What Comes After the Collapse of Davos?

The Financial Times recently highlighted the continued collapse of the World Economic Forum (WEF) as a forum for serious debate and repurposing of efforts between the private sector and governments to sort out global challenges. Not only is Davos Man dead but so too, according to many pundits, is the globalism and greenwashing that made

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Congressional Inaction and Hypocrisy on Illegal Immigration

House Democrats announced this week that they are launching an investigation into the Trump Administration’s Migrant Protection Protocols (MPP) program, known colloquially as the “Remain in Mexico” policy. It’s the latest attempt by Democrats to undo the Trump Administration’s aggressive—and, so far, successful—policies to reduce illegal migration at the southern border. For a policy that

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Trump’s Blind Spot on Immigration

President Trump’s recent interview with Laura Ingraham highlighted an aspect of his views on immigration that doesn’t get enough attention: He wants to increase immigration. High-skilled or low-skilled, temporary or permanent, the president’s desire has been consistent: “We need people!” Apparently, 1.1 million new permanent immigrants a year—plus hundreds of thousands of “temporary” workers—just isn’t

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The Benefits of Trump’s ‘Transactional’ Foreign Policy

The recent drone attack that killed Iranian General Qassem Soleimani and a Shiite militia leader in Iraq led predictably to a retaliatory strike by Iran. Twenty or so ballistic missiles were launched at bases in Iraq where U.S. troops were housed. Fortunately, no one was killed. Instead of launching a counterattack, President Trump stopped. Since

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Iran’s Unpardonable and Unpardoned Incompetence Exposes Same in America’s Ruling Class

Our ruling class’s judgment that America’s killing of terror master Qassem Soleimani united Iran’s people behind its regime is characteristic of their incompetence. Instead, because the Islamic Republic’s armed forces incompetently shot down an airliner full of students as the mullahs were engaged in the pseudo-sophisticated pretense of retaliation against the United States, and because

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Don’t Fight the Last War

A firm President Trump laid down the gauntlet on Iran and stepped back from all-out war when he announced in the radiant and brilliant light of the White House—accompanied by the full military brass, his vice president, secretary of defense, and secretary of state—that, “he was backing away from further military action” after Iran “backed

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The Most Important Thing About the Trade Deal is the Deal Itself

Chinese Vice Premier and Communist Party Politburo member Liu He is in Washington this week to sign a trade agreement with the Trump Administration. In making the so-called phase-one trade deal, China agreed to increase purchases of U.S. agriculture, energy services, and manufactured goods by $200 billion; open its markets to U.S. banks, credit card

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Credit Trump’s Restraint on Iran, But Beware Neocons Still Seeking War

There can be little doubt that president Donald Trump has won his standoff with Iran, but it was a close call. True, the most panicked predictions that America’s killing of Iran’s top general would lead to World War III have not come to pass. But those who were certain war with Iran would not erupt

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For Trump, Iran Is the Crucible

There are two main interpretations of the Trump era in American politics. The first holds that the past four-and-a-half-years, since Trump’s de facto capture of the Republican base, has been a sad charade—the opportunistic capture of America’s right-wing and disaffected working-class—a tour de force by a celebrity conman on his last legs. The second, as

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Gelato Populism:
The Rise of Matteo Salvini

“We made Italy. Now we must make Italians” is a phrase commonly misattributed to either Giuseppe Garibaldi or his namesake, Giuseppe Mazzini, the two architects of 19th-century Italian unification. Actually written by Piedmontese politician and Sardinian Governor Massimo D’Azeglio in his memoirs that were published posthumously in 1867, it succinctly made clear the enormous task

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