Trump Stands Up To the Mob

Way back in 2016, in a telephone conversation with my twentysomething niece, she said to me: “You’re not actually going to vote for Donald Trump, […]

A Showdown Like No Other

We are in the midst of the fourth and fifth rounds, now unfolding simultaneously, in Donald Trump’s revolutionary eviction of the Democratic establishment with its […]

Jeff Flake’s Spineless Betrayal

Watching the Senate Judiciary Committee’s final vote on Friday, it was hard not to feel sorry for Jeff Flake (R-Ariz.). The shrieking and obstreperous women […]

It Takes a Veto

All summer long, Republicans have been touting their success in passing spending bills. The problem? There are no Republican policies in them. The bill the […]

The GOP’s Tax Cut Blinders

With fewer than 60 days before the midterms, the stakes could not possibly be higher for the Republican Party. Yet despite the incredible strides President […]