MAGA Men Unashamed

The Left fears men. Which is exactly why the corporate-media-activist ideological conglomerate is currently losing its collective mind over a viral video of young, white, […]

Snowflakes or Mistletoe?

Baby, it’s cold everywhere these days, outside and inside. The #MeToo movement has put flirting and romance into a deep freeze. Men across the country […]

Baby It’s Woke Outside

I wish I could say (Don’t say it, it’s woke outside) Those statues should stay (Don’t say it, it’s woke outside) I really adore (There’s […]

Let’s Have Gender

As the Marxist parade of “Critical Theory” proceeds ever forward, it was only a matter of time before the Frankfurt School and its legions of […]

Dear Suburban Mom

Hey girlfriend, what’s up? Love the new Moncler vest… aubergine is the hot color this fall. How’s Olivia doing with those college applications? And good […]