2020 Riots

When Wish Replaces Thought

Here is the indigestible truth for the Democrats. Donald Trump has had the most successful first term of any president in memory, maybe ever.

Do Young Lives Matter?

Take a knee or walk off the court if you like, but if you truly want to save poor lives, demand educational freedom and demand it now.

Cultural Suicide Is Painless

The story of all Dark Ages is that when civilizations finally prefer suicide, they do it easily, and the remnants flock to the countryside to preserve what they can—allowing the cities go on with their ritual self-destruction.

Where Kyle Rittenhouse Went Wrong

We should not lift a finger on behalf of our opponents who pine to enslave us and wish to recreate the worst tyrannies mankind has ever known on our shores.

Stay Out of Kenosha

Young patriot, don’t go to Kenosha, or Seattle, or Portland. Blue state governors, blue county prosecutors, and blue city mayors don’t want your “help” against the mobs they have made possible.