Great America

Data Disrupts The Deep State Narrative

The deep state, secure in its power for a long time and inherently bureaucratic, collected the text messages and emails and reports that ironically will expose what appears to be their attempted coup against the power of voters under our constitutional mechanisms to select the national chief executive and key national policies.

Harvard Prefers White Women

The reason for Harvard’s discriminatory policy can be found in the “critical mass” argument the Left often deploys for greater racial quotas for blacks and Hispanics. But it is wrong to scapegoat these groups for a ceiling on Asian-Americans. No, the blame rests more on white women, who need their “critical mass” of white men as partners.

Imagining Chelsea Clinton’s America

By 2024, progressive control of all branches of the federal government ensure Warren’s reelection. By now the electorate is firmly convinced that whatever inequalities exist in the nation are the product of racism and sexism, requiring sweeping remedies. At the same time, a supermajority of voters now believe that no cost is too great to prevent “climate change.”

The #Resistance Resembles the Flight 175 Hijackers

The #Resistance are like the men who hijacked Flight 175—they are true believers. They are convinced that Trump represents such a threat that no law, no precedent, no amount of collateral damage, no future consequences could justify refusing to use the most brutal force to address their grievances.

Dysfunctional Education

The only way for Americans to avoid being pulled down in a vortex of the self-indulgent ignorance that characterizes our education establishment is to cut loose from that establishment: to stop funding it, and to create another, honest one.

A Throne of Grace

Judge Tammy Kemp and Brandt Jean set a beautiful example of justice and forgiveness at the sentencing of Amber Guyger.

Greta Thunberg Is Just a Kid

Those who believe in a man-made climate crisis have the right to proclaim their belief and argue for action to address it, but employing children as their champions is ethically questionable. In Greta’s case, it’s also not persuasive.

Politics is Crowding Out Culture and Childhood

The realm of practical politics is eminently a realm of conflict, if not hatred. It crowds out culture. It relegates the human things to the last remaining cubicles of privacy, but even these are invaded by social media.

Struggle for the World Anew

A lean and hungry spirit moves its hand through political movements and parties throughout the West. It’s not exactly Left or Right, liberal or conservative.

But They Only Go to 11

Pundits in the mainstream American media are driving themselves crazy. Their coverage of President Trump has been at a fever pitch for the past two […]