Britain’s Great Emotional Divide

The most edifying feature of our reluctant election here in the United Kingdom is the welcome tempering of that modern scourge—the three-month Christmas. There is no time for gaudy festive jingles or silly hats. Instead, we British have engorged on an all-you-can-eat buffet of political crazies, weirdos, strangelings, and madpeople. In an orgy so lurid,

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Fiona Hill’s Un-American Idea of America

Immigrants are what make America great. They should also run our foreign policy. That was the implicit message of former National Security Council official Fiona Hill’s testimony last week. “This is a country of immigrants,” the British immigrant said. “Everyone immigrated to the United States at some time in their family history. And this is

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Prudence and Presidential Pardons

President Trump recently issued pardons to three U.S. servicemen accused of crimes during wartime: U.S. Army First Lieutenant Clint Lorance, convicted in August 2013 on two counts of second-degree murder for ordering soldiers in his platoon to open fire at three men on a motorcycle in southern Afghanistan in July 2012; U.S. Army Major Matthew

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The NBA and China’s ‘Thousand Talents Plan’

Forget about the NBA. If you want to find a bought-and-paid-for willing accomplice to the Chinese Communist Party, just look at our universities. Take Columbia University, for example (please). The university canceled a panel discussion with pro-democracy activists from Hong Kong, China, Tibet, and Xinjiang after a Beijing-backed student group announced it would protest. Following

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No Embracing Terrorists:
A Tale of Two Presidents

Last month, U.S. special operations forces, with military working dog Conan in tow, took down Islamic State boss Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi on a daring raid into Syria. “Death of al-Baghdadi happened in spite of President Trump,” headlined an editorial in the South Florida Sun-Sentinel, charging, “President Trump took several graceless victory laps Sunday for a

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Espionage, Chinese Style

“Chinese infiltration of US labs caught science agencies off guard,” blares a headline in Nature, arguably the most prestigious establishment scientific journal in the West. “China has diverted US government funds to bolster its military and economic aims, a US Senate panel says.” Oh? Do tell. The article continues: US science agencies’ slow response to

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Make Alberta American?

Canada doesn’t make sense from a geopolitical perspective. Think about it: geopolitics “provides the link between geography and strategy.” Geopolitics also seeks to “establish the links and causal relationships between geographical space and international political power, for the purpose of devising specific strategic prescriptions.” Canada is a huge country geographically—the world’s second-largest behind Russia—but it’s

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How Our Administrative State Aids Communist China

Racked with “Orange Man Bad” onanism, the Left and its collusion media remain enthralled with their on-Beltway show trial, “The Spy Who Leaked Me”—produced by Deep State-False Light Pictures; directed by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.); scripted by Representative Adam Schiff (D-Calif.) and his committee staff in collaboration with a hearsay spouting “whistleblower.” As a

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Attack of the Groypers

Over the past month, the far-Right’s troll culture turned against Conservatism, Inc., by haranguing the establishment’s “youth outreach” guy, Charlie Kirk of Turning Point USA (TPUSA). TPUSA is a large and well-funded youth movement, but it is starting to lose its audience because many are asking what exactly TPUSA aims to conserve? The answers they

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Trump’s Common Sense on Foreign Policy

“The major task of the Chinese president is to handle the American president, and Barack Obama, George W. Bush and Bill Clinton were handled.” That’s George Friedman, the prominent strategist on international affairs, writing at Geopolitical Futures. But, according to Friedman, China is in trouble and Chinese President Xi Jinping’s hold on power is threatened

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