Like Elvis, the NeverTrumpers Have Left the Building

The Democratic Party media wrings its hands whenever President Trump appoints loyalists to fill key slots in the federal bureaucracy, as if it’s abnormal for a CEO to want trusted deputies to execute his agenda. Yet for too long we have seen swamp monsters and deep state lurkers openly and secretly sabotage the president’s America

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Exposing the Roots of Globalism

What are the real roots of globalism, the ideology of the party of Davos, transnational corporations, of many U.S. Democrats, and their counterparts in Europe and elsewhere today? First, a definition. “Globalism” is one world government run on the basis of democratic socialism and world citizenship. From the globalist perspective, all of world history is

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A Jaundiced Take on National Conservatism

The National Conservatism Conference first came to public attention in July, when its Washington, D.C., conference was widely covered in the media and generated scores of essays on the effort to combine traditional conservative ideas with the spirit of national sovereignty now sweeping the developed democracies. Now, the National Conservatism Conference held in Rome on

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Coronavirus Just the Latest Example of U.N. Incompetence and Failure

The World Health Organization, a part of the United Nations, has proposed an official name, COVID-19, for the illness caused by the Wuhan coronavirus, after the city in China where it emerged. (The new designation stands for coronavirus disease 2019, as the illness was first detected toward the end of last year.) The director-general of

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Artificial Unintelligence

The president should ground the 17 intelligence agencies until they can be reformed and proven safe. Think about it like an ant farm. A blank layer of sand sits between two plates of clear plastic. Introduce the ants, and each following their own ant agenda, the ants construct a maze of purposeful tunnels and activity—a

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Trump Is Betraying the Working Class

President Trump's rhetoric is aimed at the heart of the American worker, but his policies have delivered one gut punch after another. Now three administration officials have confirmed plans to invite 45,000 seasonal guest workers this summer under the H-2B visa program—the most since Trump sailed into the White House on a working-class wave. Record

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A Zone of Free Stuff, Forever

Democratic presidential candidates want to make the U.S. border an existential problem. If anybody has doubts about that, check out Joe Biden’s recent interview with Mexican government mouthpiece Jorge Ramos, who thinks he has a right to set U.S. policy. When Biden was vice president, the United States deported millions of people, probably the only

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Trump’s Budget Cuts Need an F-35-Sized Addition

The Trump Administration recently unveiled its 2021 budget proposal, featuring some of the largest cuts to discretionary spending ever proposed by a White House. The budget was also the first of its kind to include a section on government waste and duplication—areas the president thinks should be cut or streamlined by Congress. It’s an impressive

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‘Workers of the World Unite!’—Against Reckless Immigration Policies

There was a time not long ago when the Academy Awards were a big deal. There were Oscars watch parties and a huge global audience, all hoping to offer a brief peek into the world of Hollywood movie magic and charismatic, larger-than-life stars. That kind of enthusiasm is largely gone now for a number of

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