George Floyd and Ahmaud Arbery, but the outrage is selective. In a country as large as the United States, reporters can find individual incidents to support just about any narrative they want.

The statistics on race and crime tell a very different story than the one advanced by the anecdotes favored by the media. First, black Americans are far more likely than non-blacks to commit violent crime. Blacks accounted for 37 percent of all arrests for violent crime in 2018, including 53 percent of murder arrests, despite constituting only 13 percent of the population. It is this fundamental disparity in base rates of crime that generates so many encounters between blacks and police in the first place. Once we adjust for base rates, police are less likely to fatally shoot black suspects compared to white suspects—a fact that is entirely at odds with the BLM narrative.

Even the evidence that police may be rougher with (but not more likely to kill) black suspects needs to be viewed in the context of base rates. While we should welcome any reforms that will make law enforcement more fair and effective, police cannot be blamed for noticing that some groups tend to be more dangerous than others. Black men are 6 percent of the population but have perpetrated 42 percent of cop killings over the past decade. That fact is surely relevant when police are required to make threat assessments with limited information.

As for white civilians victimizing blacks, here the BLM narrative is not merely wrong, but backward. When violent incidents occurred between blacks and whites in 2018, 90 percent of the time the attacker was black and the victim was white. Historically, black crime was the primary driver of “white flight” from northern cities, and it is still a major reason why whites are reluctant to live in majority-black neighborhoods or to send their children to majority-black schools. The media’s emphasis on white-on-black crime therefore must be especially perplexing to white audiences—some of whom likely are thinking, “There’s a protest over interracial violence, and we are supposed to be the villains?” This is the divisiveness that BLM’s one-sided narrative fosters.

The protests in service of that narrative have brought forth a disturbing toleration of lawlessness. Whether the protests have been “mostly peaceful,” as the media are apt to describe them, is irrelevant. It is undeniable that lawbreaking has occurred; it has sometimes been inherent to the protests, as with the toppling of statues or attacks on government buildings; and the response from the authorities has often been indifference. The burning down of a police station in Minneapolis and the creation of a so-called “autonomous zone” in Seattle are just the most visible instances of lawlessness that include widespread looting and vandalism unchallenged by the police. Some cops have even taken a knee in submission to the protesters.

No nation can prosper without the rule of law. If lawbreaking is tolerated merely because rioters have safety in numbers, or because some officials think the violence supports a “good cause,” then we will never have the order necessary to maintain our First World standard of living. Certainly the confidence that citizens have in the authorities has already weakened. Some have even asked why they should continue to pay taxes when the government refuses to perform its most basic duty of arresting lawbreakers. There is no good answer.

To restore order, we must condemn all unlawful acts without reservation. Express no sympathy for lawbreakers. If one or both political parties do not proactively condemn criminal acts, demand they take a position. Call on public officials to allow police to do their jobs.

Speaking out is risky, however, because opposing BLM can be a fireable offense. Newspaper editors, educators, and even religious figures have lost their jobs for raising objections to the protests. Now the BLM mantra emanates from organizations once thought to be apolitical, such as tech companies and sports leagues. When this groupthink combines with our growing “cancel culture”—which posits that people with unfashionable views should not merely be criticized, but shunned—ordinary citizens may be scared into silence.

The mob’s power grows with each cancellation, so defeating it requires a concerted effort to resist its demands. Broad declarations in favor of free speech are welcome, but more effective would be robust defenses of specific people who are targets of cancellation. Publish them. Hire them. Proclaim that their views, even if not popular, still have a place in the public square.

In addition to supporting individuals, we should reject demands to purge words or objects in the name of social justice. No person of sound mind is harmed by Thomas Jefferson’s statue, or by Uncle Ben’s rice, or by the term plantations in the state of Rhode Island’s full name. Calls to remove them are part of a never-ending attempt to condition ordinary people into believing that they owe activists something, and such compliance breeds only more demands.

Factual evidence, peaceful streets, and open discourse are the hallmarks of democratic governance. Because BLM flouts all of these values, it deserves our condemnation.

Great America

Leviathan and Its Enemies

In America today, some lives matter more than others. Much more.

The days of incremental change, I believe, have left us,” said Councilman Keith Young, heralding the passage of a reparations resolution for blacks in Asheville, North Carolina, unanimously approved on July 14.

Asheville, which is 83 percent white and 12 percent black, is home to a black police chief, a black city manager, and several black city council members. The positions of power held by blacks throughout the city struck one dissenting denizen as an indication that blacks can succeed in Asheville. Young, who proposed the resolution, is black. 

