Divergences: DeSantis vs. Newsom

Let’s get ready to rumble!

Call in Michael Buffer. Some political pugilism beckons as the two most prominent governors in America agree to debate. This showdown will prove valuable and revealing for the American people, because Ron DeSantis’ Florida and Gavin Newsom’s California diverge in polar opposite directions on policy and politics.

Moreover, this matchup represents the choice that America truly deserves for president, rather than a depressing repeat of the 2020 contest, featuring two aged politicians who happen to be the two least popular men in America.

Could DeSantis and Newsom defy the current odds to become the eventual 2024 choices? Time will tell. But regardless, citizens will benefit from a stellar opportunity to size up these two leaders — and to decide whether America heads down the path of patriotic populism…or leftist top-down collectivism.

Here is Part One of three, detailing the key fault line divergences separating their records and ideologies on the economy. Part Two will examine COVID and lockdowns and Part Three will focus on culture and crime.