Donald Trump and the American Crisis

Re-posted with permission from The Claremont Review of Books Charles Kesler’s essay, “Trump and the Conservative Cause,” (Spring Issue of the CRB – also reposted here) […]

Dropping The Big One

He lies. He’s unstable. He’s a sociopath. He doesn’t have the right temperament. He can’t be trusted. And now, because nothing succeeds like excess, the […]

Hey Bud, Let’s Uniparty!

I don’t usually write about life hacks but here’s one: If you have a secret, don’t tell Bill Kristol. The Weekly Standard editor and #NeverTrump […]

What Comes After Reaganism?

Reaganism has been the state-religion of the American Right for over 30 years.  And like most official religions it has been diluted and twisted beyond […]