In support of the measure, a white Asheville resident named David Greenson declared: “White people: We have to realize that we are complicit, and our souls are in jeopardy.” But east of Asheville, far more precious things than Greenson’s soul were in jeopardy. 

On a Sunday afternoon in Wilson, North Carolina, two weeks after the triumph in Asheville, Darius Sessoms calmly approached 5-year-old Cannon Hinnant as he rode his bicycle in front of his father’s house. Hinnant was set to start kindergarten the next day, but he would never make it there. Instead, his two sisters, 7 and 8, watched as Sessoms put a gun to their brother’s head, fired off a round, and returned home as if he had just slaughtered a lamb. 

Perhaps Sessoms had not heard of the Asheville resolution, or Greenson’s apology on behalf of the white race.


America’s Most Hated Group

Although it was a murder worthy of national outrage, it mostly came and went. There was little sound or fury. The bright lights of morality who have been lecturing us these many months about the meaning of justice in the media remain conspicuously silent, as do prominent members of both political parties. It was only recently that America initiated a plunge into paroxysms of madness and mayhem in response to the death of George Floyd, a black man who died in police custody after erratically resisting arrest. The religious fervor that has fluttered through our politics in the wake of Floyd’s death put wind under the wings of the Asheville resolution, and other like grievance proposals.

Floyd died with a cocktail of methamphetamine and fentanyl swirling in his veins, and a rap sheet of nine drug and theft charges trailing after him. Nevertheless, following his death, Floyd received a state funeral fit for Cyrus the Great. He was carried into the next life within a golden casket, while the part of weeping maiden was played by Jacob Frey, the Democratic mayor of Minneapolis, who knelt before the pall and shed trembling tears. Republicans would not allow themselves to be outdone by Frey. 

The little lawmaker from Florida, Marco Rubio, took to the Senate floor in memory of Floyd to preach his own boilerplate version of what just about every other Republican had to say—a lecture on the need to “confront systemic and unaddressed racial disparities in our nation.” Presumably these are the disparities that compelled Floyd to resist arrest, and Sessoms to murder a white child in cold blood. Indeed, like Floyd, Sessoms, too, is well-traveled in criminality.  

According to the Wilson Times, Sessoms was convicted of felony larceny of firearms in Wilson County in March 2016, a misdemeanor maintaining a place for a controlled substance in Wake County in April 2016, and felony marijuana possession in Nash County in November 2016. 

At the time of the shooting, Sessoms had two pending counts of felony maintaining a vehicle, dwelling or place for a controlled substance in Wilson County. There’s a good chance that if Sessoms ends up in federal prison, he will benefit from the First Step Act, shepherded by the White House’s leading dunces, Jared Kushner, Brooke Rollins, and Ja’Ron Smith. All of whom urged the president to stay his hand or use a soft touch for quelling civil unrest, and who likely will advise him to look away from Hinnant’s body.

The reason the murder of a 5-year-old elicits crickets, whereas the death of Floyd resulted in city blocks reduced to cinders, is simple. Unlike Floyd, Hinnant was white, therefore, a member of America’s most hated group. His murder is illustrative of a sinister trend. 

Leaving Law and Order Behind

Last month in Ohio, a black man named Isaiah Jackson out on parole posed for a picture by kneeling on the neck of a bawling, white two-year-old child. The caption on the photograph Jackson snapped and posted to social media signaled support for Black Lives Matter. Again, the toddler appeared to be the only one who shed a tear, as a deafening silence resounded from most of the media and political class. 

Just days after authorities apprehended Jackson, the Senate Republicans launched a virtue-signaling tweet from their official account commemorating the death of Floyd, and the legacy the Stupid Party intends to build in his honor. “One month ago, George Floyd was murdered,” read the tweet, apparently quoting Senator Tim Scott (R-S.C.). “One day ago, Senate Democrats walked away from police reform.” 

By pandering, the Stupid Party will either alienate its voters or successfully move some of them to the Left on criminal justice. In either case effectively killing the political basis for a law and order platform capable of keeping communities safe. The GOP’s middle-American base that yet retains an affinity for law and order may, therefore, wonder if the party has left them to bleed out, as Black Lives Matter sympathizers did Jessica Doty Whitaker, a white woman shot dead on July 5 in Indiana.

