Trump Needs a ‘Taxpayer Bill of Rights’

The recent passage of the omnibus spending bill did serious damage to Donald Trump’s presidency. Politically, it harmed his standing with at least half of his base. Thankfully, political crises present new opportunities to make up for past mistakes. And we are still far enough out from the November midterms that disappointments can

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Trump Won the Schumer Shutdown, Time to Do It Again

Everyone wants President Donald Trump to “get tough.” Tough with special counsel Robert Mueller. Tough with North Korea. Tough with Russia, and Syria, and trading partners around the globe. Even tough with Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.). On any given day, as the mood may move him, Trump does exactly that, whether

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When the EPA Was Really Corrupt

Who said this? “The EPA is one of the most toxic places in the federal government to work. If you don’t get rid of the toxicity of the employees at the EPA, we are doing a great disservice to this country. I have serious questions about [the EPA administrator’s] ability to actually administrate.”

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Congress Needs to Rein in Overreaching Judges

Attorney General Jeff Sessions last month gave a speech about the rise of “super legislators.” He wasn’t talking about members of Congress; he was talking about judges. In particular, he was talking about district court judges, and the growing frequency with which individual judges from California to Boston are issuing national injunctions—that is,

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Why MAGA Mattered

In the 2016 campaign, the slogan “Make America Great Again” was simultaneously a cry from the heart and a masterpiece of political marketing. Ronald Reagan used a version, “Let’s make America great again,” in 1980. Then the country faced double-digit inflation and interest rates, gasoline rationing, and a Soviet Empire on the march

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Why is the Media Suddenly So Interested in the EPA?

Funny what happens when a Republican wins the White House. The media mob suddenly develops an interest in transparency and fiscal responsibility. This week—in a story that has been developing over several months—all eyes are on the Environmental Protection Agency. For eight years, President Obama’s two EPA administrators—Lisa Jackson and Gina McCarthy—received very

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Presence of Malice

In the ongoing saga that is Washington, thousands of government emails go missing and a strange dossier charts a bevy of bedwetting prostitutes. The cast of this tale features, among others, a former FBI boss, several shadowy Russians, an American Soviet scholar with a short-wave radio, and a British spy we might call

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This Monstrosity of a Spending Bill Will Hurt Republicans

The omnibus spending bill passed in the dead of night and signed into law Friday, on the eighth anniversary of the Affordable Care Act, is bad policy and worse politics for Republicans facing midterm elections. Despite the GOP’s promises and congressional majorities, Obamacare is still the law of the land and the omnibus

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‘Never Again’? Omnibus Bill Is a Product of the Swamp

Thinking about the $1.3 trillion—that’s “trillion” with a “t” for “terrifying”—omnibus spending bill that President Trump signed on Friday, I wonder who is most unhappy about that incontinent, 2,232-page monument to congressional irresponsibility. (A small token of its irresponsibility—and its contempt for the public—was that the bill had to be signed a mere

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