Progressivism and Globalism: A Double Dose of Bad

Progressivism is bad enough. Add globalism to progressivism and it’s 100 times worse. Thanks to that toxic cocktail, we are now saddled with a bureaucratic administrative state that can’t even do the job it was advertised to do. Consider the historical record and our current predicament. The reformers of the Progressive era championed safety standards

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Alliances Necessary for the Great Realignment

Anyone who doubts that a fundamental realignment in American politics is at least possible should come to California. With nearly 7 million of its 40 million residents living below the poverty line, and 150,000 homeless, the Golden State, for all its economic might and cultural clout, is becoming a failed state. What Californians need is

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Democrats to America: Be Grateful for Your Dispossession

Michael Bloomberg may be one of the wealthiest men in the world, but that doesn’t mean he can’t empathize with the little guy. The former New York City mayor and Democratic candidate for president spoke for all Americans when, speaking at a Mexican restaurant in Arizona, he said America needs an “awful lot more immigrants

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All Your Data Are Belong to Us

What do the forced brainwashing of Uighurs, mandatory government registration to own a phone or an online account, extradition of a former corporate chief financial officer to the United States and retaliatory imprisonment of two Canadians, a recent surprise for Germany’s Angela Merkel, and the Internet of Things have to do with one another? They

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Trump Saves NATO

The North Atlantic Treaty Organization turns 70 this year. NATO is an old man looking for a mission and befuddled by the fact that only nine of its 29 member states pay their agreed dues—up from five last year, thanks to President Trump’s pestering. Not that he gets any credit for it. Nevertheless, that is

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DACA in Review

The time has come to end the Obama Administration’s controversial Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program. President Trump attempted to end the program as it began—through executive action— only to be thwarted by the federal courts. The question was argued last month before U.S. Supreme Court. Since Americans have notoriously short memories, this is an

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Are Cheap Imports Making Cheap Americans?

Another tranche of tariffs on Chinese imports is set to go into effect on December 15. That has the usual suspects gnashing their teeth. The nattering nabobs of negativism continue to repeat the falsehood that American consumers are bearing the cost of the tariffs. They aren’t, as the Consumer Price Index shows and as numerous

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Demographics and the American Prospect

In the summer of 2018, journalist Vivian Yee amused herself with the thought that Orange Country, California, was once an agricultural, “conservative (think Richard Nixon and the John Birch Society) and white (very, very white),” slice of America. But “Chinese and Korean immigrants, and Asian-Americans from other states,” she wrote on the eve of the

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London Bridge Attack Demonstrates the Defects of Diversity Cult

Over an otherwise peaceful Thanksgiving, the only news that really stood out was a terrorist knife attack in London. Two people were killed by an Islamic terrorist. The capstone of the attack was a dramatic and improvised takedown of the terrorist by some locals, who used a fire extinguisher and . . . a narwhal

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Avoiding Britain’s Dead End Foreign Policy Fate

In 1902—just a few short years after Queen Victoria’s momentous Diamond Jubilee celebration and at the height of British imperial power—London was fretting about its strategic position. British strategists, according to the late Oxford historian Michael Howard, were concerned that year about “Imperial weakness: of commitments all over the world to be defended, of well-armed

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