Great America

Entitled to Her Paycheck

Imagine a consumer drowning in credit card debt. The worse it gets, the higher interest lenders charge making the situation even more inescapable. It seems impossible that the world could lose confidence in the U.S. creditworthiness because it’s never happened in living memory. But it can happen and our vacation from the laws of economics will someday end.

Countering Progressive Nihilism

America’s homeless epidemic, along with a shocking rise in deaths from drug overdoses, stem from the same root cause: liberal progressive ideology. The seductive power […]

Andrew McCabe’s Unjust Deserts

Is lying under oath or leaking classified information or misrepresenting evidence to a court a crime? If so, then it is as much a crime for McCabe or James Comey or John Brennan or Hillary Clinton as it is for Mike Flynn or George Papadopoulos. At least, that’s the way it is supposed to work. Does it?

Minorities Don’t Believe Trump Is a Racist

The abuse of the terms “racist” and “white supremacist” could have lasting unintended consequences, not only for our ongoing unity as a country, but also on our ability to challenge real racism in our midst.

Shutting Down the Outrage Machine

We’ve seen how the media manufactures the racial strife it then blames on President Trump. The media’s deliberate amplification of voices that accuse America of […]