The Chris Buskirk Show: Episode 27—The Cost of Thriving: Talking with Oren Cass

What does it cost for a family to thrive? Oren Cass joins The Chris Buskirk Show to talk about his work to define this. He found that in 1985 an average male wage-earner could support all of the major expenses of a family of 4 with 30 weeks of work. In 2018 it took 53 weeks. How do we improve on where we are now?

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Adam Mill on Impeachment, Adam Schiff, and the Democrats

Adam Mill, a contributor to American Greatness, joins The Dan Proft Show to discuss the impeachment inquisition.


Larry Klayman 4 Everyone: Episode 4—Pronouns Matter

Host Judah Friedman and co-host/attorney extraordinaire Larry Klayman return with special guest contributor Ashley Hamilton for another freewheeling discussion about everything from “conspiracy theories” to gun grabs, reparations, enforced pronouns, and much, much more. Also: Don’t miss the cameo by San Francisco 49er fan Pablo, whose preferred pronoun is somehow not “xe.” Watch and listen below. And don’t forget to follow the podcast on Twitter and “like” on Facebook.

EP104: Pronouns Matter from Judah Friedman on Vimeo.


Ken Masugi on Tragedy and Farce

Ken Masugi, a senior fellow of the Claremont Institute and a regular contributor to American Greatness, joins The Dan Proft Show for a discussion on his essay, “Distinguishing Between American Tragedy and Farce.”


Adam Mill on The Dan Proft Show

Adam Mill of American Greatness joins The Dan Proft Show to talk about the asinine Adam Schiff.