Snowflake Feminism

The anonymous attack on comedian Aziz Ansari, essentially for being a lousy date and inconsiderate sex partner, has led some to think that the spate of attacks on men for sexual harassment and assault might be slowing down. Although the account by “Grace,” the pseudonymous accuser, has been defended by many, others who

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Media Chickens of the Frankfurt School Have Come Home to Roost

This week’s press conference featuring the White House physician, Rear Admiral Ronny Jackson, ostensibly was about President Trump’s health. In reality, it was a physical and mental check-up on the White House press corps, whose jejunity, mental impairment, and ideological blindness bespoke a dangerous warning sign for both the White House and the

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Another Week, Another Media Hatchet Job

Wendi Deng, the Chinese-American ex-wife of media mogul Rupert Murdoch, is accused of serving Beijing’s interests in the United States. The Wall Street Journal recently published a story reporting how “unnamed intelligence sources” warned Jared Kushner, the president’s son-in-law, about the “threat” his friend Wendi posed. Those same sources claimed Deng wanted Kushner’s

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The Snowflakes’ Greatest Trick

The 19th-century poet Charles Baudelaire famously observed that “the loveliest trick of the devil is to persuade you that he does not exist.” A similar aphorism could easily be applied to the most politically correct of people in America, who hide behind the notion that their social justice idiocy is motivated by concern

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This is CNN . . . in 1945

What if something like CNN and modern communications were around in early 1945? What if the rules of presidential news coverage were then as they are now? And what if such a mythical CNN hated Franklin Delano Roosevelt as much as it despises Donald Trump, then as right-wing as it is now hard

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Shadowbans and the Twitterdämmerung of Free Expression

Twitter’s mission statement is to: “Give everyone the power to create and share ideas and information instantly, without barriers.” On Thursday, Project Veritas released a video showing Twitter engineers boasting their use of “shadowbanning” to curb conservative speech. No amount of “deceptive editing” accusations or “out of context” arguments can contradict the tale

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Of Home Truths and Shitholes

It is curious how close certain seemingly contrary emotions can be. Consider, to take just one example, the feelings of glee and outrage. At first blush, they seem very different. Glee occupies a positive register in the metabolism of human emotions. There is such thing as malicious glee, of course—the German word schadenfreude

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