First Principles

Peace(makers) on Earth

Surely there are rabbis and pastors who might come together to arrange a sort of exchange program of qualified, background-checked, good-hearted men.

Leninism: The Highest Stage of Progressivism

As the talk of socialism becomes more widespread on the Left, particularly within Democratic party politics, and as anger at President Trump boils over, the advocacy of political scientists will become even clearer: first, Progressivism, then socialism, and ultimately, Leninism.

Praetorianism and
the ‘Deep State’

Article II gives the president sweeping powers to conduct foreign affairs and negotiate with leaders of other nations. It does not grant any such power to unelected bureaucrats to act in ways that demonstrate they approve or disapprove of foreign policy—even when they are "deeply troubled" by it.

From Bullets to Ballots, and Back to Bullets?

We are in the midst of an exciting time—the revolution of 2016, as it may be known in future generations. Once again we see the clash of two ideas of America as presented in its leading political parties.

The Right Wing Is
Anti-Government Again

Instead of conservatives becoming government cheerleaders for a Republican in the White House, hostility to the Republican president from the deep state has fueled an even deeper and more thoroughgoing skepticism of government power among Trump’s supporters.

Bureaucratic Rule: By What Right?

The oft-repeated statement that America suffers from meritocracy is the opposite of the truth. Pretense of excellence, not excellence itself, is the ground on which the U.S. ruling class bases its claim to legitimacy.

A ‘Discussion-Free’ America

If you think this generation’s inquisitors will satisfy themselves with mere state censorship, job loss, and contract termination, think again. “Approved think” is already restricting social media and you may, at some point, lose your banking and credit card privileges for being declared officially “hateful.”