A Grammy for the Granny

A Grammy for the Granny: A Read-Aloud Story by Hillary Clinton Time’s Up! It’s true—I’m here for you! We’re sisters all together; And to the […]

The Snowflakes’ Greatest Trick

The 19th-century poet Charles Baudelaire famously observed that “the loveliest trick of the devil is to persuade you that he does not exist.” A similar […]

Of President Oprah

Some of those whose Leftist schemes have been shattered, by DJT, To a million little pieces, have fled from reality. Lately, they have been  indulging […]

The Tragic Case of Marshall Mathers

Imagine still hanging around parking lots—wearing a hoodie—in your mid-40s. Such is the tragedy of Marshall Mathers’ (a.k.a., Eminem) rebirth from pitchfork picador to corporate […]