American Identity is Not Globalist

In a column this week for The Washington Post, Michael Gerson laments the passing, at least in his imagination, of a time when America was interested in helping and cooperating with other nations. “Why is our political moment not just pathetic but also traumatic?” writes Gerson. He goes on to claim the presidency

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None of Us is Conservative

After the most recent and disappointing budget deal, Senator Rand Paul (R-Ky.) asked his fellow Republicans on Twitter: “Are we to be conservative all the time, or only when we're in the minority?” His point is well taken. Republicans did not do well by their stated principles. But Paul’s comment, specifically the use

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How to Win Our (Un)Civil War

Ken Masugi, whom I have known and respected since we met while studying under the late Harry Jaffa during President Reagan's first term, thinks my recent articles betray a lack of understanding of the current crisis. In “The Rescue of Flight 93,” Masugi contends America is at an existential moment, what Jaffa would

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The Rescue of Flight 93

Henry Olsen is in the front rank of American political analysts. His involvement in practical politics plus the depth of his scholarship allow him to see and grapple with questions other conservatives overlook. His spiritedness and defiance of conventional thinking earned him a regular column at American Greatness, where his insights should be

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Be Better Than Evan McMullin

Making failed presidential candidate and radical NeverTrumper Evan McMullin look like the smart guy in the room is quite a trick. But commentators on one of McMullin’s recent tweets have done just that. Defending his pal Jennifer Rubin, McMullin offered his definition of conservatism: For me, “conservatism” has always meant the defense of

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