Democrats Have Given Up on the Common Good

Joe Biden has had a hard few weeks. He may appear to be losing it, but looks can be deceiving. Lunch Pail Joe may be the one Democratic candidate who understands what Americans care most about Speaking recently at an LGBT event, the former vice president told the audience, “In prison the determination should be

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Lessons in Draining the Swamp from Ukraine

The recent impeachment inquiry appears to be a concoction of the deep state and its breathless media allies, just like the earlier fiction of Russian collusion. Unfortunately, if Trump gets through this, it won’t be the last time he has to deal with leakers, saboteurs, and other forms of resistance. The defining feature of his

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Brexit Agonistes

At risk of sounding like a tiresome Twitter progressive whose made-up child readily espouses the grandest of witticisms, I offer this: My nephew, all of 8 years old, has joined the ranks of contrarians, skeptics, ruffians, and rogues. Or, perhaps, he just doesn’t buy whatever Greta Thunberg and her shameless handlers are peddling. Upon seeing

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Taking the Lead in the Trade War

America First or lead from behind. That is the starkest contrast between President Trump and his predecessor. And President Trump’s signature achievement could be reopening the question of free trade in general and trade with China in particular. For decades, the leaders of both parties and all of academia told us free trade was an unalloyed

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Greens Ignore Population Growth and Mass Migration

At its best, the environmental movement is based on evidence, balances benefits with costs, and focuses on the good of humanity. This is just common sense, the classic values of prudence and conservatism. But, as with the Romantic-era critics of the Industrial Revolution, there is no small amount of aesthetics and even religion at the

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A Space Force Is Essential to Keep America Great

President Trump has fulfilled his promise of advancing an “America First” foreign policy in no small part by launching a full-fledged Space Command that will defend and preserve America’s space dominance. “It's a big deal,” Trump said at an event establishing the U.S. Space Command in the Rose Garden on August 29. “As the newest

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Trouble in Government-Funded Paradise

There are more than 3,000 counties in the United States, and the nation’s capital is surrounded by five of the 10 wealthiest. Financial advisors call it “the proximity principle,” meaning people located near enormous amounts of money tend to benefit. As proof, the non-stop flow of federal funds in the form of salaries, pensions, bonuses,

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Trump Was Right to Axe Bolton

I’ve known John Bolton for years, and his sacking didn’t surprise me. President Trump’s former national security advisor never understood the true value of diplomacy, making him an awkward fit for this administration. Although a Trump supporter on paper, Bolton was completely out of sync with the president’s pragmatic foreign policy vision, advocating military interventionism

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America Has a Long Lever in Trade War With China

Reuters reports that China will exempt some American agricultural products from its latest round of tariffs. This is welcome news—particularly for our pork and soybean producers who’ve been on the front lines of the trade war. But what does the news really mean? Did China blink? Are they throwing us a bone? Or is just

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Toward a Nationalist Economic Policy

Suggesting that managed inflation and currency devaluation are pathways to greater national prosperity is bound to invite howls of derision. But critics may be ignoring factors, which, if acknowledged, might point toward consensus. At the least, they might provoke a more useful discussion. With that in mind, here are four economic realities in America today.

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