Republicans Cower in Charlottesville’s Aftermath

Last month's events in Charlottesville have given our Republican elected officials an excellent opportunity to educate the public on the violence of the hard Left and sources of their funding. Sadly, most are squandering the opportunity to make use of their bully pulpit and shed light on these disturbing realities. President Trump was

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The 2016 Election is Not Reversible

Today, the bipartisan ruling class, which the electorate was trying to shed by supporting anti-establishment candidates of both parties in 2016, feels as if it has dodged the proverbial bullet. The Trump administration has not managed to staff itself—certainly not with anti-establishment people—and may never do so. Because the prospect of that happening

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Tackling the Statue Issue

In my youth, I played football at Catholic Central High School. I played both the offensive and defensive line.  As a defensive lineman, the goal was to search, destroy, and sack the quarterback; as an offensive lineman, the goal was to be bloodied and battered so the quarterback could garner laurels and girls.

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Revving Up the General Lee

There once was an Asian named "Lee," Whose boss said, "Stand down, Bob. You see, "If you announce that game, "Just the sound of your name "Might bring back the Confederacy!" Regarding him quizzically, Bob replied, "I must say, I don't see "How the South's the Far East - "But it WAS nice,

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While They Rage, Trump Builds

What’s the highest pleasure known to man? Christian theologians talk about the visio beatifica, the “beatific vision” of God. Alas, that communion is granted to very few in this life. For the common run of mankind, I suspect, the highest pleasure is moral infatuation. Like a heartbeat, moral infatuation has a systolic and diastolic

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The Gift of Anti-Trump Irrationality

Several polls released over the past few days have gauged not just what Americans think about Donald Trump’s response to the violence in Charlottesville, but offered some critical insight into the hysterical minds of anti-Trump Democrats who bear much of the blame for our poisonous political climate. In some cases, their views reject

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