During an altercation between her group of friends and a pro-Black Lives Matter group, Whittaker reportedly shouted: “All lives matter.” Then all parted ways after having seemingly avoided conflict—until someone from the pro-Black Lives Matter group opened fire, striking and killing Whittaker. She leaves behind a 3-year-old son, and a family that continues to be harassed by the mob that claimed her life. “Good riddance to another racist,” wrote a Black Lives Matter supporter on Whittaker’s Facebook page. “Plz let there be more.” 

Not long before Whittaker’s murder, Senator Mike Braun (R-Ind.) appeared on Tucker Carlson’s Fox News program to defend his conviction that the GOP ought to embrace the message of Black Lives Matter. “I support anybody that does have a grievance to be able to air it, and that is it,” he said. No word yet from Braun on taking up the cause of a white woman murdered for airing out her grievances on behalf of all lives.

“Reimagining” Jim Crow

The killings of these white Americans follow a series of brazenly discriminatory moves against whites in the academic, corporate, and political spheres. 

A Justice Department investigation recently revealed that Yale University illegally discriminated against white, as well as Asian, applicants in violation of the 1964 Civil Rights Act while receiving millions in taxpayer funding. In Evanston, Illinois, School District 65 announced its plan to reopen the schools for in-person instruction on September 29. In a report titled “Reimagining Education, A Guide to the 2020-2021 School Year,” however, the district’s “task forces” and administrators outlined their plan to prioritize the following: “students receiving free or reduced lunch, Black and Brown students, students who received an I [Incomplete] or less than 50% on their report cards, emerging bilinguals, and students with IEPs.” 

While whites are being “reimagined” to the back of the bus in Illinois and passed over by the Ivy League, their professional counterparts are being laid off and passed up elsewhere.

Chevron announced it “expects to reduce the dominance of white males in company management during cost-cutting this year, upping the share of senior level jobs held by women and ethnic minorities to 44% from 38% last year.” In other words, Chevron is deliberately firing whites, specifically white men, while retaining non-whites and women. 

And Chevron is far from alone. “Leaders from 27 firms that represent many of New York’s dominant industries banded together to create the New York Jobs CEO Council, which aims to hire 100,000 people from low-income Black, Latino and Asian communities by 2030,” CNBC reported

Again, in plain English, perfectly qualified whites, even if they are low-income, will be passed up for less-qualified nonwhites. 

Critical Race Theory in the Federal Government

Compare the firms on the New York Jobs CEO Council to the White House’s “Great American Economic Revival Industry Groups,” and you will find not a few of these entities have access to the president of the United States and his policy shops. This is not surprising, considering that the federal government in general and the executive branch specifically have become the epicenters of anti-white ideology. 

A set of leaked documents from the Treasury Department obtained by documentary filmmaker Christopher F. Rufo reveals the pervasiveness of critical race theory in the federal government. The documents detail a plan to be executed by a team of “trainers” to convert “everyone in the federal government” to “antiracism.” 

To begin, Rufo explains, “the trainers set the ground rules: they claim that ‘virtually all White people contribute to racism’ and insist that white employees must ‘struggle to own their racism’ and accept their ‘unconscious bias, White privilege, and White fragility.’” The Treasury Department is part of the executive branch.

What we are witnessing is the rapid emergence of a new Jim Crow, in which whites are the targets of discrimination. Whites are already disproportionate victims not only of police shootings, but of interracial violence. FBI Uniform Crime Reporting data show black-on-white killings consistently occur at roughly twice the rate than vice versa—and yet FBI Director Christopher Wray believes white supremacy presents a “persistent” and “pervasive” threat to the United States. Data from Wray’s own agency thoroughly discredits that assertion, but his claim nevertheless reveals some truth.

Wray’s patently false comments reveal that the egalitarian ideology at the core of the modern American regime is merely a mask that power wears. By playing up the scarecrow of “white supremacy,” government apparatus like the FBI or the Treasury Department justify their abuses and growth. Likewise, the egalitarian ethic of corporate America masks its own ruthless exploitation. 

Amazon-owned grocery store Whole Foods promotes “diversity” because stores that have more nonwhite employees are less likely to unionize, leaked internal documents show. Facebook’s “Diversity Initiative” of favoring visa workers in hiring obscures the real motive: the stay of these foreigners in the United States is contingent on their employment, therefore, they are less prone to complaining about bad wages and working conditions. A “diverse” workforce is a docile one.

