Our Imploding Press

If democracy in the United States is imperiled, as some say it is, then the pregnant question remains: Imperiled by whom? For the Left, Democrats, the pop culture industry, most of the mainstream press, and those in the permanent government bureaucracy known colloquially as “the deep state,” the answer is always Donald Trump.

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Moms to Daughters: Don’t Be Ali Watkins

The case of Ali Watkins offers mothers an opening to have an uncomfortable yet necessary conversation with their daughters: Don’t sleep your way to the top. One would think in this #metoo, female empowerment, equal pay, don’t-even-tell-me-my-dress-is-pretty climate of workplace taboos, that conversation would be unnecessary. Twentysomething women and their successors have been

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Hearing Evil Out

William F. Buckley once famously quipped of Robert F. Kennedy’s continued refusal to come on Firing Line, “Why does bologna reject the grinder?” Today, the motto of our purported mainstream journalists appears to be that the grinder should reject bologna because the grinder shouldn’t give bologna a platform. At least, that’s the only

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Show Us the Sources and Methods

“We have to protect sources and methods!” This claim has been deployed repeatedly by those who want to impede the efforts of President Trump and his supporters in Congress to pry the lid off the origins of the counterintelligence investigation into the Trump campaign for supposed “Russian collusion.” As I argue at The

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Do Even Democrats Believe What They’re Selling?

Donna Brazile was 9-years-old when she cut her political teeth. After hearing that a local candidate for New Orleans city council pledged to build a playground in her hardscrabble working-class neighborhood, Brazile joined the campaign and pamphleted every block. The candidate won. Brazile’s neighborhood got the playground.   Impressive, but the former chairwoman

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Bullies in the White House Press Corps

Of all the post-2016 credibility casualties—the Clintons, the FBI, Hollywood, professional athletes, late-night comedians—the American news media is the most bloodied. After fluffing Barack Obama for a decade—so much so that the former president still claims with a straight face that his presidency was scandal-free—the press is going after the Trump White House

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These Speakers Go to 11

Pundits in the mainstream American media are driving themselves crazy. Their coverage of President Trump has been at a fever pitch for the past year and a half, but somehow it feels as though the pitch is constantly rising. Each time we turn on the news, we hear that the Trump administration has

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Separating the Diamonds from the Ashes in the California Primary

Understandably, many write off California as a lost cause. Others, possessed of eternal optimism, claim that California can still be saved. The June 5 primaries showed us that the odds for California are around 50-50. It really could go either way.Statewide StatisticsThe races for governor and U.S. senator were at the top of California’s

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