Great America

The Left’s Raising and Glorifying of Cain

Aversion to God and infatuation with criminals. Those twin traits aren’t common to every “progressive.” But in America, as in Canada, they are common enough to have made a comfortable home for themselves on the Left.

Deadspin in a Tailspin

The invisible hand of self-interest is the right hand of moral sentiments. The charity we give, the alms we perform, the deeds we do, all […]

We Need More Fat, Boring, Sensible Men

Can you imagine selling drag queen story hour to a smoking room full of fat, boring, sensible old men? No, you can’t. It is because fat, boring, sensible old men are grounded in reality. They do not fly; they are too fat for it.

Saving California From Wildfires Requires Cooperation With President Trump

If California’s politicians feel obligated to create a public perception that they are in a permanent state of war with President Trump, that’s just politics. But they’ve been braying about climate change for decades, and far too many of the things they’re doing in the name of fighting climate change are just plain stupid and wasteful.

Witness to Public Schools Brainwashing

I have experienced this miseducation first-hand. Long story short, while teaching U.S. History, World History, Economics, and American Government for five (long) years to high school students in the Chicago suburbs and in Bluffton, South Carolina, I was absolutely shocked and dismayed.