A Massacre of Innocence

Here in my cozy Dallas suburb, families celebrate all 12 days of Christmas. We welcome the birth of Christ with door-busting church attendance, trees sparkle […]

Les Macronables?

The late Chinese Premier Chou en-Lai is reputed to have said in 1971 that it was “too soon” to assess the impact of the French […]

The Perpetual Presidency

Former President Barack Obama recently continued his series of public broadsides against his successor, Donald Trump. Obama’s charges are paradoxical. On one hand, Obama seems […]

The Impending Death of Science

There were approximately 2.5 million scientific papers published last year. Think about that. A researcher would have to read nearly 300 papers an hour, non-stop, […]

Limousine Liberalism Goes Mainstream

Suburbs are the battleground in American politics. Republicans continue to increase their hold on rural America and Democrats continue to dominate the cities. Senator Lindsey […]