Great America

Confirmation Contempt

The media and Left are moving to turn the entire judicial nomination process into a large perjury trap. Will Republicans find the nerve to stop it and save a vital institution?

Shamelessness and Ignorance Unlimited

The CIA whistleblower "scandal" is nothing of the sort. It's about the constitutional power of the president to make foreign policy—and the intelligence community's obligation to submit to the president's authority. No more, no less.

Venice Beach’s Monster on the Median

Before the federal government sends any more money to help the homeless, it would be a good thing to expose the unconscionable waste of money and hold elected officials accountable.

No Justice But What We Make

As California continues to flout the nation’s immigration laws and protect criminal aliens, President Trump refrains from taking serious action. What is he waiting for?

We Need Bullies So We Can Be Heroes

Americans are inundated with anti-bullying programs and campaigns that don’t work and we don’t need to spend any more money on them. Instead, let’s teach the virtue of facing and overcoming adversity.