The Undumpable Biden

Listening to Republican media pundits counting the days until the Dems abandon a scandal-ridden president, I have to wonder what kind of fantasy world these Pollyanna types inhabit. Biden is exactly the kind of figurehead his handlers, whether woke ideologues or Deep State operatives, want as their frontman. Why should they care if Jim Jordan, James Comer, Chuck Grassley or the head of a Ukrainian gas company think that Joe or his ne’er-do-well son is a criminal slimebag? Our corrupt demented titular head of state serves the needs of those who put him in power and who right now are keeping him there. These would include the MSM, all leftist constituencies everywhere and, lest I forget, “world opinion.” Why exactly would I believe that the revelations of whistle-blowers and the overwhelming evidence of a weaponized Justice Department, IRS and FBI are going to change existing ideological divisions in this country?

There’s little on network TV about Biden’s sins but lots about the legal problems that Donald Trump has brought on himself by being such a horrible person. According to the latest Yahoo News poll, almost twice as many Americans consider Trump to be more corrupt than Biden and, by a larger margin, see him as more dangerous. One also encounters portentous media references to the “insurrection” on Jan. 6 and to the rancorous social divisions caused by Christian fanatics, the gun lobby and the bigoted opponents of LGBT. Those who listen to such reports, watch our politically correct TV dramas and/or attend our universities know or care zilch about the scandals that Miranda Devine, John Solomon and websites like this one detail. But they are concerned that Republican neo-Nazis and those who want women to lose their “reproductive rights” might someday get back power. Then we’ll be living in the world of The Handmaid’s Tale and the Klan.

If the Democrats and their media lapdogs were really interested in being rid of Joe, why would they be exerting themselves to remove his only real competitor for the nomination? In the last few weeks, our presidential Praetorian Guard has gone after RFK Jr., Biden’s one minimally competitive opponent, with hyped-up charges of anti-Semitism. With a little luck, Joe’s protectors should be able to scare off anyone who challenges his renomination. Our president then won’t be forced to debate anyone during the primaries and may be able to coast toward reelection while babbling and slurping ice cream in his basement.