First Principles

A Better Guide than Reason

Reason, wrote John Locke, is man’s “only Star and compass.” It will bring those who but consult it to the table of amity, where they […]

History Both Repeats and Rhymes

When the opposition doesn’t care whether the scurrilous things he’s spreading about you are true, the odds are good that they just want you to have to deny them.

Of NeverChumps and Magaphobes

If he’s a younger voter, though, it’s likely the NeverChumper has never been a “chump” at all. He’s grown up in an educational environment openly hostile to him, and doesn’t remember a Left any milder or more civil than today’s.

A Constitution for Ambitious Men

This is what NeverTrump types still do not understand: Even when Trump voters are not fully satisfied with Trump’s policies, we rally to him when he is attacked by the establishment because his election was an expression of the will of the people, and his enemies express the will of a hostile ruling class.

Is Our Democracy Worth It Anymore?

As our politics have become increasingly fractious, our politicians and political pundits have appealed more to the aesthetics of our country than to its ambitious and ennobling goals.

Why Libertarians Are Unwitting Enablers of Socialism

Libertarians have become pawns of the progressive Left in America, and in an ironic twist, both of them have been co-opted by globalist corporate interests. When everything is privatized, rationed and metered, corporate rent seekers gain new revenue streams.

Living in a Post-Truth World

The post-truth era promises to be a wild ride. In a post-truth world, a promise is meaningless . . .  A post-truth person is free to swear on a Bible to uphold the Constitution and then set right to work subverting it.

Forgetting Our Story

The decades-long leftist project to undermine the story we Americans tell about ourselves literally destroys and replaces our culture with something vastly more dangerous.