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Our Perilous, Magnificent, Perilous Future

To believe that the future may just be more wonderful than we could ever imagine is not fantasy; it is an informed, realistic perspective. And it completely disarms the manipulative narrative of fear.

The Karma of Fani Willis

The House Judiciary Committee may hold Fulton County district attorney Fani Willis in contempt of Congress for her inadequate response to a subpoena. Committee chairman […]

The CDC Gets it Wrong Yet Again

A new study reveals that maternal death rates in the United States have been exaggerated due to misclassifications of maternal deaths. The Centers for Disease […]

The Financialization of Nature

Carbon trading and natural asset companies use scarcity to inflate the value of existing real assets, while inventing new asset categories that have no relation to genuine productivity.

Squatters: Your Time Has Come

A southern homeowner has finally reclaimed his property from so-called “squatters.”  Paul Callins, a homeowner in DeKalb County, Georgia, had his rental property seized by […]