Is China Leading A New Axis Of Evil?

There’s a lot of talk about the realignment of global superpowers and the meteoric rise of China, Russia, North Korea, and Iran of power since Joe Biden has taken office. The international stage will look very different in the next ten years if China’s ascendence toward superpower status continues. Think this is all a little hyperbolic, here’s three reasons why America should be worried:

#1: Deal Makers

Earlier this year, China brokered a peace deal between Iran and Saudi Arabia, signaling a decline in U.S. power in the Middle East.

The fact that one of our closest allies in the Middle East, Saudi Arabia, signed a deal with Iran, one of our biggest enemies, is a massive slap in the face to us. The fact that China led the negotiations is the icing on embarrassing the U.S. cake.

#2: Global Currency Leaders

For the first time this year, the Yuan overtook the dollar to become the most used currency in China’s cross-border transitions. This is just the beginning of the Yuan’s steady rise. As they push more and more countries to adopt it, it’s clear they want to be the global reserve currency. 

This year alone, the Yuan was the most traded currency in Russia. France made a deal valued at 3.1 billion Yuan, and Brazil took steps to make it easier to complete transitions in China’s currency. If the United States loses its edge as the world’s reserve currency, we are looking at economic disaster for our country. 

#3: Military Partnerships

China and Russia are increasingly cooperating as military forces in the region. Last year, Xi Jinping announced a “no limits partnership” to cooperate militarily to advance their interests against the United States. 

Russian and Chinese military forces have been spotted together multiple times, complete training regiments and combined patrols. None of these exercises are breaking laws, but it paints a picture of how allied these two are.

A New Axis Of Evil:  The growth of China, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Iran, and China’s axis of power is alarming, especially considering the U.S.’s declining interest in the region. Add in the fact that none of those countries have aggressively thrown in their lot in the Russia-Ukraine debacle, so Russia may even join in the alliance. 

These countries have a few other things in common:

Human rights violations

A blatant disregard for human rights

An authoritarian leader at the top

Saudi Arabia, Iran, China, and Russia are certainly different from a quartet we want to see increasing their global influence.

Final Words: Like it or not, this deal is yet another signal that China is a superpower. The United States’s power influence is declining worldwide under the Biden Administration. Countries no longer worry about what happens if they ally with our enemies, probably because they see America as a declining civilization and know we’ll be back on their doorstep the next time we need a barrel of oil.