Make Honduras Great . . . Again?

As we near the completion of President Trump’s third year in office, the partisan divisions on the problem of illegal immigration grow ever deeper. For the first two years, Democrats and the mainstream media insisted that there was no crisis at America’s southern border: it was a “manufactured” situation, fake news designed to manipulate the

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The Big Break-Up

Ever dated a crazy girl? Sorry. It is 2019. What I meant to ask is: Have you ever consensually courted a woman of alternative mental enthusiasm? Well, it is marvelous. Narcotic and vibrating. Every fibrous sinew tensed and trilling. Sooner or later, however, that choppy high leavens into a faint despair. That vivifying alternative mien

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Kevin Williamson’s Faustian Bargain

Kevin D. Williamson recently published an article at National Review titled “The Infernal Art of the Deal,” which compares President Trump to the devil and portrays Trump voters as intellectually dishonest and morally compromised. With no concrete evidence, Williamson then moves on to make broad and false generalizations about Trump supporters—to say nothing about his

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Only Bold Proposals Can Displace Globalism

Small-ball, targeted policies, and subtle tweaks will not suffice. Nationalist or globalist? Somewhere or anywhere? American citizen or citizen of the world? These are the questions driving much of our current politics. But what is globalism? Rather than give a definition, I think it’s more instructive to give some examples. Emmanuel Todd, a French sociologist

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Who Makes the ‘Rules’ in a ‘Rules-Based’ Liberal Global Order?

The forces promoting global governance represent a serious actor, driver, or player in world politics. Transnationalism or globalism has an ideology and a social-material base. And, crucially, it has a strong American connection. The ideology is utopian, the age-old dream of worldwide peace and prosperity under a benevolent global regime. Further, the globalist project is

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