Great America

Time for ‘Twexit’?

Maybe the Right should start investing its time and treasure in different platforms that are less hostile to our principles.

How to Leave the Left

Like any other rigidly stratified hierarchy, the consequence of ostracism is severe: “The Left, love it or leave it!” Some of us have loved leaving it.

Abraham Lincoln Facedown

Abraham Lincoln waged a gruesome war to preserve this nation. It makes a powerful symbolic statement of our country’s demise when his statue is facedown in the mud.

Let Them Call You Racist

Only when enough Americans are willing to endure the arrows of outrage Stephanie Martinez and Lauren Witzke did, will the tide turn against those who carelessly make such charges.

Your FBI Will Entrap You

Is the nation’s top law enforcement agency protecting society from sociopaths or is the bureau itself sociopathic? Evidence and experience suggest the latter.