Hiding Biden

How Democrats crafted the first impeachment, helping defeat Donald Trump in 2020 with media help.

Polling and the Truth

Partisan polls have become an instrument in the Left’s toolbox in the United States and in Europe. They're used more to push action than to inform it.

Cheney’s Republican Party Is No More

Republicans are no longer interested in the drawn-out foreign wars and nation-building Cheney’s political patrimony would foist upon us. We are more interested in rebuilding our nation and economy.

Start By Boycotting The House

Today’s progressive Democratic Party has taken complete power over the whole federal government. Republicans need to hold them fully responsible for what they do. Here’s how.

Why Are Progressives So Illiberal?

Progressives adopted identity politics and rejected class considerations because solidarity with elite minorities excuses them from concern for, or experience with, the middle classes of all races.

Free Ricky Vaughn

The Left knows their biggest struggle and their biggest opponent are the American people, many of whom reject the system and its contradictions

To Hell With Unity

It is not good for the country to pretend that the Left will respect your rights as Americans if you just let them have their way with the law.