The Baba Anoush

A couple who named their child after a bougie Middle-eastern dip favored among Great Britain’s woke classes have decided not to reveal the gender of their child. Chanti Annette Humphrey and Jake England-Johns have even kept secret for one-year the sex of 14-month-old Anoush from the knowledge of their doubtlessly proud parents. Yes, the Baba

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Why Not Just Leave Afghanistan?

As we hurtle apparently towards another Middle East war, this time with Iran, now would be a convenient time to de-clutter our inventory of conflicts. So why not just leave Afghanistan? In the midst of all the controversy over whether, how, and where to negotiate with the Taliban concerning the U.S. withdrawal, let’s not lose

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How to Trump Iran

When it comes to stupidity, the mullahs of Iran have few rivals. They have used Yemeni proxies to attack the Saudi Arabian oil production facilities at Abqaiq in a carefully calibrated strike meant to spur a jump in global oil prices—a crap-shoot bid to bolster revenue for their teetering nation. Note that this was not

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Quagmires Won’t Make America Great Again

What should President Trump do in response to the surprise attack on Saudi Arabia’s oil infrastructure? Let’s first be clear about what not to do. The president should avoid doing anything urged by the war-hungry wing of the Republican Party⁠—Marco Rubio (R.-Fla.), Lindsey Graham (R.-S.C.) and their like. Trump was right to oppose their policies

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Bolton May Be Gone, But Boltonism Lives On

Another “adult in the room” has left the Trump White House. President Trump’s unceremonious dismissal of National Security Advisor John Bolton is fantastic news for America and a sign that change may still be possible in an administration that seemed to have sunk into the establishment quagmire. The familiar creatures have their objections, from Mitt

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Whose Democracy Is It Anyway?

Certain images possess an unshakeable power. They crystallize a moment in history with greater strength than the millions of words which follow. “Napalm girl” running for her life down a dirt road in Vietnam. The eerie calm of New York City firemen traipsing upward toward death in the Twin Towers on September 11. Another picture,

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America Needs Jobs, Not Chinese Imports

J.P. Morgan estimates that President Trump's tariffs will cost American families up to $1,000 next year. We have heard this before and we'll hear it again. But the fact is that tariffs have not yet—nor will they likely—increase the cost of living. Further, the myopic obsession with the price of goods ignores the more pressing

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Trump’s Taliban Gambit

President Trump made the correct decision in canceling the peace talks with the Taliban of Afghanistan. These were never really peace talks. They were surrender talks. The primitive and barbarous Taliban represented them as such and to underline the point, engaged in a number of bombing atrocities in a cluster to correspond with their ill-considered

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Never Forget How U.S. Intelligence Failed You

The September 11, 2001 attacks were the result of an unmitigated intelligence failure. No, 9/11 was not an “inside job,” as many conspiracy theorists believe. Osama bin Laden and his al-Qaeda network were responsible. But the 9/11 plot did not happen in a vacuum. In reality, America’s elephantine national security state had known of bin

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