The promotion of “diversity” in academia justifies the existence of salaried administrators, therapeutic “task forces,” and the continued fleecing of taxpayers despite impoverished academic outcomes. Lowered educational achievement merely acts as a rationale for more therapists, administrators, task forces, bias response teams, offices of diversity and inclusion, and intrusive “reimaginings” to beat back the specter of bigotry. Schools and universities also receive millions in federal funding as part of “diversity” initiatives, to be processed, distributed, and administered by managers nested in agencies such as the Office of Minority Health. Minorities are eligible for loans and grants simply on the basis of their race, therefore, appear as sumptuous cash cows for the halls of higher learning. 

The movement to defund the police that is now in vogue will not crack the managerial regime, but expand and strengthen its reach. Armies of therapeutic managers, from social workers to “mental health responders,” ostensibly will take the place of local police, while more law enforcement responsibilities will be transferred into the hands of federal agencies. 

The reason the ruling class turns a blind eye to the plight of whites is that we are governed by cowards. More importantly, an immense amount of wealth and power depends on a structure masked by the ideology of egalitarianism. 

This ideology is used by the aggrieved as a weapon against whites and their allies to secure a variety of affirmative benefits, while the managerial regime uses those grievances as a justification for the growth and consolidation of its social, cultural, and political functions. The sinecures and salaries of myriad varieties of managers in virtually every sphere of American life, as well as millions of beneficiaries from the underclass to think tanks, are dependent on this system. 

Against this leviathan, then, what is the life of a Cannon Hinnant or a Jessica Doty Whittaker? “It is even a vapour, that appeareth for a little time, and then vanisheth away.”

Great America

The Misdirected Rage of Young Rioters

If Americans don’t fix our problems together we’ll be fostering even more generational disillusionment.

These ongoing protests in American cities are anything but peaceful, but they are driven by a variety of factors.

 Recently a group of young aspiring anarchists attempted to take their Antifa tactics into a peaceful neighborhood. They were prevented from doing so, however, by several armed citizens who told them, firmly, to turn around. The whining that ensued was delicious, including: “We are peaceful! You pointed a gun at my face!” To which a resident replies, “That’s why you’re peaceful.” The protestors, obviously realizing they were outgunned, turned around and left.

Part of what we are dealing with in these violent protests, particularly when we see them being carried out by predominantly white people on behalf of Black Lives Matter nonsense, is a spoiled, enabled, and poorly educated generation or two. We shouldn’t be so surprised when we see them looting, rioting, and tearing down statues. 

Clearly they’ve never been told “no” in their lives. 

There are a lot of factors involved in this ongoing ridiculousness. Some of it is attributable tothe self-esteem movement of the 1990s, when children were always told they were the best—even if they really weren’t. We should be honest: there’s a reason the words “average” and “median” exist, at the same time the words “winners” and “losers” likewise exist. 

Because they’re real. 

Because in the real world, many fall within the parameters of average—average looks, average intelligence, and so on. This isn’t meant to be harsh. It’s just the reality of the world and how it works. This is why some people truly win (they don’t just hand out Super Bowl trophies or Olympic medals) and why many actually lose. 

But generations have been told they’re all winners. “Participation trophies for everyone!” was the norm as those pathetic awards were passed out like candy without the recipients actually winning anything (existing isn’t winning, just so we’re clear). So now you have a spoiled and enabled generation believing that they’re the greatest, the “most best of the bestest,” with a collection of fluff awards cluttering their shelves. 

Add to that dynamic the fact that they’re being shipped off to indoctrination centers of higher learning where they are spoon-fed all these lies about how evil our country is, that this place is rotten to the core, and that it should just be burned to the ground. So when you feed all these lies to average kids who have never been taught to think in their entire lives, it’s almost inevitable you end up with the insufferable losers you see on the streets, raging in many ways like mindless animals.

What deepens their rage is that they’ve also been smacked in the face by the two-by-four of reality—despite the fact that they’ve been told that they’re the greatest all their lives, now they’re finding out that just maybe it actually isn’t true. 

They’ve graduated from indoctrination centers with worthless degrees that make them papered members of the idiocracy, saddled with staggering debt, but when they go into the real world they find out that outside the confines of mommy and daddy’s enabling they’re really not winners at all. They can’t find jobs, so they rage against the system they’ve been indoctrinated to believe is the source of all their troubles: that evil, free-market capitalist system that has betrayed them. They’re blaming the wrong system.

Instead, they ought to be blaming the indoctrination centers and the flawed parenting methodology according to which they were raised up to believe these lies. 

