2020 Election

Will We Be Citizens or Subjects?

What’s left of the system must continue to be worked, but an audacity is now called for, a willingness to stretch institutional bonds to a degree that genuinely alarms our conniving subverters.

Fighting for Georgia

In Georgia, weak Republican politicians do not show the same iron will and sense of self-identity as do those who are using them.

Blitzkrieg Ballots

The blitz is on! Is there sufficient time between Election Day and certification to allow a challenge based on the general conduct of the election affecting a very large number of votes?

Reality and the Narrative

Despite the blandishments of the narrative, which seek to seduce you into acquiescence with rumors of inevitability, we really do not know how this story, which seems so familiar, will end.

Showdown in Gettysburg 2020

Pennsylvania Republicans showed a level of courage and patriotism woefully lacking in the establishment GOP, which is ready to dispatch Donald Trump and move on with a Biden presidency.