Trust Trump, But Not Too Much!

What Donald Trump does America needs, but it does not exhaust the nation’s needs at this hour. When we speak of “draining the swamp” we intend significantly more than merely replacing recalcitrant public officials who fail to vindicate the claims of self-government. We mean also removing the policies and practices that maintain a

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The September 12 Election

President Trump just launched his reelection campaign to great fanfare in Orlando, Florida. It’s good to see the President back on the campaign trail, bringing his America First message to the American people—this time with the benefit of an extraordinary record of promises kept. Still, I worry that some voters who supported him

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Trump Shows Value of Tariffs as Foreign Policy Tool

The great American foreign policy debate began with the two parties’ divide over Vietnam. Until the Vietnam War, Republicans and Democrats more or less held to a consensus on the value of containment. After the war, Republicans favored unilateralism, a strong military, and clear-sighted pursuit of national interests that included the use of force against

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Making Immigration Great Again

In 1794 president George Washington wrote to Vice President John Adams on the necessity of assimilating immigrants to the new American republic’s way of life. Presciently, Washington lamented the prospect of immigrant ghettos and, as Americans would say two centuries later, multiculturalism. Settling immigrants “in a body,” Washington wrote, meant that “they retain

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To Conquer Chaos, Court It

For all of the rhetoric about our supposed liberal international order, the world is more chaotic and unstable than it has been since World War II. Disorder reigns. And for the technocratic, democratic globalist elites in the West, this disorder can only be repaired with the right combination of U.S. tax dollars, the

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Washington Is Still Not Getting Space Force Right

At this year’s Space Symposium in Washington, D.C., Acting Secretary of Defense Patrick Shanahan opened his remarks by indicating the United States government takes seriously the threat that China, Russia, Iran, and North Korea pose to our country’s space systems. We rely too much on satellites to provide the necessary bandwidth that our

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