Blaming their woes on free-market capitalism is to be sucked in again by the people who lied to them in the first place. Belief in the ideology pushed by the people who failed to prepare them for life is at the heart of most of the problems we face today. 

Of course, we should also be clear that what these young people perceive as authentic free-market or “conservative” principles are nothing of the kind. In fact, they are attacking a bastardised version of “capitalism” implemented by American corporatists. They should join President Trump and other people on the America First Right in that fight if they really want to effect change. But that would require listening and thinking on their own.

Republicans and Conservatism, Inc. have failed because they’ve been seduced by corporatism. We don’t have a free market capitalist system in America today. We have a crony capitalist system, filled with vulture capitalists who manipulate markets and politics to their advantage. Yet these enraged young people think it is the real deal and want to burn “capitalism” in principle to the ground. They need to focus their targets and pay closer attention.

This culture and this system of lies have led them to nothing but disappointment and disillusionment. You don’t get participation trophies in life. You win, you lose, you succeed, you fail; and everyone who wins also loses a lot in life. That’s just life. It’s not supposed to be easy. 

Failure is how you learn to succeed. None of this is to say that we’re not all unique human beings created in the image and likeness of God. And of course we all have infinite value in His eyes. But it’s up to us to live up to God’s understanding of our capacities. Success is not simply handed out and we’re also not the best at everything we try. Who is?

We all have to work for what we want, we have to strive to reach our goals knowing we might not succeed.

It’s well past time we took a hard look at everything that has led us to this juncture in our history: from damaging self-esteem curricula to participation awards and from the tax benefits our higher education system gets to the corporatism enabled by both the Democratic and Republican uniparty. The rage of today’s young people is not unfairly felt, but it is misdirected. If we don’t fix these things together we’ll be fostering even more generational disillusionment. 


Barr Describes Far-Left Riots as ‘Urban Guerrilla Warfare’

“They want to run people’s lives so they can design utopia for all of us,” the attorney general told Fox News host Mark Levin.

In an extensive interview with nationally syndicated radio talk show host Mark Levin, Attorney General William Barr described the summer of riots by far-left terror groups as “urban guerrilla warfare,” which he says is the latest indication of the Left’s “lust for power,” as reported by the New York Post.

In a Sunday interview on Levin’s Fox News program, “Life, Liberty, and Levin,” Barr described the Anarcho-Communist group Antifa as a group of “Bolsheviks,” representing “some form of socialism,” or “Communism.” 

In the Levin interview, Barr said the riots in places such as Portland and Seattle were highly organized and coordinated, calling them “a new form of urban guerrilla warfare.” Barr explained how Antifa “hides out among the people as a fish in the ocean,” which is the essence of guerrilla warfare, and that “what they do is they are essentially shielding themselves or shrouding themselves in First Amendment activity.”

Barr also noted that the Democratic Party’s embrace of the violence from Antifa as well as Black Lives Matter was indicative of a broader shift in the American Left, which has “pulled away from the umbrella of classical liberal values that have undergirded” the founding of the United States, in favor of establishing “a secular religion” with the goal of “complete political victory.”

“They want to run people’s lives so they can design utopia for all of us,” Barr said. “And it’s the lust for power. And they weren’t expecting Trump’s victory. And it outrages them.”

Watch a clip of Barr discussing Antifa with Fox News host Mark Levin:

Barr’s comments echoed what President Donald Trump said in a recent interview with “Fox and Friends,” where he described Black Lives Matter as a “Marxist group that is not looking for good things for our country.”

Looting and riots began in late May and continued throughout the country in June when they reached their peak. At the height of the violence, multiple major American cities would burn on the same night, with thousands of businesses across the country vandalized or burned, and hundreds of innocent civilians assaulted by rioters. Far-left terrorists also began a campaign of tearing down statues all across the country, from Confederate leaders to statues of the Founding Fathers and even religious figures.

As of July, the vast majority of the riots and the destruction of statues had subsided, following several actions by President Trump and Attorney General Barr; among them were an executive order signed by the president expediting the federal government’s ability to pursue, arrest, and prosecute those who vandalized federal monuments, as well as now over 300 anti-terrorism investigations by the FBI against various far-left groups responsible for the violence.

In the few cities where violence is still ongoing, such as Chicago and Portland, the Trump Administration launched “Operation Legend,” a plan to send hundreds of additional federal agents from various agencies, including FBI, the DEA, the ATF, and the U.S. Marshals, into the cities to work with local law enforcement to quell the violence.