First Principles

Red Flags About ‘Red Flag Laws’

While there is an understandable need among lawmakers to “do something” about mass shootings, the rush to regulate should be tempered by faith in a federalism that best balances state culture with the enumerated rights that are the birthright of all Americans.

Pink Political Scientists vs. White Men

Left-modernism is a political assault on the white majority, but Eric Kaufmann defines “white majority” in cultural, not biological terms. His work is a data-driven counterstrike on political correctness.

Natural Disasters and the AR-15

Hurricane Dorian wreaked havoc, leaving some communities in a temporary "state of nature." Under the circumstances, the right to self-defense is indispensable.

Lies the Left Tells About Guns

From bans to "buybacks" to background checks, the gun-control crowd has a knack for muddling the language, misstating the law, and making stuff up. Here are the facts.

Red Flag, White Flag

Eventually, everything will be a sign of a would-be mass shooter. Ownership of a single firearm, then voting Republican, and then other disapproved behaviors. Before long, anybody can inform on anyone, about anything. And many will.

The Inertial State

The United States isn't so much a representative republic as it is an administrative state that runs on autopilot, implementing programs that cannot be changed or stopped, regardless of how the majority of the American people vote.

The Classical Tyranny of the Left’s Gun Policy

Beto O'Rourke is half-right. If we’re not able to speak clearly about what has gone wrong in this country, then the violence will never stop. With the shallow policy bromides controlling the dialogue, however, such clarity will never happen.

Property Rights as the Stumbling Block Against Slavery

The recent charge that the United States was founded on slavery and racism is nothing new. It is a charge that has been leveled repeatedly—and refuted—ever since the Founding. But the struggle for freedom over tyranny and serfdom never really ends.

False Crucibles

Past generations of Americans have experienced their own bloodletting, their own walk through fire, to ensure their survival and the success of our nation and people. In this way, the inner steel of generations of young Americans was tempered. But that's not so true for the generation coming of age. What does that mean for our Republic?

We Must Ban Human Nature for the Sake of Humanity

In the wake of the Gilroy, El Paso, and Dayton shootings, politicians and the press are calling for assault weapons bans and "red flag" laws. Surely, though, guns aren't the only objects in need of banning. Here are a few modest proposals.

Igniting Civil War

Government sponsorship of violence against opponents or complacency in the face of incitement to violence is a powerful tool of political repression. Regimes such as […]

Don’t Celebrate Bastille Day

Unlike the American Revolution, in which the rule of law and the institutions of civil society survived the change of governments, the French Revolution was one of the signal bad events in world history.