Josh Hawley Is Right to Spurn Corporate Libertarian Shibboleths

Reports released this week show a Trump economy that is going gangbusters: 145,000 new jobs were added in the final month of 2019. The stock market is at an all-time high, and unemployment rates are at record lows across all demographic groups. Even the New York Times grudgingly had to admit that last year, most

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It’s Past Time to Get Out of Iraq 

So this was Iran’s “great” retaliation against America for the death of Quds Force commander Qassem Soleimani: 15 missiles lobbed at two U.S. bases in western and northern Iraq. Nobody died. In fact, it appears the Iranians may have missed on purpose, engaging in a face-saving gesture as they sought to de-escalate a situation at

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Nationalism Is Looking Pretty Normal Right Now

The recent troubles with Iran highlight the problem with America First nationalism: it would mean placing the interests of regular people at home before transnational “interests” like foreign wars that have no bearing on middle-American life. Put another way, real people living in a real country with real interests of their own have a real

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Republican Governors’ ‘Tolerance’ Will Kill Us All

We’re tolerating ourselves to death. There is no other way to say it, especially when it comes to immigration, specifically anchor babies, chain migration, and refugee resettlement. It’s as though our “leaders” have been fed stupid pills and chased them down with healthy quantities of idiocy. Take, for example, anchor babies. I’m shorthanding it here

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No Blood for Peace

Forgive the president his chefs—excuse his kitchen cabinet of advisors—but do not allow any bakers to touch his foreign policy. Because the people who tried to impeach Ronald Reagan for bearing a cake (and arms) to Iran now charge Donald Trump with the assassination of Iran’s most infamous killer of American troops in Iraq.  Because

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Democrats’ Caricature of Warmonger Trump Doesn’t Conform with Reality

The Democrats must be incredibly frustrated. They’ve spent the past three years waiting for Donald Trump to commit a foreign policy misstep, but instead all they’ve had to criticize is victory after victory. President Trump’s decision to take out the brutal Iranian military leader Qassem Soleimani before he could orchestrate another attack on American interests

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Welcome to the Roaring Red Tory Twenties

This new year lavishes us Brits with a laugh-riot. The Labour Party’s leadership election offers more exotic fruits than a Los Angeles farmers’ market. It is most comforting viewing. If one enjoys that kind of thing. Jeremy Corbyn remains medically alive. Yet he more resembles a cadaver milling around Parliament muttering progressive pieties—the same pieties

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The Humpty Dumpty Fate of Post-Reagan Consensus

The predicted has happened in Iran and more quickly than had been expected. On the evening of the day on which the Iranian authorities managed to bungle the funeral of their late terrorist chief, Qasem Soleimani, at least 50 people were trampled to death in their grief, and the crisis over the supposed escalation of

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The Strike On Soleimani Wasn’t Worth It

America shook the world last week with its drone strike on Iranian General Qassem Soleimani. The mainstream media and Democrats criticized it. Most conservatives loved it. Soleimani arguably was the second most important person in Iran. The Quds Force (Iran’s equivalent of the Green Berets and CIA) he commanded was instrumental to his country’s regional

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