The Southern Poverty Law Center’s Ridiculous ‘100 Days’ Report

The Southern Poverty Law Center is at it again. At the hundred-day mark of President Trump’s administration, the center has released a report that purports to expose the rampant “white nationalism” the president and his “alt-right” advisors have unleashed upon the nation. Instead of judging President Trump’s actual record, the report rehashes left-wing

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Last Chance for France

This most unique society, which evolved gradually over millennia, with each successive generation safeguarding and conveying to future generations the distinctive patrimony of its peoplehood, is now in danger of being inundated in the tidal wave of a hostile, alien culture, which has no intention whatsoever to assimilate to the nation of France.

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The Middlebury Meltdown

Future historians of the liberal arts in American academic life will be able to pinpoint the time and place of its death with remarkable accuracy. The fatal blow was delivered Thursday night, March 2, at Wilson Hall, Middlebury College, Vermont. The victim struggled manfully, but finally expired outside the McCullough Student Center an hour or

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The Denunciation Racket

Maybe it’s my background as a Soviet-era Jewish Russian emigre, but I’ve always found calls from politicians to denounce someone or something unsettling. From the days of Ancient Rome when senators would pressure each other to out-denounce political enemies to appease the emperor, to the French Revolution where the Sans-Culottes pamphlets read: “Denounce the crimes,

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The Democrats Have Chosen Defeat

It’s official. After a contentious election, the Democratic National Committee has chosen its next chairman, former Obama Labor Secretary Tom Perez. With Perez, the Democrats indicated they will be abandoning their extreme left-wing base and, in so doing, relegating themselves to being the party of entrenched, wealthy special interests and preferred minority groups. The interests

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Decius Out of the Darkness: A Q&A with Michael Anton

Michael Anton takes questions from reporters in the West Wing. The Huffington Post on Thursday published a story by foreign affairs reporter Jessica Schulberg highlighting the work of Michael Anton, also known as Publius Decius Mus. Headlined “Trump Aide Derided Islam, Immigration And Diversity, Embraced An Anti-Semitic Past,” Schulberg’s story examines Anton’s older

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Your Guide to America’s Most Dangerous “White Nationalists”

If you don’t accept the Left’s agenda, you are most likely a “white nationalist.” That means there are a lot of white nationalists around today, but the Left has helpfully identified some of the gaulieters. Milo Yiannopoulos is a practicing Catholic of Christian and Jewish heritage. Flamboyantly and unabashedly gay, he’s expressed an exclusive sexual

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Insidious Fake News: A Case Study

In many ways, the Democratic Party and its sycophants in the mainstream media are still reeling from the stunning victory of Donald Trump over the hollow harridan of New Haven, Hillary Clinton. But aside from the former secretary of state being relegated to the dustbin of history next to Thomas Dewey, the most significant hallmark

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Key Play for Super Bowl: Deflate the Left’s Racist Rhetoric

New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady and his cap (right rear). A craze is breaking out all over America, but it’s not about Super Bowl LI in Houston. People are going absolutely crazy over “whiteness”—more specifically, “white people”—and the poster boy is New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady. “Before Colin Kaepernick decided to

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