Great America

John Kerry, Climate Czar in Waiting

A punitively high cost of living is the result of conscious political choices, and the primary force behind these choices is not desire to protect the environment, it is greed.

A Thanksgiving Worthy of the Meaning

Perhaps now, in the wake of the most contentious election in modern times and in the grips of the worst pandemic in a century, we can return to the foundations of this magnificent holiday.

An American Moses

The true tragedy of the story of Donald Trump is that he may not see the fulfillment of what he started. But he showed us the way to a better place, and nothing can take that away from him.

The Bad and the Good

We are getting painfully close here to the present and actual, to the disappearance of certainties taken largely for granted, such as the ability to go here and there without let or hindrance.

The Green End Game Runs Through Biden

Environmentalist policies are likely to produce is an increasingly static and hierarchical society. But we may not have to choose between a better economy and a better environment.