Killing the Old Folks

He [Harold Ross] was reminded of a pleasant afternoon that the two of them [Ross and Mrs. Roosevelt] had spent a few years earlier, talking […]

It’ll Work This Time

A favorite Saturday activity of mine involves chatting with a merry band of socialists who clot on a main street near me. Dreadlocked, dreary, and […]

The PMS Caucus

In a gracious move at his State of the Union address, President Trump gave a shout-out to the historic number of women serving in Congress […]

Ripping Off the Left’s Mask

Writing at Townhall on Sunday, Kevin McCullough recalls Rush Limbaugh’s vintage observation that “If the Left (Democrats) ever told America what they actually believed they’d […]

Misandry in the Man-Cave

For millions of American men, football is both an outlet and a pacifier. It makes sense. In an increasingly secular America, men’s headship role in […]

Ideas Have Consequences

For those who came of age during the postwar era of “movement conservatism,” there was something of a canon of serious books that provided common […]

Elector Elastrator

Colorado, having cast its electoral votes for a loser in the 2016 presidential election, may not be content merely to be a one-time loser. The […]

The Electoral College Power Grab

[fusion_text columns=”” column_min_width=”” column_ rule_style=”default” rule_size=”” rule_ ] Colorado, along with several other states, is considering a measure to join what is known as the […]