Are Progressives Crazy?

Is it possible that progressives have gone completely insane? “Their new position is that it is immoral to restrict any kind of immigration, from any country, in any amount, for any reason ever,” Tucker Carlson said recently on his Fox News show. But Progressives haven’t lost their minds. They haven’t gone further out

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Jail the Guilty, Repeal FISA

The House Intelligence Committee’s summary memo of highly classified FBI and Justice Department documents confirms what has been public knowledge for over a year: Some of America’s highest officials used U.S. intelligence’s most intrusive espionage tools to attempt to interfere in the 2016 presidential election, and then to cripple Donald Trump politically. Being

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Trust No One, Especially Adam Schiff

Adam Schiff has been in government his entire life. The ranking Democrat on the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence has worked as a prosecutor, served one term as a California state senator, and has represented his Southern California congressional district for 18 years and counting. In a recent column for Esquire, Schiff

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Cheatin’ Hillary’s Crooked Enablers

You don’t need to master some secret art of literary exegesis to see that the terse four-page Nunes memo—released Friday, despite unprecedented establishment apoplexy over its declassification—was assuredly not the “end of American democracy,” as some hysterics predicted. Nor was it the end of the story. But what a barn-burner of a story

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Nefarious or ‘Nothing Burger’? Our Oligarchy on the Nunes Memo

If you aren’t yet persuaded of the existence of a ruling class oligarchy in the United States today, the reactions to the release of the Nunes memo should prompt second thoughts. The four-page memo made public last week by the House Intelligence Committee details abuses by the FBI and the Justice Department in

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American Publius: Grant Reconsidered

Summing up the importance of Ulysses S. Grant is a daunting task, given his ascension to the American political scene followed the august statesmanship of Abraham Lincoln. Review of Grant by Ron Chernow (Penguin Press, 1,104 pages, $40) Any president who followed so closely upon the heels of our martyred 16th president

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The Warmbiers and the Crutches: Bearing Powerful Witness

In our hyper-cynical age, it’s very easy to dismiss political theater as naked manipulation. It becomes much harder to do that when you’re weeping. Between Fred and Cindy Warmbier, whose pain was so raw that it couldn’t be contained, and Ji Seong Ho, holding up his crutches and demonstrating the infinite possibilities that

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